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The U.S. Supreme Court Poses For Official Group Photo

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It should not surprise a single adult person that Clarence Thomas is firmly against Black people’s interests. Anti-Blackness is the life force that wakes this wretched, robed, raccoon-faced Republican up every single morning and motivates him to do his job worse than the day before. A real piece of work this guy is.

According to The Independent, Thomas is speaking out against the Supreme Court’s hearing of cases regarding racist gerrymandering aimed to infringe upon the voting rights of Black Americans as elections have become so close that even the thinnest of margins can help swing a district from blue to red and vice versa.

Apparently, Thomas doesn’t feel that cases that hold the fate of the republic in its hands are worth his time or the time of the highest court in all the land. Recently, a lower court decided that the way Republican politicians in South Carolina drew the district maps is flagrantly discriminatory against Black voters. The Supreme Court, one comprised of several staunch conservative justices, decided that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a map that jettisons myelinated voters.

In a 6-3 vote, Thomas and his cohorts chose to overturn the lower court’s decision. In his opinion, Thomas went as far as calling Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark case that ended segregation, “extravagant” in its use of judicial power. He likely feels that his white friends would rescue him from Blackness because he’s “one of the good ones”.

“Drawing political districts is a task for politicians, not federal judges,” arguing that the court’s “insistence” on hearing cases involving racist voter suppression “led it to develop doctrines that indulge in race-based reasoning inimical to the Constitution.”

Furry-faced F-boy. SMH.


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