Who’s My NFL Daddy???

- By Bossip Staff

This little dude is spending some quality time with his daddy before NFL training camp is back in full effect. There was some controversy over this little dude right when he came into this world kickin’ and screamin’, like $70K a month for child support type of controversy.

Who’s My Daddy???

It’s Braylon Edwards Jr. and Braylon Edwards Sr!!! Remember when Nik from America’s Next Top Model put Braylon Edwards on blast for not taking care of his seed. She sued him for $70K a month in child support. It seems as if Nik and Braylon came to an understanding, seeing that he’s spending some quality time with his kid.

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  • Tanikia

    He look just like his momma


    HE IS TOO CUTE!!!!

  • Jasmine

    The baby is 2 cute!…and YES he needs to do sumthin with that beard.

  • TMoney253


  • DEBI

    Jecca: You are an idiot.

  • oklahoma girl.....

    i know this is off topic but does he know that cell phones are filled with germs why is he letting that baby put it in his mouth?

  • http://* Kristina

    Awww he’s cute! And smh, it does not take $70,000 a MONTH to take care of a baby. I know they base it off of income, but still.

  • http://* Kristina

    Awww he’s cute! And smh, it does not take $70,000 a MONTH to take care of a baby. I know they base it off of income, but still. I hope they came to a more reasonable settlement.

  • Cloud

    That was a dumb comment, Jecca.

  • lala

    Cute baby, can’t say the same for the dad. He would be if he cut that bush off his face, wtf is up with all the hair, that ain’t cute.


    Looks Muslim.

  • Delight23

    have nots determining for the haves. ;-p

  • Oh yeah!

    The baby is just the cutest litte thing! But the mama know she wrong. Dead wrong. Truth be told, Nik is a goldigger who played her cards right. But he was stupid because even though god gave the such a beautiful child, all she wanted was the Mulah!!!



  • HHH

    When he gets his first touchdown in the football season he will shave it, its what he wants to do damn

  • Chee-Chee

    …ugh…he look like Rick Ross with that Taliban beard…

  • Baelly

    Braylon who?????

  • missjane

    Why does he have brown hair and a black beard??


    Who cares about that beard!!!
    He do what he wanna do!!!
    Am sure that a least one of you guys needs a shower, another one needs to loose weight, another one needs a haircut…. but no one gonna tell you: you are too fat! it’s ugly! That’s hate.
    Now you can say he looks pretier withouth a beard.

  • Lyoness

    @ Jecca – That comment wasn’t cool. It’s 2010, act accordingly.

    Maybe his beard is a football thing. You know athletes are superstitious. Maybe he has it so he can go out in public freely and not be bothered. No one would think he was Braylon Edwards with that beard.

    Side note: He needs a red hat and he’d be Santa 😉

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