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4/20 - cannabis flower on wooden background

4/20 – Source: User44916d0b_828 / Getty

The 4/20 holiday is upon us and what better day to pick up some extra goodies for your cannabis consuming pleasure?

Once in a blue moon a glorious unofficial holiday like 4/20 lands on a sweet Saturday when the weather is finally warming up. The weekend vibes mixed with the cannabis are almost too good to be true. In addition to the vibes, we have a few products you should try to celebrate the unofficial holiday.

Take a look below!

Vessel Products

From pipes, pipes, and even what we think are best-designed ashtrays on the market, you can’t celebrate 4/20 without Vessel.

Cookie’s Dual Chamber Vapes

Cookies’ is pushing innovation in the cannabis industry with vapes that are loaded with two flavors. Each vape has two tanks filled with 0.5g of rosin to deliver dual-strains.

Cookies Dual Chamber Vapes

Source: Cookies / Cookies

Jimmy John’s “Deliciously Dope Dime Bag”

Jimmy John’s teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly for a dope 4/20 treat available from now until 4/21. His specially curated meal is the perfect selection to cure your holiday munchies for just $10. The collection consists of a sandwich of smoked ham, jalapeño ranch, crispy jalapeños, and, herbs paired with Jimmy Chips®, a pickle spear, and a Fudge Chocolate Brownie.

Jimmy Johns x Machine Gun kelly

Source: Jimmy Johns / Jimmy Johns

Jeter’s Red Label Cannabis Products

Jeter’s is another premier cannabis brand and its new cloud line and red label is calling your name for 4/20. You should find it and treat yourself.

4/20 Red Line Jeter

Source: Jeter / Jeter

Curren$y’s Jet Life THC Soda

Curren$y teamed up with Crescent Canna to launch Jet Life THC Soda. The drink is described as a “deliciously potent THC Beverage” that consumers will love.

4/20 Jet Life THC Soda

Source: Jet Life THC Soda / crescent canna

Cann THC Infused Beverage

To Celebrate 4/20 Cann wants you to stock up on their THC-infused beverage with very attractive offers. Save 30%, receive a free six-pack, and get free shipping on their infused beverages. You can’t beat that!

4/20 Cann THC beverage

Source: Cann / Cann


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