The (cow)boys are fightin’!

Two of the Country artists featured on Beyoncé’s latest album, Cowboy Carter, recently went at it on social media.

Willie Jones and Shaboozey

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Cowboy Carter broke a lot of barriers in the world of Country music, not only because Beyoncé became the first Black woman to top the Top Country Albums chart, but also due to the lengthy list of Black artists she featured on the project.

Two of the artists to gain recognition from their features on Cowboy Carter are Shaboozey–who appears on “SPAGHETTII” and “SWEET ★ HONEY ★ BUCKIIN’,” and Willie Jones, who lends his vocals to “JUST FOR FUN.” While both artists gained a lot of new fans from the BeyHive, they got into a tussle online this week over Shaboozey’s music video for his track, “A Bar Song (Tipsy).”


Jones took to Shaboozey’s comments section to air out his grievances over a lack of representation in his music video, also congratulating him on dethroning Bey’s “Texas Hold ‘Em” for the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart while wishing for the same support from Beyoncé fans.

“Congrats but I hope the YTS + the bee hive gone support me like they doin shaboozey lol cause yall seen all them in his video,” said Willie in Shaboozey’s comment.s “Wasn’t not one 🤎 my boy was lookin like a fly in a milk bowl. lol congrats though brother #cowboysliveforever.”

Shaboozey replied by asking Jones if he wanted to “do this here,” to which he replied, “shid you never pick up the phone you up now …”

Willie went on to take a screenshot of the interaction and share it to X, saying, “Congrats to @ShaboozeysJeans on the number one but the off the porch is wack as hell… love the song tho.”

As of now, Shaboozey has yet to reply (publicly) to Willie Jones’ complaints, but perhaps he finally picked up the phone and handled things privately.

He did post a short video to his X account blowing the camera a kiss, which seems to be in response to Jones trying to stir up some drama.

“Fr It’s all love,” Shaboozey wrote in his caption. “I’m having a moment rn never though would happen in my career. I just wanna enjoy it with peace and love ❤️.”


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