Chris Brown Responds To Rihanna’s Twitter Takeover

- By Bossip Staff

This sh*t is too funny. Rihanna has decided to join the ranks of Twitterati and take over her Twitter account. The rambunctious red head posted her first Tweet and her ex just HAD to say something about it. Check out the hilarity.

Rihanna’s first Tweet:

Of course, Chris Brown, who’s been Tweetin’ since birth, posted this Tweet hours later:

Hopefully, his Tweet wasn’t directed at her, although the emphasis he put on it indicates otherwise. Chris is on the road to recovery so he should definitely chuck the deuces and ignore this broad. Chris’ Twitter followers say his Tweet was posted in response to Kat Stacks saying that he was going to be her next victim.

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  • nettie

    1st that is funny!!

  • Kreole King

    I like Chris but he need to grow the H.e.l.l up


    He probably wasnt talking about her….check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

  • Jane Doe

    He’s sooo damn childish!!!

  • Pleaze Stop

    Stop lying!! I follow him and he posted that right after kat stacks said she was trying to get @ him.Anything to take away his shine….

  • sally121

    lol who cares

  • Serious V

    He probally aint even talking about that damn girl, lighten up folks

  • George

    This was a good post because we all know that any post with chris brown will have about 50 of his fans on it tweeting. The question is how do all of you Breezy or whatever you call him know when there is a story about him. Do you scour the internet for threads about Chris. I wish some of you would put that much energy into learning math and science.

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      I agree

  • juliemango

    Cbrez pls dont mess up!!!

    • Jules

      Chris beat a b1tch brown is a ruthless goon, I would not let this goon go near my daugther. I would have a camera on his behind at all times and I would also hire a investigator. Who also putts hands on kids, if need be. Chris beat a b1tch brown scares the hell out of little girls on Christmas when he turns into the grinch who stole your face with his hands.

    • CRAckberry


      Its true! he better not F**k this up, he has been doing so frigging well.

    • SoWhat


      STFU and go tell BUSTED LIP RIHANNA to stop singing with SERIAL WIFE BEATER Eminem! She obviously likes’em rough so let the girl enjoy herself in peace!

  • Joseph

    Here comes this kids fan club, must post meta tags of this kids name on every fan site or something.

    Damn talk about obssession.

    • mosiane

      Seriously… so true.

    • http://u bklynlady

      Like he’s their damn pimp! These young girls are FOOLISH!!! That boy don’t know ya’ll!!! lmfao and smh

      I’m sure he was reffering to Rihanna….if it had been about Ratty Stacks, he would have gone in! ….and I dont even do twitter.


    First of all Chris is not studying RiRi, let it go people he realizes that in order to get his life back on track he needs to forget this girl ever existed, I’ve got your back Breezy

  • @jasmine_shavone

    Follow me on twitter, rih n kat stacks r both lame #teambreezy

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    if the media said Santa was spotted with Elvis at a Hendrix concert, some of you eeediots would beleiev it, laughing @ yall


    LMBAO!! =O

  • GTFOH with the dumb ((the one & only))

    WTF cares! He probably wasn’t since it was 12 hours after her tweet. *reaching much*

    And if Rihanna fans think her behind is not going to get dragged…after you dumb a**es made it a job for a year 1/2…haha *goes to buy popcorn*

  • Mia

    So Kat stacks tweets that she about to make CBreezy her next victim and he responds saying ,”twitter just got whack.” yeah, that makes a whole lotta sense.

    • Eli

      Exactly. He was talking about Rih. His stans refuse to believe the obvious.

    • Stacey

      No matter what this guy does, people are desperate to connect everything he does to Rihanna with her failing career since the sympathy train hit a dead end. You all know DOGGONE well he was responding to Kat Stacks, just like other guys she sets her sights on to violate.

      I know some of you are mad because he’s coming back and Takers is a huge success, but Rihanna’s ride on Brown’s coattails ended when she jumped on him over a text message and got clocked.

      Besides, I thought all of you thought Brown was desperate for using Twitter, but now its great if Rihanna does it?

      Seriously, some of you think that everyone forgets the lies you spew on here.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)

    Everybody HATES Chris!!

  • JAZ0195

    yall are so reaching LOL!! he was talking about kat stacks

  • jj

    takers was the shitttt

    but anyways chris is not worried about that damn girl the media stay tryin to link them together in some kinda way and some of yall stay falling for it like the dumbas* sheep you are

    lawd people you gotta brain for a reason

  • youre delusional


    I know aint nobody worried about rihannas crazy behind is right. I still can’t get over how she beat chris brown like that. Did you see his face? Omfg those pics were so scary. She is the crazy one alright. I’m glad she’s on probation, she shouldve went to jail.

    • real ness


  • what a lame

    That dancing fool sure was talking about ri ri. Him and his nut lickers can try to say he was talking about kat stacks all they want. The bet awards got real wack when he got on stage and couldn’t utter a word.

    • LOL

      LOL so true

  • Yvonne

    The plot thickens via twitter… lol 100% silk & satin pillowcases, hair wraps & more…

  • 504_GV

    If Kat Stacks lay a hand on CB. OFF WITH HER HEAD! 😉 This chick is crazy.

    I heard Takers was awesome though.


    It’s so funny how some people can sit up here and judge Chris Brown like their lives are so perfect, or they’re God. The man made a mistake, we all make mistakes. No one on this earth is perfect. He realized he was wrong and took the steps to get help so it wouldn’t happen again. Oh and FYI Charlie Sheen beat his wife and he still has his tv show, and the media didn’t dog him the way they dog chris.

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      nobody’s perfect but I’m pretty sure majority of the people on here wasn’t a convicted woman beater

  • wtf

    THIS IS A FAKE STORY — He said twitter got whack BEFORE she tweeted that — #FAIL.

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