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Jerrod Carmichael, the man who called out the Hollywood Foreign Press over racist practices, is wildin’ the f**k out, and the talking thumbs on the app formerly known as Twitter are dragging his white mink coat through the mud for comments he made on the most recent episode of the Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show.

This episode of JCRS focused on the comedian’s relationship with sex as he attempts to better understand his promiscuous behavior after he admitted to his boyfriend that he had cheated on him.

At one point in the episode, we see a short clip of Jerrod on stage at a comedy show talking about one of the sexual fantasies he has with the aforementioned boyfriend and, well…it’s very…KKKinky.

“Sometimes, I joke to him that our relationship is like that of a slave and a master’s son who teaches me how to read by candlelight,” [crowd groans] Carmichael begins. “Yeah, he groans too because he’s a good person. He doesn’t like the f**king joke. I like that joke. That’s my burden. I think that shit’s hilarious. ‘Yes, sir? Maria Antoinette, sir? I don’t know what that is!’ That’s a joke for me!”’

To say that this “joke” isn’t going over well with the talking thumbs on the app formerly known as Twitter is a massive understatement.

Later in the episode, Carmichael goes on explain to his therapist that his “lowball” estimate of sexual partners is “1,000” and that he’s been sexually active since he was very, very young.

“I was a very sexual child since probably I was 3 or 4, with older kids.” Carmichael says. “I definitely had experiences with boys that I hid in my teenage years into my 20s, beginning secret sex with guys. Sex offers me power and control. It’s an escape. I use it to escape.”

While that is certainly something to unpack, no one is giving him a pass for his love of bigotry bondage.

Tyler the Creator was definitely onto something when he called Jerrod a “stupid b****” in a previous JCRS episode.


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