Remember Me? Calvin From ‘227’ And Christopher Williams

- By Bossip Staff

Curtis Baldwin was a teenage heartthrob in the late 80’s starring as “Calvin” in the popular series “227” as Regina King’s first love alongside Marla Gibbs and Hal Williams.

Curtis also moonlighted as an MC assisting his homeboy Christopher Williams on the hit “Talk To Myself.”

Peep what Curtis has been up to as it looks like him and Christopher Williams are still rolling tight.

Click Here To Watch The Video With Curtis Baldwin And Christopher Williams On HipHopWired

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  • juicyJ

    @purple love forreal where u hear that

  • purple love

    @ juicyJ no I doubt it it was a joke to imply that there must b more interesting news or they can atleast get creative n make up something

  • oh well!

    They were both high as a kite.
    Times must be rough for both of them. Christopher was sooo finnnne!! back in he day and Curtis, I always thought that he was gay. Jus sayin

  • ECouttadaQC

    no!!!! i dont wanna see calvin dobbs smokn weed!!!!!

  • Sha

    Woooow That was surreal! lol 😛

  • Just Sayin

    Yo was blazin…

  • Regail

    Glad to see he is doing his thing, but C’mon son, smoking a blunt on camera? Is that all that celebrities do? Lost all respect for Christopher Williams even hanging out with someone doing that, but hey he probably does it too. So sad…..Dear Regina King, RUN WHEN YOU SEE CALVIN!!! #WEEDHEAD

  • get u 1

    Well alicia and swizzy may not have gotten married but T.I. and tiny did!

  • vaplaya


  • soulwoman

    LMAO! That was fun-nay!

  • Bey-nonsense

    *sing it with me
    there ain’t…no place like home…with your family around you’re never alone…

    i mean no place child


  • 4X

    Sad that he turned out to be such a lowlife, dressing like a 8th grader and smoking cigaweed on camera.

    Another one bringing the black community down!

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