For The Stans: Beyonce’s New Dereon Ad

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like House of Deredookie has attempted to change its steez after Solange tore them a new asshole….

Here is BeyBey’s new ‘edgy and stylish’ Dereon ad. You likey???

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  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Anything that looks remotely decent in the ad campaigns will, I guarantee you, either not be in stores, or be made of horribly cheap fabric. And that’s not just Dereon, that’s all the urban brands (Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, etc.)

  • miari


  • Sha

    Speaking of Cherrelle..Check out this Dereon Ad! 😛

    Looks like an LP cover from 1983! lol Do you Bey! 🙂

  • bbi

    It don’t mean cause beyonce promoting that the clothes are good. The only time she wears dereon is at award shows and on stage. I’ve never seen her walk on road wearing all house of dereon. The clothes look tacky and cheap what you see in the pictures isn’t what you get on the shop.take more pride in your clothes knowles.
    Follow me on twitter.babyisako

  • kammy

    @bbi well said. House of Tacky!! I swear beyonce never wears her line only one time and that was at the emmys. She had a curtain for a dress. Any other time its gucci or prada!! Don’t be fooled black people,her clothing line is cheap,ugly and wack!!!

  • kammy

    My Two yr.old Goddaughter has more Style than beyonce and her Momma!!!

  • HoneyT

    Oh!!! So that’s why Solange left! Hahahaha Dereon is so wack it shouldn’t even be funny

  • Shootingstar

    That ad is hot, but I co-sign with everyone else…every piece of this clothing I’ve seen with my own eyes has been tacky and cheap looking.

  • Matix B

    So sick of this girl trying so hard to be cool. Go wash the dishes under your bed and wash out your panty ho, I bet you put those in the wash along with your mans White T’s damn ignorant bish…..

  • STAR

    This photo is completely airbrushed & Beyonce is a Rihanna/Gaga wannabe…’s lame

  • Mystyri


  • Stacie

    HOT!!! Beyonce looks beautiful!!! Love the ad!

  • uh huh!

    This pic is awful!! It looks very cheap just like to clothes for House of Dereon. Im sorry but I have to be real. Her mother has no sense of style. Maybe the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Its admirable that they want to have several businesses but a clothing line, especially that one is not it!!! CHEAP, TACKY, WACKY, WEIRD!!!

  • - raquel (shawns girl)

    —–> i loveeeeeeeeeee beyonce dont get me wrong, but…why she dont seem herself these days…i dont know what it is..but bey’bey not herself!! Still your #1 fan FOR LIFE!! =)

  • 507_diva

    Who told these celebrities that they have “style” ? Most of these people have someone else that chooses their attire. In Beyonce’s case, she is often more of a fashion miss than a hit. neither she nor Tina Knowles to our knowledge has any true textile and fabric training and therefore I wouldn’t trust them to help create high quality clothing. That is also the same for the Kardashians, Jessica Simpson, and a host of other celebs that think they “know” clothes

  • Allie

    Most REAL designers wear their own clothing, not just at awards shows, i don’t even think she designs any of the clothes, she’s just the face of the line, some celebrities should not be able to have lines….tainting the name of fashion

    @ 507_diva: I definitely agree however i have to say Jessica simpson’s shoe line is hot

  • Eddy

    I like her hair in the photo.

  • A MESS

    Bebe needs to stick to singing. Even when shes not performing shes a mess. Why would her mother go into the business of designing clothing? Tyra doesnt like their style either but she is good friends with them. I co-sign with uh-huh.

  • yuk

    the boots and the bike are outshining the dress and the model

  • BeaLady

    Beyonce is not edgy by nature. Dereon is trying and they do get an A for effort but I’d rather them stick to the grandmotherly ads they’ve always had. lol

  • Yo!

    I wish her and her mother would fall off the face of the earth already. Non-singin’, dumb azz…

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