*Bossip Exclusive* Bishop Eddie Long Stepping Down Sunday, Fourth Victim Steps Forward

- By Bossip Staff

Bishop Eddie Long’s problems are continuing to mount (pun intended)! While so far the number of plaintiffs who’ve filed civil complaints against New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and it’s leader currently stands at three four, BOSSIP sources tell us that number is rising and there’s only one logical thing for Bishop Eddie to do.

BOSSIP has learned from a well-placed source within the Church that AT LEAST 30 young men have contacted BJ Bernstein, the lawyer who filed the civil suit on behalf of Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson and Jamal Parris, and both Long and the Church are fearful more are coming.

Our source also tells us that Long had initially planned to step down from the Church today, however, with plans to address the congregation in this Sunday’s sermon it’s likely that he will announce his decision to take a reprieve from his duties when he is at the pulpit on Sunday.

An additional source familiar with Long and his practices at New Birth tells us that it’s a definite possibility that there could be at least that many plaintiffs, since Bishop Long selects new “Spiritual Sons” regularly and has been doing so for years!

*UPDATE* : A fourth young male member of Bishop Eddie Long’s megachurch is suing, claiming Long coerced him into a sexual relationship:

The lawsuit was filed by Spencer LeGrande, a member of New Birth Charlotte. New Birth Charlotte is a satellite church run by Long in Charlotte, N.C. The lawsuit said Long told LeGrande “I will be your dad” and invited the 17-year-old to journey to Kenya with him in July 2005. LeGrande said that Long gave him a sleeping pill on that trip and that the two engaged in sexual acts.

SMH. 30 man class action lawsuit — here we come!

Think maybe they should take “Missionary” out of the name of the church now?

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  • if anything be noble

    It’s sad all the way around… No winners here.

    • Spongetta Citronella

      Do u REALLY think Eddie Long is gona step down from a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR job?!

      He has NO degree, he has NO special skill, & he probably hasnt worked a 9-to-5 in over 25yrs!

      He would be like a fish outta water. A bird with no wings

      He is used to living lavishly. He is NOT gona step down without a fight.

      *In my Antoine Dodson voice*
      Believe Dat Homeboy!!!!!!!!!!

    • manhanttanMiniMe

      Eddie Long has a degree from a university in North Carolina. Maybe he should look for a job in New Zealand.

    • Spongetta Citronella

      @ manhattan,
      How much u wana bet he BOUGHT that degree.

  • http://okayplayer.com Binlahab

    He touched me as well, and I still feel the shame. But I’m stronger now!

    Praise the lord!



  • Lyter

    He is a perv and I’m sure there are many more heads of churches who are doing the same thing. Eddie Long Stroke just happened to get caught. See you later you turd burglar.

    • MS. H

      Lmao that turd burgler that was funny as hell.

    • aqueenwaits

      Eddie Long Stroke…….that ish is priceless!

      (I’m wiping the tears from laughter as I type…..good material man)



    • jj

      “Eddie Long Stroke” LOLOLOL

    • SMH


    • spikepine

      That’s too funny

    • Bopa

      TD Fakes(Jakes) has been officially put on notice. What grown burley mans plans his daughters wedding all the way down to picking her wedding dress? I’m sorry but that’s G.A.Y.

  • RedB0ne


  • sunflower

    I was undecided until now. Not because of the # of potential but because there will be no fight which means some credible evidence somewhere. I hope him and that church pay out of the wazoo. The people or person looking away is just as guilty.
    “Turd burglar” lmao

    • NewestObserver

      I was more convinced that this Bishop was on the DL after seeing those super gay pictures he posed for, snapped himself and after hearing gossip about him a few years ago chasing boys and being seen in public with too many young boys in the late night while in ATL, LOL.

    • Jay

      One of the plaintiffs said that members of the church who traveled with him new what was going on and said nothing. The whole thing is a mess.

  • http://facebook.com/enidwalton thunderkitty

    If he did this, my question is did he start off as a wolf in sheep’s clothing or if all the power he gained through the church turned him into one?! I know he had to have already been gay, but to take advantage of young boys in his congregation? Just sad! This goes to show that no matter what position you are in life, you’ve got to guard your soul!

    • Luvher501

      He was a fraud from the start. Black folks are to busy looking for someone to put on a pedestal they ignore the obvious. This was out in the gay community for a while but many to naive and stubborn to see it

    • NewestObserver

      @ thunderkitty

      Good comment! This fag was a fraud not only to the church, all his victims but to his wife as well! I do hope the wife is at her lawyers office right about not too because her marriage was a fraud for years too! Too bad she could not see this man for what he really was!

    • NewestObserver

      @Luvher501 9/24/10, 12:40:PM

      Good comment! This man was a fraud from Day 1 as you suggested! What a disgrace!

    • shediamond

      AMEN, AMEN

    • pittsburghxsky


      “I do hope the wife is at her lawyers office right about”

      Forget the lawyers office!! She needs to be at the doctors office!! I sure hope she doesn’t have an STD. Poor thing. And if she knew all along that he was (is) gay then shame on her.

    • Bopa

      I think sexual preditors are drawn to the power of the church. You hear about the allegations in the Catholic church but if you read the news and history it’s not just them. COGIC has a bad reputation for it along with other denominations and groups.


    No way. You dont say. Get outta here. lol.

    • Lynn

      I pray that all of you that are writing these ugly things about Bishop Long say a pray for him and shut up!!!

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    He know he is the cause for so many homo’s in ATL

    • NewestObserver

      I agree and that is probably the reason why more have been coming forward to suit this FRAUDULENT criminal!

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    he BOINKED them lil boys in they booty

    • NewestObserver

      Ugh… let’s not be so silly!!!!! Those young boys were innocent and needed guidance so they probably thought if they went to him a (so-called ordained Bishop) they would be in safe hands. They trusted him and so forth and he did nothing more but took advantage of all of those young boys only to satisfy his own sexual cravings!


    I thought I read that those were grown men he was sleeping with.

    • spikepine

      15 years old might be the age of consent in Georgia, but you have not reached adulthood at 15.

  • Bootylish

    Hide ya kids, where r those cops who like shoving plungers in butts?

  • Shades Of You

    Hooooooooooooooney! these kids! Its a wrap for that sissified bishop!

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    He is nothing more than a homosexual criminal..Leading people to hell

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Like seriously to many “men of GOD” walk around preaching against homosexuality yet they the main 1s BOINKING dudes in they booty

  • mekamac

    these punks are really getting carried away, all these lies on the bishop makes no sense, i could never lie on a man of god all for money, now all of sudden everybody got a lawsuit, they are going to hell for doing the bishop like this!

    • Chitowninthehouse

      When you find out they’re NOT LYING..then what? Check yourself

    • Luvher501

      FYI…when the number of boys goes to 30 and counting the likely hood that all are lying is slim to none………your taking your anger out on the wrong people..how about you look at the “great” bishop for what he really is

    • Mary

      So if it’s true, then where so you suppose Bishop will be going?? Like above said, check yourself!

    • nitestick

      you could never lie, so I guess you would hold them cheeks open for the Bishop HUH, OH! in the name of the lord only of course.

    • Nash

      @Mekamac- Believe in the word, not man. God will never fail you but man will. Real talk

    • Woozy

      Typical. Judging the victim. Had it been one of your kin, would u be saying the same thing? Eddie Long is only a man. He is NOT God!

    • stacey

      The Bible says that in the last days, people would “worship the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever and ever. Amen.” You are a perfect example of this. Long is NOT to be worshiped. Jesus says that “if I be lifted up, I WILL DRAW ALL MEN UNTO ME.” Jesus will come back and some of these churches won’t lose a single member and they’ll be shouting if he comes on a Sunday and never know he showed up.

    • TRUTH

      You won’t need a plate because the time will SOON COME when you will have all the EGG ON YOUR FACE. Face the truth no matter how ugly. Stop following blindly.
      This man is INAPPROPRIATE at best and CRIMINAL at worst. Stop covering for him. Take the word that touched your heart and release the MAN who delivered it. Stop being NAIVE.

    • bria

      How do you know they are lying. God is taking his name back from all of these prosperity preachers. He is getting ready to bust the door open on all of their foollishness done in his name.

    • AGW2010

      Didn’t you see the pictures of Bishop Long in the muscle shirts. That was proof enough of his homosexuality to me. I wouldn’t care if he was sleeping with men over 18 years of age, but he targeted kids and that is unforgivable.

    • Oracle

      Haven’t you heard this: If you play with a PUPPY, eventually, the PUPPY will bite you. Bishop where were your witnesses when these things were suppose to be going on? At all times, people whenever you are meeting with someone, there should be someone with you as a witness to vouch for all things going on. Why would a group of WARPED MINDED PERSONS get together and tell lies on a Wealthy Bishop, mainly, to see how much of the Bishop’s MONEY that they can get. In this case, NONE! These persons are LYING!

    • http://www.tonihickman.com thicks

      I don’t think they are lying..they are bringing out a truth that is long overdue.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    He aint nuttin but a crook

  • Husseinn lied

    Black churches are an abomination to the Church. These “preachers” are wearing 5grand suits and driving bentleys….THEN to top it all off they preach blk power and white hatred…….I NEVER ONCE HEARD MY PRIEST EVER SAY ISH ABOUT BLKS OR ANY OTHER RACE!!!! Now my priest is an African, A REAL AFRICAN!!! NOT you so-called African-Americans when ish isn’t African about you guys!!!!

    • YeahYeahWhatever

      Shut the hell up!!!! If you’re in America I hope your damn green card gets revoked, and you’re sent back to Africa. Our culture may not be like that of an African, but African is encoded in our DNA. Don’t get mad at us because you missed the boat. Don’t come on here disrespecting my people, you devil.

    • PrettyTony_IsWhat_TheyCallMe

      Nooo. The church is an abomination to the church. If the bishop is guilty, he’s only doing what your church leaders have been doing for centuries. Black churches are merely copycats. As far as your African comment…..his ancestors sold the strongest and smartest of the continent. Maybe that’s the reason why Africa is in such disarray now and they are dying(literally) to get over here.

    • DickndaButtRicky

      Go home Soddomy

    • chitowninthehouse

      @yeah yeah—CO SIGN!!

  • purple love

    Close that church down like what’s the point of it now its just one huge disappointment N u can bet he wasn’t the only 1 also I love the ppl who say these young men are lying but when it was on catholic priests everybody immediately believed

    • Cammie Jay


  • myHusbandMonitorsMyInternetActivity

    This is the reason I don’t go to anyone’s church

    • chi town

      You go to church to please God not man. Bishops job is to break down the Word and teach. What he does outside of Church is between him and God, but just like a mother or a CEO of a company when you have this title there are this u just don’t do. He thought his money could cover his sin.Don’t let this stop u from finding a church home there are still some great ones out there….as 4 Bishop this is a crying shame.

  • chaka1

    Yes. There is more to come. Anytime there is silence like this it means more trouble is about the surface.

  • Angel

    OMG!!! I’m just speechless. Well…that’s a sign of guilt since he’s stepping down. He’s not even putting up a fight. The Booty Bandit is stepping down.


    UGH! Gotdamn! 33 and counting! What is this fascination with dude’s booties??? I don’t even wanna deal with my own booty. Pastor must have a strong stomach.

    Dude was addicted to crack. Halleluyerrrr!

    • salakatae

      Not even your own booty! LOL

  • Truth be told

    Why would he step down if these allegations were not true? If they are not true tell the congregation that and if they want to leave, let them leave. Deshawn probably still goes there and pays her $15,000 “tithes” to long anyway.

    • Truth be told

      I also question his lawyer after the Tom Joyner Morning show yesterday. Even Tom and the crew said the lawyer didn’t make it better. Allow the man to SPEAK!

    • DickndaButtRicky

      …and you know they checkin the tax returns. Hide your man-child and wallets.

  • Church goer

    30people this is a scam n people r falling rite into it this is a case of revenge i hope n pray he doesnt settle this has gotten out of control bishop long if youre listening fast and pray and continue doing gods will he does not give us the spirit of fear do not allow this situation to weaken your faith in god

    • stacey

      You’ve heard the complaints. You’ve seen those zesty pictures of him. You’ve heard the list of evidence. As an attorney, I can tell you that those boys’ attorney released the “mildest” pictures of him that they had. Long KNOWS that there are other pictures much worse.

      You keep on worshipping this man who is made of flesh like all of us and d@mn your soul to hell. Take your focus off of him and place your focus, love, adoration, and trust in the LORD.

      He’s not the only one. The denomination he is a part of, Full Gospel Baptist, was founded by Paul Morton, a man who I know from living in south Louisiana is zesty as a mutha. Anyone who wants to be a part of his clique has to engage in the same types of behavior. TD Jakes, Noel Jones, Kenneth Ulmer, you name it, they are all GAY.

      When white folks have someone do this, they have no pity for them. Look at Swaggart, Ted Haggert, the Bakers. They don’t go easy on their own. Why should we?

    • thetruthaccordingto...

      she “wasn’t”

    • Ron

      I do feel for all the people who do believe and OBEY the gospel of J-sus, but before we all be ready to forgive the bishop, let’s get one thing straight, he has brought tremendous shame to the house of G-d. J-sus did say this about his followers “You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its savor it good for nothing but to be trampled under the foot of men.” If the bishop is guilty he should apologize to the men he harmed , to the church, his wife and have that demon of lust cast out of him.AND suspend his ministry, he is no longer credible. Just like the L-ord said.

  • i see

    I see so many people talking so much hate toward this man if he did this he will pay , but the truth be told this man helped a lot of people through his preaching now his time has came to a shamful end . Even god use the wicked to do his works sometime think about.

    • Mary

      Did it ever occur to you that God has exposed him for the person he really is? God will not be made a fool of!

    • Stina

      My dear, all con artists do good works. That’s how they fool people and have the people run around singing their praises while they do their dirt.

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