Guess The Pink Bikini Beach Booty…

- By Bossip Staff

Can you tell who this is judging from the thick thighs and ‘brand new blonde do’???

Mya was seen relaxing on the beach in M.I.A. Have a gander of some more shots below:

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    mya looks good! still prefer her hair dark

  • Jasmine

    Mya looks nice, I like her hair better dark though.


    Yes I’d smash…but that does’nt mean she’s not FAT.(she is) There’s no excuse for “thunder thighs” at her age.Find a gym & drop about 15lbs girl.

  • Rihanna's Sharp N Pointy Witchy FingernailsTookTheOath

    she needs to get back to dancing, because once that fat in her thighs and ankles turn brown, it’s a wrap. too many dimples, too soon

  • Miss tahbee

    The ppl saying she’s gt dimples on her thighs are the kettle calling the pot black! Mya looks stunning. A real beauty wif a lil meat on her

  • Kristina

    She looks cute! But I never noticed how wide her ankles were, it makes her legs look stubby.

  • Human Racist

    someone has cankles!!! she is still bad though!!

  • Oh yeah!

    First let me say im entitled to my opinion. Mya looks terrible!! I thought she was brittney spears!! She looks like a white girl and her azz is kind of flat and wide. Sorry, not a good look all around

  • Amir

    On Twitter she always sayin how shes headed to the gym and be fasting, I dont see it but I like em thick

  • ??

    Ahh didn’t recognize her at first. I thought it was M.Carey.

  • Rihanna's Sharp N Pointy Witchy FingernailsTookTheOath

    I don’t have dimples in the back of my legs, so who’s the kettle? it’s called taking care of your body, not just letting it go!

  • Jesus take the wheel yet

    jesus must be behind the wheel!

  • LaJ

    Mya had surgery 2 1/2 months ago on her ankle!!!! (fracture and torn ligament in her right ankle) She still have to wear the air cast!!

  • Matix B

    Sorry guys but Mya is and will always be a banger.

  • Pimpin (A Photographers Dream)

    I would lift, eat & beat that down!

    GLOK – Shalom playa!

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER BUUUUDDDAATTT!!!!

    shw always been a kutey……..i just kan’t get past those potential fat girl legs ya feel me ya feel me?!?!?!

  • It's Me

    who’s tapping that azz now? Lucky devil!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Mya is sooo fine. Any chick on here hatin oh her just jealous

  • Have a nice day.

    Are you men on something? Or better yet, are there any black men here? Mya has a white gurls butt. that is not a sistahs azz.

  • Datzher

    Wowww she got kimmy cakez but they aint fake…kudos to mya she got it!

  • 1991 UK (The gem of Africa)

    People are actually saying shes fat…wow

  • lala

    Are you serious?? You can’t be. You really need to look up the word fat before you use it. Fat is when your arms and legs are jiggling and your stomach is hanging over your bikini bottom and you have to stop and take a breath after every step, that’s fat. Monique is fat Mya looks good and is not fat anywhere. Shut the hell up, she’s got thick legs so what, I’d rather have thick legs than chicken legs.


    She got a bit more meat on her bones but she still look good with that tiny waist.

  • Allie

    looking good mya

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