America, The Land Of The Free…For Certain Religions Only??

- By Bossip Staff


All across the nation grounds for potential mosques are being met with opposition. There is a split between those who want to simply practice their religion in a holy place and people who feel mosques are breeding grounds for terrorism.

The high profile debate over a possible mosque being built near ground zero in Manhattan, has sparked a national debate over the issue.

But are opposers taking it to far? In California in late June, local Tea Partygoers took picket signs and dogs to Friday prayers at a mosque that is seeking to build a new home for worship in a nearby vacant lot.

Prior to the possible construction of the mosque in lower Manhattan, the disconnect for mosque construction was mostly due to traffic, noise and parking. Now, for many it seems the real problem is  Islam itself, especially for some Americans who feel like mosques have potential to be terrorist meeting spots.

“They quote passages from the Koran and argue that even the most Americanized Muslim secretly wants to replace the Constitution with Islamic Shariah law.”

The problem is that if the construction of mosques is halted or denied, it could be considered a direct violation of the Constitution. At the end of the day, such actions would be denying Muslims the right to religious freedom under the stereotype that “all Muslims are terrorists.” Is this the best way to uphold American democratic values?

In Manhattan, things seem to be moving forward with the support of local government officials, including Mayor Bloomberg, who recently delivered a speech on religious freedom.

Do you think Manhattan will set an example that other places in the U.S. should follow? Or will the debate continue, forcing a fight every time Islamics try to establish a new mosque?


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  • Alihma

    Effect of Media propaganda.YES, the majority of Americans discriminate against Muslim Americans

  • Alihma

    wowwww they took this nonsense to Jummah prayer?!!! Str8 violation!!
    They give no respect, why do u think Muslim countries dont respect this one?

  • Alihma

    n this is MY country, East Cleveland born. Wish i could meet one of these fools face to face…WE AINT GOING NO WHERE!!! n if this country starts war here with Muslims, trust there are enuff of us in the country to start ww3. N true Muslims ant backing down!! Come to Philly or brooklyn with that drama!!!!!!

  • Alihma


    You have no clue on respect!! To go to Jummah prayer with dogs n signs that say “this aint your country” YOUR BUGGN!!!
    That is disrespect, n people ike you who okay the nonsense r the reason this country has the hate it does. If your black you should really think about what u sayin in justifying this. Muslims go thru ion this country what we’ve been going thru. Yall r just to caught up in white mans celebs n their affairs, money, drugs, pathetic lives to see the truth up close n personal!

  • No way!!!

    I know that alot of people will certainly disagree with me on this. Perhaps Im tramatized. I was in the vicintity of Ground Zero on the particular day. So I will say this, I DO NOT THINK THAT THERE SHOULD BE A MOSQUE BUILT IN LOWER MANHATTAN PERIOD. IT WOULD BE A JOKE TO THEM!! HAVE PEOPLE FORGOTTEN WE ARE POST 911?

  • ANYWAYS....

    most of life as we know is a lie…ppl need to wake up

  • Jus Truth

    @Alihma—your response to Mike’s comment shows nothing but ignorance. Someone shares an opinion thats doesnt degrade any particular religion and u go on the offense and figure theyre ”caught up in white mans celebs n their affairs, money, drugs,…GTFOH, wats that got to do with the statement? And whether one believes in religion or not, are most of the world’s conflicts goin back to when all these prophets and gods came into play not resulted in the biggest numbers of people massacred? They damn sure are and anyone sayin different either dont know history or is just blindly ignorant.

    Bringing dogs to a mosque during prayer is very ignorant, but being burned alive in your church whether it be in Pakistan,Egypt or any other country leaning towards the unspeakeable violence and oppresion of Sharia is much worse.

    The Ground Zero mosque is a disgusting slap in the face to the victims and to all non-liberal Americans. The organizers didnt bother taking other people’s concerns and feelings into consideration at all, a similar story when it comes to Islam as a whole and the book it writes on a daily basis worldwide.

    Im sure there was another building in Manhattan that couldve been turned into a mega-mosque that wouldve been more than suitable. If these Cordoba House people truly wanted to ‘build bridges’, they couldve started by not burning them with so many people up and out the gate.

    Have a good day!

  • Alihma

    @No way

    I understand what happened there was extremely tramatizing, n for you to be there first hand i am sure you experienced a lot. But at the end of the day, this was not waged by Muslims as a whole!! Why not allow a teaching center for Muslims and nonMuslims aike? why are we as country men n women not wanting to see the good in Islam?
    911 had nothing to do with Islam vs. US
    It had to do with muuuuuuuuuch which will never be discussed with the public, & resources.
    So should all churches in procsimity(sp) to abortion cinics be shut down because soo many have been bombed by christians???
    There will never be no hate in this society if people have given up on learning. Most people, & especially on this site from past experience have NO CLUE what Islam is, what they do know is only about Shariah n that is what the media teahces you about it.
    The Masjid will be built in the l.e.s. n the rest of the country will forget about it when the next celeb cheats on his wife.

  • wow

    @ANYWAYS…. maybe that was god’s way of bringing Christianity into our lives we never know what god has planned for us but we must trust in his spirt and his word. I believe in jesus very much so and will never turn my back on him even in the face of death whenever I need or have a problem or just want to say thankyou I always pray in his name . My life is so much better now than it was five years ago.


    I was also in NYC on 9/11 and know this: innocent Muslims were killed in the towers too…plus haha don’t think that it was just some random attack…the more and more you research, the more you come to realize, wow, my government and several others will retain power by any means possible. It was planned. US, Israeli and Saudi governments are all in cahoots with each other…

  • Kenyetta

    Organized Religion = NO

  • wow

    @Alihma why is that we never see muslims protesting against groups like the taliban and other Terrorist groups that gives your religion a bad rep I believe that if more people see this then it would be easier for them to accept muslims.

  • Alihma

    @ Wow

    open your eyes a lil more or do some deeper research.. There are many!!! please research deeper, you will find many imams who speak against this!!


    Institutional religion, especially extreme sects within Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and those of any kind is in essence and practice, against all feminine divinity, power and purpose. The ideas of these faiths are good, but as they have evolved from their Pagan beginnings, bastardized into their current forms, lost in translation and to the present day foolish who see poetic verse as law and thus lose meaning and message, so to has the power of the female spirit, entity and being been lost. Institutional religion, that is the government and law, not the Spirituality which is poisoned by this oppressive shadow, is to blame for all ill in this world and to all infractions against women. The Spirituality behind Judaism being Qabbalah, the Spirituality behind Christianity being Emanationism and Sufism in Islam, are all beautiful holdings full of Light and Wonder and truly…are more Pagan, just in different languages and cultures…but when man brought the books and originally wrote of women and then had them stricken from the pages, so to was her meaning taken from society. The governments and institutions of Religion are to blame, not the Spirituality.

    What religion has done to women is absolutely deplorable.

  • Alihma

    I LOVE JESUS but i dont thank Jesus (isa) for anything!! He was a prophet born of the virgini Mary (Marium) who us Muslims love very much. but ALL praise is due to the ONE Creator, the one God who created all men & all the worlds. I refuse to thank Jesus for what HIS craetor has done. ALL PRAISE DUE TO ONE GOD!

  • No way!!!

    @Alihma: I stand by what I have said. It kills me. Im a black women. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Everyone wants peace and harmony, blah, blah, blah, but it wont happen. Way too much pressure in society from different ethnic groups. And to be honest, There are some Muslims who, since becoming Americans, honestly feel that they would rather be white!! because of what happened at ground zero. So please, There is too much anger from everyone. I dont see a change.

  • wow

    @Alihma I am talking about going out into the streets and protesting you can speak all day I want action show the world that muslims are not going to stand for these terrorist groups.

  • Alihma

    @ the comment
    “US, Israeli and Saudi governments are all in cahoots with each other…”

    ding ding ding, we have a winner!!!! Why do u think Saudi is one of the strongest “Islamic” countries but gives no true help to the brothers n sisters in Palestine!! Look at the bigger picture people n put the peices together!!

  • wow

    @Alihma IF you deny the son then you deny the father but anyway you do you live your life and when judgement day come then we all will see.

  • Alihma

    @ No way

    Girl trust we i live it/see it everyday first hand!!! Many arabs jump right on the white bus!!! They discriminate me cuz of my race n hubby being arab. && i often feel like you, theres tooo much hate to bring all good back. But why give up. There are over a billion Muslims in this world. So imagine in 30 years how many will be, these Muslim children in America deserve a chance and respect too!! what if the black community said this 70 years ago. we would not be where we are today! So i can not not doing that for my future brothers n sisters today

  • Alihma

    @ WOw

    I dont deny Jesus as a Prophet. I love Isa much!! But NEVER will i give praise to another besides the ONE who created ALL!!

  • lexi

    First off the terrorist were muslims~ lets be honest here.
    NEXT~ I think WE ALL know there are extreme people in every race, religion, etc.
    The man who wants to build the Mosque, WILL NOT say that the Taliban is a terrorist organization. F the Mosque who is the man behind building this Mosque, does he house terrorist? Things to look into. Their a millions of MOSQUS in the US~ so don’t make it a MOSQUE issue when cleary it hasn’t been.

  • Alihma


    First off. Hitler wasa christian, do you believe in death to jews? Again madd ignorance, so what they Muslim, they are not ISLAM! Wack excuse! Ummmm ya n it has to do alot with the actual building!! Its a great site for an Islamic learning center. Do you people not understand what that consist of..well just to name a few things, A masjid for prayer, a hall for wedding parties ect, a gym for sisters, school for kids/a gym etc etc.
    Its not just a masjid, its a communtiy center.

  • wow

    @Alihma I thank jesus for what he went through on the cross he died for our sins and the message that he left us is a powerful one Romans 12:14
    Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them . How can you deny a man with a message like that he suffered for our sins and died for us what other man or prophet did that . Jesus said that after I am dead there will be false prophets that will come after him and he was so right.

  • Alihma


    “bless those who persicute you”

    Wowwww, you sound like a great Christian. lol SMH. Keep it movin! n go get read ur bible cause u way off wishn ill on anyone. SMH

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