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Russell Simmons is using his little blog to attack Bossip and we want everyone to know BDR is a straight up SELLOUT and in the pockets of the diamond industry that got rich and continues to get rich exploiting the poor people of Africa. BDR is not only in bed with the diamond industry and was attacked by the director of the movie Blood Diamonds for being in the pocket of the diamond industry, BDR is also exploiting the poor with his Visa Debit Cards that charge excessive fees on the poor. What BDR essentially does is profit from poor people who can’t get credit and does this in a manner that is in line with a straight up corporate THUG and someone who lacks love for our community.

BDR’s politics can be explained by the corporate interests he represents that only see the Black community as a tool to get rich and his compromised politics can further be explained with his intoxication with Blonde women only. By going around in the media flossing these Beckys around, he is not promoting diversity but an obvious perpetuation of the White Superiority and Black Inferiority dynamic. With his intoxication with white girls and him flossing these tramps around for the world to see, he is telling the young Black girls around the world they are not good enough, they are too dark, too Africa, too strong, for his weak punk-a*s.

Russell Simmons is a straight up SELLOUT and it’s not going to be a secret anymore. From Watts to Wallstreet, we got troops going out who are willing to do battle with Russell Simmons and his white backers who seek to destroy and exploit the Black community under the “guise” of charity.



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