Name These “Do-Gooder” Cakes

- By Bossip Staff

These cakes were spotted helping out the homeless on the streets of Hollyweird the other night. Can you guess to whom they belong???

Pop it to find out…

Aww look at Meagan doing good deeds.


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  • LaDiva

    This girl is screaming for a new wardrobe…ehhh

  • Just Sayin


    Megan Goodie Goodie Gum Drop…

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    thought it was riri with another “do”

  • mocha

    Good for her

  • Say What!

    When was the last time Meagan Good had a job? Talking about working for food.

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)

    I knew it was her dry a$$!

    That was sweet of her 2 do seeing that in a few yrs she’ll be right next 2 him fighting 4 cardboard!

  • yoki

    cuz the cameras where there

  • ty

    how could you not guess them boots!!! she always has them on!

  • Jasira

    I thought it was Keri Hilson…

  • speaking of this ish...

    A starving artist wearing 80buck nikes? wooow, he’s really starving…smdh

  • drenk

    LOOK at his right eye, its red, reptilian people, they’re real

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS

    Megan is so pretty. Obviously pretty on the inside too! glad someone is around here. that’s my favorite outfit too. i love my jeans, black tops and black thigh highs.

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Look at my Baby 🙂

    I’m soo PROUD of her!!!!!!!

    That’s what I’m talking about Sweetheart you keep on helping those that are in need…


    My girl…

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS

    She probably has all KINDS of clothes/shoes but this is her fav outfit. Im the same way.

  • Jameslyn

    All I can say is Eve’s Bayou!!!

    Where you go?

  • DeniseThaDiva

    I thought it was Rhi Rhi for sure….

  • B0SSiPST0PiiT

    why are u calling her cakes no good haters?!?

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)


    SMH…Help ur boo with a new wardrobe! Start giving her them hard earned checks…lol

  • london


  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators

    Start giving her them hard earned checks…lol


    Don’t worry I’m gonna make her the next Real Housewife of Los Angeles… You just wait and see… I’m stacking my chips as we speak…

    When’s the last time you’ve helped a homeless individual or a person in need???

  • Smittyt

    F*ck that white boy,he got the whole American system to help him and his kind out.She should be looking out for the brothers, and the sisters, who’s suffering.You know a white person has to be lazy.When their homeless in America,they land of golden opportunity.

  • LuvN_Life

    ThaT’s Nice oF her
    BUT Y the Hell is she Always wearing booTs,i mean it is pretty warm in LA,a nice breeze in the evenings there but dang boots,
    Ahhh HeLL heFFa’s in South Florida walk around with boots to their thighs and it’s 95 deGrees!
    Do it Ms.Good she’s a cutie

  • drenk

    7/1/10, 11:47:am
    F*ck that white boy,he got the whole American system to help him and his kind out

    funny thing about these ‘starving artists’ most of the ones i met, were always sons/daughters of well to do white people,how could you be starving when mommy n daddy pay your rent, buy your supplies and help out with that loan repayment, gtfoh!!

  • LuvN_Life

    Looking further at all the pics everyone in the pic has on jackets??hmmm it’s that cool over there???

  • Nique(C'mon Vamanos!!)


    Matter of fact, I did yesterday. Was in the giving mood but I dont make it a habit. I live in MD n its been almost 100 degrees these last few weeks, n it boggles my mind how homeless men can stand out there several hrs n not get a job!

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