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Chad “Negro Please You Kno’ Yo Name Is Johnson” Ochocinco isn’t fooling anybody with his “Reality Show” — not only was he not being real with the contestants about the women he was dating who weren’t part of the show — he also wasn’t being honest when it came to a certain contestant — Heather.

In our exclusive interview with Heather (whose real name is Halie) she told BOSSIP that the reports are true that Chad was hitting off Evelyn from “Basketball Wives” and Cheryl Burke from “Dancing With the Stars” with gifts, calls and messages when he was supposed to be devoted to ladies in the Vh1 house vying for his love and attention.

“Yes, I know he was talking to Cheryl when we were filming the show and sending her gifts, he also was sending stuff to Evelyn, from “Basketball Wives”” Halie confirms.

Halie also has major beef because Chad tried to play her out on TV and make her look confused when she said they’d met before and he’d tried to holler at her.

On the show, Chad pretended not to remember meeting Heather, and for the remainder of her time on the set, she was portrayed as being sensitive and emotional!

“In the first episode of the show I admitted to have met him before in the past in Miami, however, in the confession room he SWORE he never met me before, and tried to play me as a liar and confused on the show,” Halie told BOSSIP. “Now he is trying to holla at me again on the side, when on the show he really showed no black girls much love! He didn’t want to get to know me on the show, I hardly got a date, but now he wants to get to know me!”

Fortunately, Halie has proof that she wasn’t making it all up. Since leaving the show Ochocinco has made attempts to reconnect with Halie and even acknowledged that he knew her before the show. Check out his Twitter direct messages to her below:

Here are her responses:

Keep in mind these are not the first direct messages that Chad sent to Halie. His other attempts to holler are also documented:

We can’t blame him for trying!

Heather has been on the cover of SHOW magazine, BLACKMENS magazine, SMOOTH GIRL magazine and in several videos including Trey Songz ft Nicki Minaj ” Bottoms up” , Bobby V. ft Plies ” Phone number” Git Fresh “She Be Like” and Jeremih ft Luda “I like”.

While we had Halie on the phone, we made sure to ask her about the ugly rumors that have circulated since “Ultimate Catch” that she once slept with Carmelo Anthony for money!

“I heard that too,” Halie told us, “but there is no truth to that at all. I’ve never even met Carmelo Anthony.”

There you have it folks… This ish just keeps getting messier and messier.



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