Which One Would You Hit?? Target Trey Trey Or Target Tip

- By Bossip Staff

Passion Pain & Pleasure celebrated by Target & Trey Songz

Trey Songz and T.I. kicked in the A yesterday for Trey Trey’s Passion Pain & Pleasure deluxe launch wearing matching colored outfits. Ladies, if you had the option to choose between either one of these kind fellows…Which One Would You Hit???

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  • Panther

    Trey because T.I have been in too much trouble lately.I like my freedom


    TREY!!!! *bows head in shame…….

  • juliemango

    Ti then trey!!!

  • nuthinonme

    TIP!!!! I love a pretty thug….

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    Neither, as a slimmy, I need a man with a lil more meat on their bones. I’m feeling that burgundy Phillies cap. Go Phills!



    • unknown

      treys gay????!!!

  • Lovely Lady Lola

    Both, at the same time!!!

  • Its pretty simple

    Neither. T.I is married so he is out, and Trey is a ho and i’m scared i might catch something

  • lil sexy

    i have to say trey songz is my name t.i. is too little you could break dude in half i think i weigh 5 pounds more than him and i’m five feet two.

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    both…check out myhairparadise dot com for ways green teas can help your hair.

  • Vtalbert

    Trey is cute…. TI is fine too but he’s married but never wears his ring and they just got married what’s up with that

  • Cobey

    Of course Trey!

  • Danni

    I’m going with T.I. Trey is a little boy still… Plus he look like he take everything down… Don’t want to risk it with Trey! T.I.!!!!

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch


    Trey songz is gay


    T.I has a hairy azz crotch. I’ve seen a picture a while ago with him rubbing a shirt on his privates and he had a huge afro down there.

    Men expect females to shave, but men need to shave down there also. A huge bush on your dyck doesn’t look good, hell at least trim that shyt…smfh

  • honeychild23

    i love them both. lol. but im gonna have to say trey cuz i love his smile n his deep doe eyes. lol. no to t.i. cuz he doesnt even want his woman to work. what kinda man dont want a independent woman??

  • *Casanovette*

    Dayum, Cliff looks 5’5 in that pic, lol.

    I’ll go wit Tip on this one.

    They both are skinny but Tip’s swag says a lot to me.

  • ShawtyWhereYouAta

    Trey is Gay. And T.I. has low standards…. so NEITHER!!

  • ugh...again?!?!?

    There both cigarette slim…not my type, and trey has the zoolander lip pout all the time ,kinda awkward…but hey to eaches own ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cammi

    niether, both are ugly

  • Phacorah

    Tough one but I gotta go with Trey. T.I could get his ticket punched but not before Trey.

    Side bar to Trey: I hope you just like the company of pretty women and don’t break them all off. I want you around for a while.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ just saying.

  • Allie

    TI even though he’s been in a lot of trouble

  • unknown


  • Devotee

    Umm Im not into light skinned dudes so Trey by default

  • tamsin

    the one with an impeccable story with positivity about every thin i would SAY TRIGA TREY

  • Uhhhhh yeah ok

    TI”s pants make him look short? Trey could get it whenever…

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