Joran van der Sloot Looking To Make Millions For TV Interviews! Why Would Anyone Pay This Pathological Liar???

- By Bossip Staff

Joran van der Sloot won’t do any television interviews unless he is paid at least $1 million for them. This sicko is counting on folks wanting to tune in to see a psychopath tell all! Pop the hood for details

According to reports TV insiders are saying Joran wants somebody to show him some money :

Dutch murder suspect Jordan van der Sloot has refused to give any TV interviews unless he gets paid. And the asking price? $1 million.

“It’s amazing how this kid’s mind works,” one senior producer says. “He is on trial for murder and he is thinking about how he can make money selling interviews.”

Van der Sloot is said to be thrilled with the amount of press attention he has received, and is likely using attention he got from a recent interview where he discussed receiving marriage proposals as leverage to sell tv appearances.

“It’s a horrid thing to admit, but he could be right,” one TV exec says. “An interview with him from behind bars would certainly get huge ratings. And when you think how much money the cast of ‘Friends’ got per half-hour episode, $1 million for van der Sloot could be considered a bargain.”

This is horrible. Joran van der Sloot has done nothing but lie to the police and the public since first gaining media attention in 2005 after the disappearance of Natalle Holloway. After extorting THOUSANDS — only to lie about the location of Holloway’s body, we can’t believe anyone would even consider ANY price at all.

Paying a possible serial killer to spread his lies is a dangerous game.


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  • Yo Momma!

    set up for wrongful death law suits..

  • Smittyt

    He’s gonna need those millions to pay for a new azzhole.When those South Americans get through with his punk white/pink azz.



  • cocolover``

    She looks extremely good for her age. But I saw her photos on wealthy men site _____ S-e-e-k-R-i-c-h-B-e-a-u-t-y * c-o-m _________ last week. It is said she is dating young billionaire on that site. “`

  • RazeKane

    Tweety bird can dream all he wants, but ya better believe there is at least 1,000 other inmates who have a hard on to shank this low life as soon as he gets into the general population of the prison. Yeah, there will be millions alright, millions rejoicing in his demise.

  • LaDiva

    Uhhhh don’t see why he should paid, it’s not like his azz is gonna be able to enjoy that million. Obviously whoever pays that ridiculous sum is contributing to this looney and should instead have used that money on something actually productive. And they still trying to convince ppl that this economy is in bad shape…Smh

  • LuvN_Life

    Many Stations will pay for his interview,NonSense like this happens ALL the time You do “F’d”up stuff you get rewarded.

  • queni

    I would ask 7 million if I was JORAN

  • RazeKane


    White people have higher instances of genetic diseases that cause deformities and have higher rates of autism and mental retardation.

    Please tell me what the hell this bit of info has to do with the topic ??…SMDH

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    Sad part is that someone is going to pay this animal. Because we are living in a world nowadays, where S.E.X and Violence pays. Sad but it’s true!

  • Diamond

    Why pay Joran for lies? He is not going to tell the truth. Just wait for the trial and get the details for free.

  • jer-z Girl

    If you type characteristics of a psychopath into your search engine, you will see that this young man is a psychopath. He’s a pathological liar and lacks affect when talking about things that would make a normal person upset or uncomfortable.

    He lack sympathy or empathy and cannot feel guilt. He also has unrealistic ideas/goals about the future. The $1 million shows that. This fool thinks he’s going to get away with it again. He still doesn’t understand the gravity of his situation.

    The Peruvians are not gonna let him go. His goose is cooked.

  • rose by any other name #9304026339482056536 ™

    White people are just plain stupid .. you ever seen them pay a black man for an interview for any thing he did! If anything his azz will be put under the jail and thats it! They should haved been put this monster under the jail but no the stupid azz white folks paid him money to tell them where the natalie girls body was… ??????? Uh sharks have eaten her long ago.. now pay my black azz for my info!

  • Walter

    Is that what they charge to make sure you booty stays a virgin?


    Ooooo, he’s making me so MAD. Have you ever seen anybody who is in more need of an epic-style a.s.s-whooping?

  • d

    I sure NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE pays him for dam interview. What ever he wants to say or has to say can be written down, and hopefully it only states where is Natilie H is, that’s it! Nothing is idiot has to say is worth listening to….w/the exception of where is Ms. Holloway, so her mom can have some piece…

  • jp

    this is for shadow. i take it you of the darker persuasion. well we all know what color is most rampant in the many prisons in this country. so why dont you just shut your big mouth and go pick up your welfare check

  • shannee

    It’s reality tv: “entertainment”. It makes the networks a lot of money as well. Personally I think reality tv is totally scr*wed also, so to be honest, I don’t see any difference or anything wrong with it.

  • Sha

    big azz potato head!

  • Ryan

    Yeah the size of his head bugs the sh*t out of me.


    I guess for the same reason you run this web-site! M-E-S-S-A-G-E!!!!

  • Clott

    This is not a racial issue and it’s amazing all the comments that make it look like that. No wonder we cannot move on as a united nation. Van der sloot is a criminal whether he is white, black, hispanic, etc.. and should be punished. The media doesn’t care what color he is as long as they make money off his story. We all need to be concerned that he receives his punishment so he is not able to kill anyone else.

  • jay

    Just wanted to say that black people need to stop blamming white people for all of their problems. Get over it. A black man is president, so, obviously white people being the majority voted him into office. I think it shows that it isn’t the color of skin that determines your outcome in life. It is your drive, dedication, eductaion and wanting to succeed. Think about that next time you want to blame someone else for your worthless life. By the way, you want to talk about something let’s talk about why it is ok to call a white person a “craka” but it isn’t ok to call a black person a “nig***”. I didn’t even write the word because the post would be taken down. I did write the workd cracker and it will not be taken down. Stop and think about that for a while.

    Oh yeah and karma is karma. Van der sloot’s father died cause he helped cover everything up. Just wait and see the outcome of Joran’s life. I’m sure it won’t end in a nice way!

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