Worlds Biggest Boobs Baby Moms “Sheyla Hershey” Now Fighting For Her Life Due To Surgery! *Video Fixed*

- By Bossip Staff

Remember Shelya Hershey? Last time we reported on the Brazilian chica she was trying to find someone to give her a surgery for the biggest boobs in the world and her son was begging her not too. Well, right now the “housewife” is fighting for her life after obtaining her goal.

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  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    It’s a shame… People will do ANYTHING nowadays just to get a bit of fame. Btw, most women who are naturally large chested (dd+) know it’s not all that cracked up to be. Your neck and back hurt like hell, it’s a challenge to find dresses and tops that fit properly, and bras, don’t even start! If want pretty “VS” bras, you’re gonna pay $$$.

    I still will send out my prayers though and hope she gets better for the sake of her family.

  • John

    RIP, this could have been avoided.

  • John

    My bad LOL, chica aint even dead yet. Oops…

  • 2010Negro

    lol@ john…..”yet” 🙂

  • kalifa

    low self esteem at its finest



  • Kristina

    I hate to be so unsympathetic but that’s what she gets. Who in their right mind would risk their life to achieve something so stupid and dangerous? And she has a son? Idiot. I hope she recovers, but only for her child’s sake.

  • to funny

    topsy if ure 44dd u are a f a t a s s, period point blank, am 36dd..size 8 jeans, thick in all the right places, next time keep that info to yourself..thanks.

  • http://GOogle Topsy

    @to funny wow you cant stay in your own lane huh? Well let me give you some more info to hate on. I am not fat, have never had to glue or sew another womans hair on my head like you probably do, and if you really in hater mode i am half native american and lightskinned. I bet you really are so funny kiss my azz.

  • Educated Diva

    Typical white women mess! I’m a D cup size & I am not happy with my breast size! I would luv to get a breast reduction to about a size 34 B bcuz I always have to get bigger blouses to fit my breast but I’ll be d a n m if I let any doctor cut sh i t outta me! I’m not tht desperate & unhappy with them, but my man luv’s them!

  • Peter

    GOD IS CLEANING UP THE GENE POOL, seems Hispanic women have nothing better to do than follow white women and their stupidity.

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    The higher the bra number the wider you are. The bigger the bre.asts the higher the cup letter. I think that’s what to funny was referring to. I put on a 44dd and the cups were a bit too small and the straps were falling down my shoulders and riding up my back.
    Hopefully you’re not wearing the wrong size bra if you’re not fat. That’s the mistake a lot of women make, wearing the wrong size bra thinking the bigger bre.asts the higher the number. You could be an F or G cup for all you know.

  • kimona

    i find it funny how a lot of people love to point another person’s self-esteem level just as people love calling others “haters”.


    Why am I not surprised? Her self esteem that low that she had to resort to seeking attention in such a way? How sad. Its the price one must pay. Maybe instead of investing in gigantic boobs perhaps she should have invested in a psychiatrist/therapist.

  • Miss tahbee

    Loving the fyt between topsy n to funny. Lol. Ladies i’m sure both of u r gorgeous. The isue is bwt todays society n how people are literally dying to b “beautiful”.

  • LaDiva

    @ Sanriobaby

    I agree with you completely. Having big boobs is not all it’s cracked up to be, trust.
    Nothing in this world is worth you losing your life. Ppl need to be content with what they have. Besides there is nothing cute about having gigantic balloons looking like they’ll explode if a pin got near them.

    @ Educated Diva
    J feel you girl. I’m a double d ( i was a regular d before my son) and i would have been content just being a regular C when it comes to finding clothes u feel good and comfortable with.


    @ Peter
    Seems God needs to start cleaning the gene pool with you first.

  • nettie


  • vikkiejay


    I’m a 40DD and I’m not fat but what is funny is how a chic is interested in ur bra size and how fat or skinny you are…she obviously really isn’t happy with her frame or she wouldn’t give a fluck…LMAO

  • chrissy

    @vikkiejay….say it again……..40D and ain’t sh*t fat on me but my kitty…..

  • Candice

    LMFAO@ Peter

  • Matix B Down with Dating Shows

    @ All The DD’s ladies. Same here I have been rocking 38dd’s but when I got fitted properly I was a 36-E and there is no way I am fat, So MISS So Funny can stay there cuz clearly her bra strap is cutter off blood to her brain. She’s probably not even wearing her property size poor child LMBAO….

  • Matix B Down with Dating Shows


  • Matix B Down with Dating Shows

    Sorry for the typos late night. Sigh…..

  • daahlingnikki

    are boobies really worth dying over?…really it’s come to that…so sad that this world is so filled with people who hate themselves the way God made them…

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