Remembering September 11

- By Bossip Staff

In Memory Of The Victims Who Died Nine Years Ago On September 11, 2001. May We Never Forget.

Do you remember where you were on September 11th? The first time you heard the names Osama Bin Laden or Mohamed Atta? Do you care if a mosque is built on the land where the towers fell? Do you commemorate the day or treat it like any other? How can we best move on from the tragedy that happened?

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  • http://Www. Kait

    I hope they don’t build that near ground zero!! it’s like a slap in the face to America!

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!!

    I remember being at work also. I remember them calling all people in the conference room (who happened to be from NY) and told us we could leave work, go check on family members, etc.

    I also remember going home shortly afterward. I’m from Mount Vernon and I can’t describe the feelings I had walking down 4th avenue and seeing “have you seen so and so” posters all over the place.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!!


    I don’t think it’s a good idea to build a Mosque at ground zero. It’s like spitting on the graves and memories of all those innocent people that died so tragically.

    Just my opinion…..

  • kit

    This was truly a sad day for America, but I think it finally opened our eyes to the real world. Americans have been so self consumed for a long time, we didn’t care what was happening in other countries, or even what we were doing to other people. And why are so many people against building a mosque there? There is a church right across the street there!! This was not an attack from Muslims people! This was from crazy people who try to hide behind the Muslim faith.
    I’m a Christian first, as well as an American. Why are we feeding into the world’s belief of Self Consumed, Lazy, hateful Americans?? Why can’t we show love and respect for all cultures and religions?? Smh.
    Open your eyes people! I think everyone should have an opportunity to travel internationally, so their eyes can be opened too.

    Got to do Better!

    • don't ask

      Kit…educate yourself with parts of the Quran and you will learn that Islam is not this benign, peaceful religion that you seem to think it is.

  • don't ask

    9/11 was so sad. Americans should never forget. I don’t think it would be a good idea to build a Mosque or muslim rec center near ground zero. I will be a scalp in the extremists belt.

    • don't ask

      Oops…I meant it.

  • Sydney

    A mosque at ground zero shouldn’t even cross someone’s mind. Its like everybody here just wants to talk instead of being a man/woman of action. Radical muslims killed 3,000 people in one day, and we are still finding body parts of those victims, so no. And whoever brought this idea up is seriously having some issues


    No provocation but may Allah accepts all the victims.
    I ll pray for them and for every victims all over the world in Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Tibet, North Korea, Birmania……………….
    I’m Muslim and if i had the choice i ll said no for build a mosque here. But now that she is here people have to learn how to be open minded . I mean when a priest abuse a child nobody demostrate against a build of a church……..
    RIP to all them and above all the Firemen .

  • Jaye

    I had just moved to D.C on Sept.3 and I had just took my children to school and came home. I turned on the television to the today sho and saw the tower burning. I didn’t understand what was going on nor could grasp it until I saw on live television the second plane that hit the other tower. I screamed! These people are on a level of evil we will never understand! I thik of the people that were jumping from the buildings and I crine to this dat wondering how a person has to decide to burn to death or jump to thier death. BIN LADEN IS THE DEVIL and may God try to have mercy on his soul!

  • http://deleted white male


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