Dirty Dog Diaries: Tiki Barber Out In “Public” With His Lil Blonde Becky

- By Bossip Staff

Tiki Barber ain’t sh*t. Here he is out in public with his lil 23-year-old blonde jump off, Traci Lynn whatever, at the 5W PR summer party at the Buckingham Hotel in NYC. Damn, Tiki, couldn’t WAIT to show his off his young and tender snow bunny.

Have another gander below…


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  • SoulSista

    As soon as his ex-wife takes his little bit of cash that jumpoff is gone. What a moron. Throw away your beautiful family for that??? smdh

  • It's Me

    nicca is a disgrace to us fella’s. take what is coming to you with that same duffus azz smile…



  • I'd DIE for a White Woman

    Tiki i cant blame you cause “Shawty is a 10, a 10!!!” she prob got better credit than him anyway..lol Get ya mind right and go white!!!! Dayum i die for a white woman!!! Right now!!!!

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    as long as he still takes care of his children…i could care less.

  • thats what she said ...

    Black women (and some black men, i.e. GLOK) have DEEP psychological issues!! Years of oppression has created a inferiority complex that will be HARD to break. Why do you care that Tiki is dating a white woman. What does that have to do with you to make you SOOO mad?? Obviously Tiki doesnt care what you think so why would you care about him. Gain some self confidence for your own sake. Please!

  • Mika H

    Lets be honest… his ex wife is a 6 and his new woman is a 10.

    You can use little snide racist words like “lil Becky” but you’ll never equal this chick.

  • blackmagic

    she does look good though…


    Who cares what Tiki barber does. I am a black women and I love White men. I love dating them, the way they treat me, the way they look etc. It amazes me that alot of black women celebrities are not doing with the black men are doing by dating outside of the race. At least its not reported. I say black women if you want to be treated better, respected or deal with someone who is about something deal with a white man

  • LUCY


  • LaDiva

    Lust is a deadly sin. Too many ppl have rejected their home for it. Smh

  • I'd DIE for a White Woman

    @ I love white men…..I feel you tell em like it is. The truth is the truth u cant run from it or deny it. Call her a “Becky” but like i said before “Shawty is a 10!!!!”

  • I'd DIE for a White Woman

    U talk about lust being a dealy sin but look at ur picture…lol please Fyukin hypocrite.

  • Sydneyβ„’

    I’m attempting to put myself in Ginny’s shoes and imagine how I would feel if I have four children at home (two of them twin newborns), and my soon-to-be ex-husband is out gallivanting with his new plaything as if he doesn’t have a care in the world. . .

    I wouldn’t wish that kind of humiliation on my worst enemy. She has my sympathy. She married a self-absorbed child.

  • thats what she said ...

    @ Chaka1

    The truth hurts — I can hear your pain in your angry post. Again, what does it matter to you what Tiki Barber does? Did it open an old wound? Did your man leave you for a white woman? Why do you care enough to be SOOO angry?

  • LaDiva

    @ I’d DIE for a White Woman

    Umm are u serious? Your spelling should be considered a deadly sin too…Lol talking about my avie…. Smh moving on.

  • Lea

    I love black men with money. omg they’re the besssstttt, but they are very stupid and have low self esteem. Haha thats to bad their black girls are loud,obnoxious, and ugly, if not they would be able to keep them. But at the end of the day my white prince is always there with the black men’s noney. Black race= pathetic.

  • Caramel Catβ„’

    well one thing’s for sure, it won’t last….

    hey Syd and LaDiva!

  • LaDiva

    @ Caramel Cat & Sydney

    Hi there ladies…

    And yes I agree that it will not last… Those relationships rarely do…

  • @ annoyed

    question! if a white man doesn’t want to date or marry a white woman that’s been with a black guy…what does it have to do with the black guy?

  • Sydneyβ„’

    Good morning Caramel, LaDiva!

    And the comments I’ve seen from women in regards to this situation have been overwhelmingly scathing across the board, regardless of race. If there’s one thing that a large number of women despise — it’s infidelity, and on top of that, a man who is depraved enough to cheat while his wife is pregnant (I think at one point Ginny was even placed on bedrest, which is a very serious matter).

  • Sydneyβ„’


    OT, but I had to chuckle this weekend in the hair salon when I brought my copy of “Breaking Dawn” with me, and I looked over and another sista was reading the same book. It’s gripping, girl. I’m near the end.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    He couldn’t resist his PRIZE.

    American Apple Pie Eating White Woman.

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