Guess Who Is Swirling It Up In Miami?

- By Bossip Staff

This chocolate beauty was spotted getting friendly with a melanin-challenged gentleman… Can you guess who she is?

Do you think Kelly Rowland would like some chop down action from this tall not-so-dark and sorta handsome guy? Or do you think they’re just friends?

Bauer Griffin

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  • riding so high i can slap down a pigeon

    dude is smashing

  • DailyPiff_Net

    I didn’t get that



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  • d512

    It doesnt matter she gonna say they just friends anyway.

  • J

    The body language is saying, LOUDLY, they’re just friends! If she sits any further away from him on that chair she gon fall off! LOL

  • Somali Ninga

    Agree with most of the comment, they look friendly.

  • Guhl stop!

    Good for her, I know she does like races other than Black (not excluding like Rich dudes do it). I say more Black women (with money) should date other than Black, because clearly most black men with money PREFER women who aren’t black. Who knows, MAYBE they will treat her better, I said maybe I know race doesn’t change much. I for one am not into pale skin (goes for pale blacks too), so unless they have a little color to them, I’m not interested.. So white may be out of the question for me!

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (PeOpLe On BosSiP aRe PeOnZ!!!)

    F*ck a Kelly “no career” Nohits!! She has been irrelevant since 2002 – the white man keep her ugly azz, and them fake tiddys..

    I don’t know any black man that want a woman with an “A” cup size of tiddys… Her big teeth; no tiddys having; no career having; and beyonce’s shadow self can stay with the white men forever.. We won’t miss her, smell me????

  • Rihanna's Sharp N Pointy Witchy FingernailsTookTheOath

    that’s her gay friend… that’s it.

  • Pooperscooper

    Lol @ J, imma have to agree on that one.

    And Realist, calm down..why you so angry? lol

  • Jasmine

    who cares if she is…its her choice who she wants to date.

  • Butterscotch™


    “The body language is saying, LOUDLY, they’re just friends! If she sits any further away from him on that chair she gon fall off! LOL”


    I agree. Nothing to it.

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    Just friends.

  • Claire

    I smell haters


    maybe haters but she has been known to swirl before so good luck to her if she is again now

  • chaka1


    Go head Kelly.

  • LMAO

    Who ever seen Kelly with a man that you KNEW for a FACT she was dating?? I don’t know who the hell the girl dating and quite frankly I do not care. But I had to click on something to say this site got too much going on now!! It’s all over the place. You can easily get lost.

  • Chee-Chee

    if she is or isn’t, i applaud her for doing her own thing and not being a doormat for sellout black males.


    why so bitter? you’re more than welcome to support Ocho and TO.

  • old skool tv

    don’t see anyone touching each other? so they can’t possibly be friends until proven otherwise??

    yep this site is gettin shit!

  • My Pet Dinasour(Bossip is Mean)

    Change the layout now!

  • Tragic Mulatto

    At least he looks better than jay-z

  • clarkekent3000

    Ahhhh, Swirlin: It ain’t just for black men!

  • Landon

    Kelly looks good to me she has always had the best body in Destiny’s Child, right up there with Latoya. I feel sorry for Kelly because Sony & Knowles keep messing with her career.

  • sandra

    Good for her. Smart move. Black men have nothing to offer and they don’t want black women anyway..

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