Kush and Burners Keep Cats in Trouble

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NY Police testify against Lil Wayne for gun and kush charges from back in July:

Marijuana smoke was billowing out of rapper Lil’ Wayne’s tour bus when cops stopped it on the upper West Side and found a loaded gun, a police officer testified Monday. “You could see the smoke as well as smell it,” Officer Diane Hornung said. “You could smell marijuana.” Hornung found a loaded 9-mm. handgun in Lil’ Wayne’s bag after she boarded the bus and searched the vehicle “for my safety” on July 22, 2007. The rapper, who won an MTV Video Music Award for his hit “Lollipop” this week, had just taken a shower and was trying to hide the designer Louis Vuitton bag when Hornung burst into his curtained-off bedroom. “He flung it to the ground,” Hornung said. The rapper is challenging the police search of his plush tour bus and hopes to get a judge to toss out the gun find. Lil’ Wayne, 25, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, faces a felony weapons charge that could put him behind bars for 3-1/2 years.

Cops pulled over the bus a few blocks away on Columbus Ave., and Hornung searched inside after spotting someone “peeking out” from behind a curtain. She first found one Lil’ Wayne pal trying to flush a bag of marijuana down a toilet. Then she spotted the rapper himself sitting on a bed in a back room wearing only boxer shorts. The cop insisted she didn’t notice much else about the fancy interior, except that Lil’ Wayne could use some housekeeping help. “Messy is messy,” she said.

This whole scene just sounds like pure comedy. Imagine Weezy little sizzurped up ass sitting there in boxers and them other niccas scurrying around trying to flush the kush down the toilet. Classic.


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