*Fixed* Real Housewives’ Nene Leakes Admits To Cheating On Her Husband!!!

- By Bossip Staff

“Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s”Nene Leakes has finally had enough of being accused of cheating on her husband Gregg Leakes and she’s finally decided to speak on it!

Nene took to her Twitter account to confront the accusations. Click Here To Read Her Tweets

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  • purple love

    How is it that she has a husband but kim K still single??? Wierd

    • ses

      People always like celebrities, but I think those in uniform deserve more respect.

      They defend our country and safeguard our policy.

      ‘ ___________M i l i t a r y f l i r t s * c. -0- m ____________

      show your love and respect to our military heroes.

    • Say huh

      Cuz when you’re a bully you can always find a weak minded individual to do what you want.

      Check Khloe & Lamar for another example of this syndrome.

  • freeze135

    if a ugly broad can cheat on a dude with money my fine wife has got to be cheating on my broke a$$.

    • WHOA!


    • Mandella


  • doesntmater

    she looks im sorry he looks horrible…. why is he so important… i dont get it.. using and spending his money and saying its his. puleese the lengths woMEN go thru to just get money. ugly man hoar. lol

  • wtf

    no y click on read her tweets and all I see is that ugly amazon?

  • hmmm

    She only married Gregg because she was a poor, single mother, and stripper in an abusive relationship and Gregg’s money was a way out for her and her sons… Now she got 15mins of fame and a lil money of her own, she don’t need Gregg.

    She would’ve never cheated on Gregg before doing the show because her a.s.s would’ve been back where she started w/ nothing.

    All those “lights” from the cameras went to her head; she’s gotten besides herself w/ the nose job and all.




    Could this bytch be any uglier??? DAMN!!! 👿

  • ImJustSayin

    Is this the moose’s only decent picture? Damn! she look like Wesley snipes(circa To Wong Fu) and Bullwinkle had a baby.

    • nunya79


  • deesac

    This might sound wrong but it true. Greg done the #1 rule of how to loose your wife spoil her to much and let her get a way with anything. She lost repect for him first for being weak, because she knew he would forgive her for just about anything. AND BY THE WAY SHE IS BUTT UGLY!

  • Bohwe

    what i don’t get is why on every black blog, someone has to mention kim kardashian. first it was jlo, and now kim. black man loved them some jlo, then felt stupid when she left the brothas for a man that was half-philipino and white, then to a white man, and now married and had kids by a latino. now kim k has taken her spot. BLACK MEN JUST BE HONEST AND COME CLEAN, YOU DON’T WANT BLACK MEN.

  • Bohwe


  • labruja

    as usual, link doesn’t work

  • 504_GV

    You can tell she was standoffish towards him during the last season. She didn’t really love him.

    • say huh

      Its pretty obvious that once she got a little attention, it all went to her head. Not that she was that great before, but she became ridiculous afterward.

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    Shame on you NeNe for coming at Kim for dating a married man and all that holy matrimony sanctified union crap. NeNe is, literally, a huge liar.

  • okplaya718

    Thts not her admitting to cheating. You guys are DONKEYS!!!!! She is playing with all of you! You guys can’t seem to read between the lines in tht tweet!

    • Curious1

      Exactly…she is admitting NOTHING…she is basically being sarcastic and saying F-Ya’ll..yeah sure..I cheated on him…yeah right…to how you know-isms..not admit but a conceded sarcastically to the name calling people are twitting about her…

      Not an admission,come on people..lol..

  • HoneyT

    Sounded like sarcasm to me! idk she seems like she is just taunting the ppl who keep saying she cheated on her husband but whatev

    • Curious1

      ^^^ EXACTLY..again…

  • Jess

    Really? What makes this woman ugly. Some of yall need to put yalls real pics up….SMH

    • Curious1

      I don’t get it either…She’s not UGLY like all that…people act like they never saw women that fit her type…She is not UGLY like Die Beach, UGLY..at all…

      wow…..knowing they have fam members if not themselves that can be spitting body images of “not worse”…

    • Say huh

      Her attitude does. I agree with you guys who are saying there’s nothing wrong with the way she looks. I mean, I can do without how pasted on her hair usually looks, but aside from this she’s what you could call a handsome woman (not being sarcastic).

      However, her attitude is SO downright disgusting..I see nothing favorable in her at all.

  • Curious1

    ^^ spitting body images and shapes, frames JUST like her…if not “society judgmentally “worse shaped”…

  • whatisthat

    kiss and makeup..that is all they will do anyway..she is lowdown and greg love chopping down that piece of meat…i don’t get it!!!

  • http://mr.black candyman

    As a real man, I would not ever had anything to with nene. Men wake up we all know!! you can not turn a ho into a housewife.. Gregg got what was coming to him,so Gregg if you read this. You know I am right, I hope this is all a lie. But if not Gregg it’s time to move on my brother.

  • say huh

    Please stop giving this woman attention. She is a bully. A loud, obnoxious, pretentious, bully. And I hope to never see her grace my tv screen again.

    I know all (most?) these reality shows are trash, and I know that we all have different ideas of what constitutes ‘good’ tv. But if when I hear people say they LIKE nene, I wonder about them.

  • nonchalantly

    Lets just say haterssss……Nene is a beautiful black woman….You all only know the story that has been put on RHOA and not the whole story. If Greg had money why is he at home sitting on his black azz and shes making the money…..Learn the truth people….Reality TV Sheesh!!!!

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