Where Is Kim Porter??? She’s Seen On The Scene Along With Some Other Hollyweirdian Folks

- By Bossip Staff

Kim Porter, Amber Rose, Chris Breezy, Reggie Bush, and a gang of other celebs were spotted on the streets of Hollyweird and NYC this weekend.

Johnny Gill was out stuntin in Hollyweird as well with his man boob game in full effect…


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  • pooperscooper

    has Kim always been that dark? I never knew she was that dark. I think her skin is gorgeous

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!

      The darker the berry the sweeter the juice…lol

  • nana

    Dang kim you are showing too much teeth! But her body is amazing tho.. Face not so much

  • nana

    Johnny gill where is Eddie? U left him home all alone by himself?? Oh lordy!

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Why doesn’t he button that shirt up?!

  • baybaybay

    Kim looks great for a woman her age with four children and all the stress from Diddy not bad Kim.

    • Sha

      Good Point.

    • kalifa

      she looks amazing for a woman who has to deal with a man like diddy

    • Hazelnut

      Kim is lovely, but she doesn’t “have” to deal with Diddy. They have children together – no marriage – visitation and child support are all that binds them. She chooses to wait for him on the sidelines while he dates whomever he wishes. Kim should have found someone else years ago, but she is holding out for the “ultimate” paycheck – being Mrs. Combs.

    • BE TRUE !!!!!!!


  • http://lakers.com Toya

    LMFAO @ NaNa

  • VirgoJewel

    Not a particularly flattering picture of Kim Porter….. She’s a very pretty woman.

    Johnny Gills got side boob action going on in his shirt. LOL

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    How is kim so thin with such loose skin? She’s skinny and jiggly.

  • cris

    Damn Kim….thats a face only a mother would love

    • okaay

      I co-sign. she is not the most attractive women out there sorry! yuck! and she has low self esteem

  • shaun

    Kim is skinny with strech marks on ther thighs…

  • Dark N Luvly

    I’ve seen skinny women with stretch marks before. Especially if they have children. It’s really not uncommon.

  • hotfox220

    Kim look Sweaty & dusty!! ugh!!

  • Eye

    Kim look like she was hit with a frying pan. I use to think she was pretty but now, keep the shades on girl.

    • that damn sh#$ disturber

      lmfao. looks like it lolol…

  • Mrs. Rance

    I’m sure Kim is just as gorgeous as people say she is. I just think she’s not very photogenic.

  • http://sherinethegirl.blogspot.com/ Confessions of a Confused City Girl

    KIM is such a pretty woman… Jonnie neds to either buy a bra or button up his shirt… i say both lol

  • Kissy

    oh lawd jeezus…Johnny please close that button… is that a boobie??!!

  • bouyant

    my my my, look at johnnys man boobs. yuck!

  • Truth-is-Truth

    I guess Johnnys man Eddie let him come out to play. Kim Porter is a grimmy bytch, how you gonna sell your oldest son to the highest bidder. Puffy tagged that azz. Please believe that shyt. It is all a part of her arrangement. This sistah sold her son to Diddy. She’s all about the money. She’s gonna burn in hell!!!

  • Read Between The Lines

    Kim is looking like a lil Pug Nose Dog in the face in that pic.
    And can someone tell me How Johnny Gill is making money in this economy with no job? Unless Eddie’s got him on the payroll or somethin’…

  • all that glitters...

    Beautiful smile and gorgeous figure but sorry, no way this woman is attractive.

  • http://derrifrancis Derri

    I love you Kim but why continue to go back to a dead beat that sleeps with his workers

  • casey

    I’m waiting for the day to see her with someone ona date.I remember when she use to wear her pomytails back when christain was born.

  • gabrielle

    nothing is wrong with her complexion at all it is actually beautiful . the prob with kim porter is her makeup artist and i agreewith the other poster who says she is prob really pretty in person not photo genic though. But , the body by any stretch is bangin. love to see black women in “shape” and proportionate

  • http://bossip.com too cute

    she looks so old now,skinny legs

  • piddy

    Kim Porter needs a head transplant ASAP!!! She looks like she was beaten in the face with an ugly stick.

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