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Jerrod Carmichael revealed to Tyler, The Creator that he caught feelings for him, but in typical Tyler behavior, he called the comedian a “‘stupid b***h” and basically “farted on his heart.” Yikes!

Jerrod Carmichael x Tyler, The Creator

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Carmichael explores the doomed declaration of love in the premiere episode of his new series, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, which premiered Friday, March 29. He opens the show by sharing with a comedy crowd about falling for his best friend and telling him via text in 2021.

It went exactly as you’d expect, with Tyler laughing and calling Carmichael a “stupid b***h.” If that wasn’t stressful enough, Carmichael raises the stakes throughout the episode by shooting his shot again. He invited Tyler to be his date to the Emmys but received the “busy” excuse.

Carmichael ultimately ends up attending with a friend who stays anonymous in a black hood throughout filming, but that’s not the most awkward part of the episode. Neither is the string of Grindr hookups who arrive and wake up to a camera crew filming. Carmichael invites Tyler over to seemingly attempt a love connection a third time on camera, or at least, get some closure.

Check out how Jerrod Carmichael’s conversation with Tyler, The Creator goes and reactions to the viral moment after the flip!

Jerrod Carmichael Talks To Tyler, The Creator About Having Feelings For Him

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The Emmy-winner is no stranger to baring it all on camera after exposing his most vulnerable secret by coming out in his Rothaniel comedy special. The theme of authentically facing uncomfortable truths head-on continues throughout the Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show. He confronts Tyler about feeling a “distance” since confessing his feelings and never discussing it again.

“You laughed and called me a ‘stupid b***h,'” Carmichael recalled.

Tyler laughs, agreeing he brushed it off before sincerely admitting, “Getting news like that and avoiding it is a way to avoid change.”

The Grammy winner says the news was “a lot to download,” but still doesn’t know how to respond. He also regrets the awkwardness, which makes it hard to continue talking like they used to.

“I didn’t think brushing that off and continuing regularly would be such a dent. I don’t know,” Tyler continues. “What would have been the ideal response? I don’t know what you want me to answer.”

Carmichael stares at the ground as Tyler officially answers that he doesn’t feel the same way.

“Not like that. Like that’s a brother. That man’s like family,” the Igor star continues.

To make the tension even more uncomfortable, a woman interrupts with their food orders arriving. The closeness is obvious as they share from Tyler’s bowl. Then the food seems to become a surrogate for their relationship. When asked about finishing his plate, Carmichael offers it up, but Tyler quickly curves him again.

“Oh, I wasn’t implying that I wanted it. I know I don’t want any of that. I’m big straight, big straight on that,” the rapper nonchalantly says while eyeballing his own plate.

“What are you seeking?” Jerrod asks, looking distraught.

“In life, or on this plate?” Tyler clarifies.

Instead of clearing the air, Tyler fills it with flatulence. Carmichael silently shakes his head as his unrequited love lets one rip on the cameraman in the next room. The past collaborators remain close friends, but whew, that was rough to watch! The viral moments gave the internet secondhand embarrassment, with many hoping it was only clever comedy. Either way, the cringe was very real, but we couldn’t look away.

Check out the reactions to the crushing conversation below.

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