Lawyer Agrees With Dwyane Wade, Says Siohvaughn’s A Nutcase

- By Bossip Staff

All those divorce proceeding antics are starting to catch up to Siohvaughn Wade. Taking a cue from D-Wade’s custody petition, the lawyer appointed to represent the two junior Wades is asking that Siohvaughn’s mental state be evaluated.

According to TMZ reports:

Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife needs a checkup from the neck up … according to the attorney appointed to look out for the former couple’s kids during their ongoing child custody trial.

According to new documents filed in Chicago — and obtained by TMZ — the attorney, Lester L. Barclay claims, “There is a question as to the mental condition and violent tendencies” of Siohvaughn Wade.

In the filing, Barclay claims Siohvaughn’s own testimony has revealed a history of extreme violence — and he believes she has “homicidal” and “suicidal” tendencies.

Bottom line … Barclay is asking the court to force Siohvaughn to undergo a psychiatric evaluation with a court-approved psychiatrist — and he wants their two kids to stay with Dwyane while the trial continues.

All this because you tried to fight for a man who didn’t want you, instead of gracefully bowing out with a fat alimony check.

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  • jim jones jr JR


  • jim jones jr JR


  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    hahahaha I hope she gets sent on her way with nothing….

  • Human Racist

    she looks like a softer version of Lyte…

  • Mak

    Don’t know if she’s a nutcase or a woman scorned. She and her family did a lot of D-Wade and not he’s off humping little Gabby

    • thebeast1123

      This broad ain’t innocent she took D Wade’s money, and bought a “getting in” condo spot for her, and this cat from the Chi. She gave the dude D Wade’s money to move down, and everything. She was leaving them kids with her friends while she was getting broke down by this thug cat. Then she lied, and blamed D Wade for her STD that the same dude from the Chitown gave her.

  • eddie long

    MC LYTE?

  • sportstalk23

    Ok if she is nuts was she batshyt crazy the whole time or did she suddenly become crazy and if so who drove her nuts just a thought

    • shut the fu*ck up


  • MyReason

    That’s what she gets for going back and forth on her story and lying on him about the kids and STDs. And all of y’all was callin poor little helpless Gabby Union a homewrecker..shame on y’all!!!! LOL

    • neen-o

      Gabby IS a homewrecker… true the home was jacked up from start, but she squeezed her self on in and put the nail on the coffin.. big FAIL on her part. (what does she expect him to do for her if he did his WIFE dirty?)… I’ll wait________________

  • Zaaquir

    This depends on when she actually started behaving like this. If she was behaving like this before she married him, then this speak a lot on D-Wade’s character for actually wifing her. However, if she started acting this way after this NBA player asked for a divorce,then I view her as a woman scorned. With that said, D-Wade needs to take some responsibility for the demise of the marriage and her mental state too.

    As for as the court appointed attorney, the court appointed an attorney for my cousin and he recommended for him to be with his father. The father molested him 2 years later. The welfare of the child is not always good in a court appointed attorney hands just as it is not always good for child services to take the child from a parent and put them in foster care.

    • p

      Oh Please…and your point is??????

  • Chitowninthehouse

    Divorce is difficult! Especially when you have been with someone ALL of your adult life. You don’t marry to divorce. She needs counseling to get through this difficult period and then she needs to have counseling with the children. ALSO it doesn’t help to see D-Wade and Gabby looking great in the media everyday…but she’ll be okay. Its just going to take her some time. My sympathies to everyone involved especially the children

    • Ms.Education

      thank you.

      I wonder how these people would feel if thier husbands left them for someone else. and then flaunted their relationship with the other woman off for everyone to see. They wouldn’t be so stable either.

    • LEB

      2Chitowninthehouse & Ms.Education I agree with you both!

    • lovely sister

      how would you have felt if your wife have been cheating on you and transmitted std from another man?! seriously women i know you hate black men but this about this woman not dwade!

  • EZRawlins

    Dude, what is your problem? How come a blurb about ONE WOMAN – who in all likelihood is a scorned woman (hence the behavior) – is reason to castigate 90% of Black women? Are the articles about Eddie Long sufficient proof that 90% of all Black men are _______? You’ve got some serious issues, dude. If you’re Black then I pray for you and all the Black women you encounter, ’cause with the madness that’s inside YOUR head…

    Of course if you’re a non-Black (jury’s still out), then your dumb-@ss comments can be dismissed as the expressed frustrations of a bigot.

  • Just_Us_Dos


  • Marquis de Sade


    😆 Ya’ see, there you again singlin’ me out as if I’m the SOLE shinin’ beacon of misogyny in a sea of misogynistic sentiment…Btw, I noticed that a lil’ over a week ago you had a chance to go hard against DA HONEST TRUTH (as you do to moi), but in (typical) milquetoast form, you addressed her anti-blackmale comments with a non-confrontational tact, as opposed to your usual pugnacious response afforded to me? – If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that you’re bein’ sexist in how you meet out your gender-specific ire. – So in closin’, Princess, until you express the same outrage to my female counterpart offenders with the same enthusiasm as you do me , then kindly take a flyin’ f*ck, you FAGGIDLY DELISHUS MANGYNA! 😆

    Ps – Excuse the grammar and mis-spellings, but I’m currently respondin’ from my cell phone.

  • Bebe


    Thank you.
    Its sad but some people just let life make them incredibly bitter. SMH

  • Robin

    wow this should be erased !!!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    like your di*ck could please a jump off, a starter, or a punk kick

  • wtfever

    Its Amazing how you can marry a woman, love her, have kids, break up and be with another chick and all of a sudden your ex is crazy. She wasnt too crazy to keep his kids while he was travelling city to city balling. I dont like this. Mental Health is ignored too much in the black community. It happens, as a result of many things. God Bless Siohvaughn

    • lovely sister

      i knew siouvaughn and her family but on the real if you do not know her dont comment and act like its dwyanes fault siouvaugn cheated on dwyane and transmitted std thats a fact take a trip to chicago. most of you hate black men so much that you guys are blind

  • Jaye

    The only thing wrong with her is hurt and anger. i don’t blame her for feeling this way! You give this bastard your life and two kids. You was with this mutha f-er when he didn’t have shit. Now he off with somebody else. This why people like Betty Brodrick snap and kill their husbands and the ho!!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Dang, y’all actin’ as if the world was comin’ to an end! What’s transpirin’ is nothin’ more than a pro athlete upgradin’ to a younger and hotter model…Face it, this bytch has outlived its’ usefulness, and like so much trash, he’s just goin’ GREEN by recyclin’. 😆

  • Kenya

    Not suprised. Mashonda next if she don’t stop her craziness.



  • Fed Up

    She’s not crazy..she’s hurt! It hurts when you go through a divorce and your spouse goes on with life as if you never existed.

    In my case, I found out that the whole time we were married, he had another girl on the side who he later married after our divorce was final.

    Never had a clue that he had another relationship on the side. He came home every night, we traveled together all the time. So how he even had the time, I’ll never know. Don’t care to know. But that mess hurts when you really love someone and they just dismiss you. I wasn’t his girlfriend, I was his wife! Fortunately for me, I just gracefully bowed out, but I can see how this situation could make a person flip out! I have no respect for D Wade or his jump-off!

    • Chitowninthehouse

      I feel you FED UP and unless you have actually gone through a shouldn’t comment on this post because you truly don’t know how it feels…peace!

  • Marquis de Sade should be committed

    A prime example of how not taking your neurological medication can have long term affects.Bipolar disorder is a disease, we understand. No one blames you for the idiotic statements that you make. The only rational explanation for such dumb, lewd comments could only be your mental state.

  • jazzie91

    A black woman broke your heart huh? And now you scarred for life. Sad. LMAOOOO!! #FAIL

  • Mochagirl

    Okay people this is called “Life’s experiences”. It’s things like these makes us grow and mature as humans. So he moved on. This happens all the time the world over. It’s not the end of the world as we know it. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. NEXT!!!

    • Fed Up

      Obviously you have never been in a situation like this before. It’s always easier when your on the outside looking in telling someone how they should feel!

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