Vicious Pit Bulls Kill And Maim Memphis Residents

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Residents of a small Memphis community are recovering after roaming pit bulls killed 1 man and severely injured several others. Pop it for the gory details.

This is one of those times when you shoot first and ask questions later.

One person is dead and several others are recovering from injuries after pit bulls got loose and went on a rampage late Tuesday morning in a Memphis, Tennessee neighborhood.

According to witnesses three people were attacked by the pit bulls.

Two paramedics were also attacked by the dogs when they were called to the scene to aid the victims.

“I’m very shocked,” witness Lisa Stringfellow said. “I’m so nervous right now, I can hardly talk no more.”

Officials said William Parker and his daughter, 25-year-old Gardenia Parker, were two of the adults bitten by the animals.

“He was in pretty bad shape,” said Alvin Benson, Director of Fire Services for the city of Memphis.

Parker’s wife, Bessie Mae, was the one who called 911.

“I told them my husband was being attacked by some dogs,” she said. “My husband is dead.”

Family members said William was walking to the store when he was attacked. When Gardenia ran to help him, she was also bitten. In addition to bites, William Parker also reportedly suffered a heart attack. Officials have not confirmed his cause of death.

Lisa Stringfellow said the dogs also bit her brother.

“They say it ate his arm up,” Stringfellow said.

When paramedics arrived they were also attacked.

“There was one at the scene with the body, and one was fighting the dogs trying to keep them off the other guy,” witness Joseph Gaines said.

“In our attempt to rescue the patient, our persons were attacked as well,” Benson said.

As police officers held their shotguns at the ready, animal control officers worked diligently to capture both dogs.

“I just thank God it wasn’t me,” Stringfellow said.

Neighbors said the dogs chased another man on Sunday, who jumped on top of a car and stood for more than 30 minutes.

“He was hollering, saying somebody get his gun so he can shoot them,” neighbor Virginia Taylor said.

Taylor said police showed up after someone called them.

“I told them those dogs was vicious,” she said.

Neighbors said police did not remove the dogs, but instead arrested the man with them for violation of the sex offender act. That man has been behind bars since Sunday. It is not clear who was looking after the dogs.

“I want the people to suffer,” Bessie Mae Parker said. “The ones that got the dogs. I want them to go to jail. I want the police to pay something because they should have picked those dogs up.”

Capturing the dogs should be the LAST thing on the minds of the police and residents. After being tested for rabies, they would probably euthanize them anyway. Save money and time… They should have merked them after the first person was attacked. These dogs get treated better than people.

SMH. If it was a black man attacking people they would’ve shot him without a thought.


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