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Joran van der Sloot won’t do any television interviews unless he is paid at least $1 million for them. This sicko is counting on folks wanting to tune in to see a psychopath tell all! Pop the hood for details

According to reports TV insiders are saying Joran wants somebody to show him some money :

Dutch murder suspect Jordan van der Sloot has refused to give any TV interviews unless he gets paid. And the asking price? $1 million.

“It’s amazing how this kid’s mind works,” one senior producer says. “He is on trial for murder and he is thinking about how he can make money selling interviews.”

Van der Sloot is said to be thrilled with the amount of press attention he has received, and is likely using attention he got from a recent interview where he discussed receiving marriage proposals as leverage to sell tv appearances.

“It’s a horrid thing to admit, but he could be right,” one TV exec says. “An interview with him from behind bars would certainly get huge ratings. And when you think how much money the cast of ‘Friends’ got per half-hour episode, $1 million for van der Sloot could be considered a bargain.”

This is horrible. Joran van der Sloot has done nothing but lie to the police and the public since first gaining media attention in 2005 after the disappearance of Natalle Holloway. After extorting THOUSANDS — only to lie about the location of Holloway’s body, we can’t believe anyone would even consider ANY price at all.

Paying a possible serial killer to spread his lies is a dangerous game.




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