Lindsay BloHan Seeks Treatment, Enters Rehab Early

- By Bossip Staff

Lindsay Lohan headed to a rehab clinic yesterday, conveniently owned by her new lawyer Robert Shapiro. Details on the flipside

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly entered rehab in an apparent attempt to curry favor with the California judge who wants to lock her up for 90 days.

The fallen starlet was pictured entering the Pickford Lofts facility Wednesday, according to

The clinic was set up by O.J. Simpson’s former attorney, Robert Shapiro, who has been hired by Lohan to handle her on-going legal woes, reported.

Shapiro established the facility after his son Brent died of a drug overdose in 2005.

On her first day at the center, Lohan received visits on Wednesday from her mom, Dina, sister Ali, ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, assistant Eleanor and alleged new love Eilat Anschel, according to X17.

Her assistant brought in pillows and bags from Blick art supply, a case of Sprite and toilet paper, while Ronson arrived about 10 p.m. and stayed for 45 minutes, reported the celebrity Web site.

Shapiro will reportedly attempt to convince Los Angeles Judge Marsha Revel to put Lohan in a detox clinic and either dismiss or reduce her 90-day jail sentence.

Lohan, 24, was sentenced to time behind bars followed by 90 days at an inpatient rehab center last week for violating the terms of her probation in her DUI case.

She must surrender herself in Revel’s courtroom on July 20

Hey, maybe the third fourth time is the charm after all!

This pretty much confirms what we already knew — Blohan is so desperate to avoid jail time she’ll do anything — even give up being a substance abuser.

Whether it keeps her out of jail or not — it’s clear this chick needs some serious help, so we’re happy to see her trying to get clean. Good luck with that Lindsay!


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  • Just Sayin


  • Just Sayin

    Maybe this is the turning point for her.

  • LuvN_Life

    She needs to do her time,and from my understanding the prosecutor saYs ,”she can try all she wants her behind is going to JAIL


    Listen, they will keep protecting this sorry bimbo, and she will not spend a day in jail where her sorry behind belong, but in the end she will self destructed her own self.

  • ReJeanne

    she dont care about geting clean, that was clearly a move 2 avoid jail time..


    Okay isn’t this the same person that said she doesn’t have a substance abuse problem? Girl take yo azz to jail and do them 90days fa’real Lindsey you a punk like that?

  • big kneemo

    what makes her special??? she disobeyed the law and needs to pay.
    if they let her go, they might as well free Max B

  • Somali Ninga

    I hope her frickled a$$ stays in jail for ALL 90 days!! She needs to learn her lesson!

  • Matix B Down with Dating Shows

    She’s not coming out, mark my words. Those cells need extra padding STAT. Her mother is to blame for her demise and both her sister and brotehr will turn out the same if they don’t get away from DINA………..

  • Penfold, shush!

    That sad thing is if she actually goes to jail, she’ll probably only serve a couple of weeks at most because of overcrowding.

    She just doesn’t get it. She needs to go to jail and serve her time in general population. That isolation crap ain’t jail.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    this little floosey needs to do her time

    sick of all the in and out of rehabs

    the only reason she is doing this is to avoid jail

    bi*tch do ur time

    just like everyone else has to…dumbazz

  • Panther

    Hope this change her for the better



  • jj

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  • Bopa

    She’s doing this in the hopes that she’ll get out of jail sooner.


    Shes trying to keep from going to jail but that shyt wont work!!!


    She didn’t go to rehab when she had the chance! She must REALLY think the judge is a fool!!!

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