Seen On The Scene: Little Willow Smith Still Stuntin In Milan

- By Bossip Staff

Willow Smith is certainly making her rounds in Italy for Milan’s Fashion Week! Here she is hobnobbing with her momdukes, Naomi Campbell, and her billionaire boytoy Vlad at the Dolce & Gabbana show and VIP Room.

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  • tea

    jada looks good. I’m feeling the ‘jacket off the shoulders look’..
    and willow sure did get her daddy’s features.. Especially those ears. But they look exra big cuz her head is so smalll.
    awww poor baby.

    • the truth is.....

      i know she a chile but po thang look like a little alien but a cute alien. and yeah she look like her daddy. somebody mentioned the other day that the son look more like a girl then willow. but im sure as she gets older her looks will change

  • WOW

    Its great that Willow has the opportunity to be exposed to so many interesting,creative and famous people in the entertainment industry, However, shes only nine and maybe exposed to too much too soon. Hopefully theyre exposing her to academics just as much.

    • Whatev

      They’re not. Willow said she felt embarras*sed around her friends her age because she is so behind them in math and school. Will & Jada are cheating her. What if she wants to be a doctor, or any career outside of entertainment. She will be sorely unequipped!

  • nowornever

    that chile looks elderly.

  • Sugar

    The best dressed person in this set of pictures is Naomi’s boyfriend. I’m not sure about Willow’s outfit but I think she is adorable and I like her hairstyle.

  • Sha

    I think Willow is going to be ok…look on the bright side we haven’t heard any more Adventures of Will and Jada Sexapades in months!!! 😛

  • ImJustSayin

    She is cute. I just hope she stays away from drugs and crap.

  • Miss Sophisticate (My Opinion Matters)

    I think it’s ridiculous how they have this little 9 year old girl shoved into the spotlight as if this is something she is supposed to be doing.

    She is a child living her life in the adult world and her parents who are idiots and followers with no independent thinking of their own are just shoving their agenda down her throats, than people wonder why these kids grow up to become addicts.

    The Smiths if you are reading this stop with the BS. you are not as important as you think you and every child deserves a chance at life.


    you do have a point!

  • sunflower

    I never see her “eyes smile.”

    • HAHAHA!

      I agree! why should she when shes probably used to having everything that she wants. Not challenged. Probably never having to work hard for anything. REAL TALK!

    • Whatev

      Yep, and her “music” and “look” is manufactured too. Real artists and great work comes from living life, and finding your own way.

  • understandingoverignorance

    What a beautiful black family. For that hater who called Willow a cute alien come on you probably look like a monster commenting on a child looks

  • 7lady

    Yall see Naomi holding on to her boyfriends thigh while he and Jada are speaking? Old crazy heffa…im surprised she aint throw her cell phone at her. Jada hollyweird azz don’t want him she got her own baller. Anyways she would check for Naomi before him. From what I hear.

  • if anybody be noble

    Can the next pic I see of this child be in somebody’s school?

  • I See Phonies from a Mile Away

    She gives me Rhianna for some reason but Jada looks like she will bust her up if needed,

  • Deb

    She is the ka-yewtest of the cute.

  • http://Google Let Me Decide

    Naomi made a nice chunk modeling and having a billionaire boyfriend is always a plus, so tell me why is she still bald headed like a typical hoodrat. Vlad could pay somebody to come up with a special growth oil or something to rub on that nappy dome.

  • Me003

    Willow needs to be in school working on her math. Jada and Will you two are wrong for this. Please do something to this baby hair she looks a mess –

  • unknown

    IDC what ANYONE says !!
    that little girl got swaaaggggg!!

  • cali*s finest

    Naomis man is FINE! 😉

  • maru-chan

    You know! I was just thinking ‘Daaaamn, Fashion Week? For real? Pssssh, gon’ girl’

  • maru-chan

    #1 Hater right here. You’re doing a great job.

  • Jada Big n Round New Cheekbones Took The Oath

    I smell a name change on the horizon

  • thatarmychick

    Really? Don’t go to school, but go to fashion week? That’s what wrong with parents today, bring out the wrong ideas. Her little a$$ should be learning something besides Dolce & Gabbana. Heck, can she spell it?

  • Truth-is-Truth

    Jada & Will are heavy into the occult. Big black boule supporters.

  • Truth-is-Truth

    Willow looks just like that little fish that Will played in “Shark Tale”.

  • rene

    Your comments are my favorite.
    Willow has pretty eyes are they green? She has not finished growing so her ears will look better in a couple of years. Having a strong Mother she will be more mature for her age. I pray as well she has the right people in her life, I think her Mom and Dad are caring people.

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