Did Bristol Palin’s Pregnancy Inspire Clothing Store Forever 21 To Come Out With A Maternity Line???

- By Bossip Staff

Forever 21 has launched a maternity line that is “more so than not” geared towards teenage pregnancies. The franchise that appeals to women of all ages has launched the line in a total of five states in the US: California, Texas, Arizona, Utah and Alaska. Can you guess which three states are in the top five for teenage pregnancies???

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According to The Gloss:

Three of those five states – Arizona, California, and Texas – are on the list of states with the highest percentages of teen pregnancy in the country. Coincidence? Or brilliant marketing to their existing customer base (young women) while also addressing the fact that some of them are going to need clothes with slightly more room in the midsection.

We hope that is just a coincidence but then again, the brand chose Alaska… the home of Bristol Palin and also chose Utah… the Mormon state.

Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM!!!


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  • kily

    so happy!


    Whether it’s about maternity…or obesity,it’s a BAD IDEA.

  • atlchick

    thank god GA isn’t on the list… The way these children havin kids in ga I thought it would be number 1….. I’m tired of hearin bout the “palins”.. There 15 mins of fame is up….

  • Somali Ninga

    American society is deteriorating from my eyes!!

  • Yin

    Since when Forever 21 sells children & plus size clothing line? Not in NY!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    This is ‘NOT’ a good idea!

  • liza

    People like WINDOWS TO THE SOUL are ridiculous. Dont blame your bad parenting on clothing.clothes do not make someone become pregnant. Ignorance.

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath


  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    typo, not lackey, but s-p-a-c-e-s

  • nana

    America kills me wit ignorance!!!! Pfffff yall are a bunch of hypocited I swear… U criticize this chick then make money of off her.. Wow!!smh…

  • rum&indigo

    i knew arizona was one of them…

  • These are the States

    These are the states with the most Latinos/Mexicans trying to gain citizenship by have babies in america go figures…. hmmm. Bored states and you know they have babies at an early age.

  • LaDiva

    @ These are the States

    Smh guess someone forgot the other races who stay getting knocked up as well.

  • ShreveportShawty

    It is a BRILLIANT marketing strategy for Forever 21. We in a recession & they are tryna make money.

    But, I know GROWN WOMEN who shop there. As long as u under a size 12, u can shop at Forever 21.

  • Kryssi

    @ Yin…i live in TX and they sell it all here…they’ve been selling kids clothes and plus size for a while now…

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    I live in California and Forever 21 is popular with women of all ages. I think this is a marketing ploy. I always thought that the maternity clothes offered to women were a little meh, so I’m happy that they have some cute contemporary choices out there.

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    great article…

  • marlon

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