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Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin Arrested For George Floyd Death

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Derek Chauvin is back in the news and it appears that he has a pattern of behavior that led him to the prison cell that he currently inhabits.

According to a new AP News report, the former Minneapolis Police Department officer is being sued by a woman, a white woman, named Patty Day who the Public Works Department formerly employed. The lawsuit alleges that Chauvin dragged Day out of her minivan and pinned her to the ground with his knee in the exact same manner he did when he murdered George Floyd.

As a result of Chauvin’s “alleged” excessive use of force, Day suffered several injuries to her legs in addition to a broken tooth, a deep cut on her left hand, arm and shoulder pain, and mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and flashbacks. The suit seeks a land a $9 million award against the former police officer.

Via AP News:

“Chauvin is the most infamous police officer in Minnesota (if not United States) history,” according to the complaint filed in federal court. “This exacerbates Patty’s emotional suffering and increases the frequency of her flashbacks, as Chauvin’s name is repeatedly in the news.”

For her part, Day readily admits that she was drunk when she got her minivan stuck in the snow of the evening of Jan. 17, 2020, when she had her encounter with Chauvin and Officer Ellen Jensen.

We hope she gets every single dime that Chauvin has left.


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