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MILWAUKEE, WI – A shocking and heart-wrenching chapter has unfolded in the tragic disappearance of 19-year-old Sade Robinson, whose case gripped the Milwaukee community since early April. This Thursday morning, a grim discovery was made along a secluded, tree-lined stretch of beach in South Milwaukee. A torso and an arm believed to belong to Robinson were found near an apartment complex, adding to the eerie findings that punctuated this horrifying tale.

Chilling Discovery of Remains

It was a somber day on the beach when additional remains of Robinson were located by an unsuspecting passerby–washed up on the coast. This discovery follows the unsettling find earlier this month when someone discovered a leg, later DNA matched to Robinson, down a bluff in nearby Warnimont Park.

These remains paint a gruesome scene that has shaken locals to their core.

Charges Against Maxwell Anderson

As BOSSIP previously reported, a rapid response by law enforcement, Maxwell Anderson, 33, of Milwaukee, faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide, mutilating a corpse, and arson. Anderson, apprehended on April 4, just two days after the initial find, is now a central figure in a case that has turned from a missing person investigation into something much more sinister.

Last Sighting Of Sade Robinson And Heartfelt Pleas

Robinson, reported missing by a friend on April 2, was last seen in public on April 1. Surveillance footage from that night shows her at a bar with Anderson. Her burned-out vehicle was discovered hours later the following morning.

The footage of Robinson’s last sighting leads to a flurry of questions about the events of that fateful night.

Legal Proceedings Take Shape

With the investigation deepening, Maxwell Anderson remains on a $5 million bond. A preliminary examination will take place this coming Monday. Authorities will scrutinize the details of the case and chart the legal path forward.

The Suspected Killer’s Father Mourns With A Family’s Anguish

According to CBS News, Steven Anderson, father of the accused, released a statement extending his family’s condolences to the Robinsons.

“We are shocked and devastated by her senseless death,” Steven said. 

Anderson’s father shared deep sorrow and sympathy for the unimaginable pain of Sade’s family. He spoke to the shaken community with remorse for the family grappling with the actions of his son

“To Sade’s mother and father, words cannot express our sorrow for the incomprehensible pain and grief you are going through,” he said.

No Other Victims Suspected

Amidst the ongoing investigation, law enforcement sources have indicated that they do not believe Maxwell Anderson has other victims. This detail, while providing slight reassurance, does little to mitigate the gravity of the crimes committed.

Community in Mourning

As the Milwaukee community reels from these developments, a collective sense of mourning lingers. Black women are continuing to search for spaces where they can find love safely. This brutal end to a young life is a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the dating pool. No amount of precautions will truly make the world a safer place as long as violence against women remains normalized and blamed on the victims, especially when they’re Black women.

Many supporters note Robinson’s case has yet to receive the attention it deserves. However, they continue pushing to keep her story and memory at the forefront of the collective conversation.

The days ahead will no doubt bring more details to light. For now, the city stands in solidarity, mourning a life cut tragically short and seeking justice for Sade Robinson.


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