A Lil Positivity: Chilean Miners Sausage Fest Coming To An End!

- By Bossip Staff

Hallelujah! The rescue of 33 miners is underway, with eight men already seeing sunlight and breathing fresh air so far.

The process of extracting 33 miners from a Chilean mine, where they have been trapped for more than two months, is going better than expected, the nation’s health minister told reporters Wednesday.

“Things are going extraordinarily well so far,” said Health Minister Jaime Manalich.

The first group of miners brought up were the younger men, who could best relay information back to the surface and in case of emergency would have been able to activate levers to liberate the rescue capsule, he said. Those miners with health conditions were being brought up afterward, he said.

The rescue capsule has behaved well, Manalich said, and was not rotating as much as officials had feared, reducing the likelihood that the men would become dizzy while being brought up to the surface.

The speed with which the rescue capsule ascends is getting shorter, he said. It required some scheduled maintenance, which delayed the rescues for a while, but all was proceeding according to plan, he said.


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    ‘Sausage Fest’? Oh, my God – REALLY?

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    Sometimes being an a*shole for the sake of being an a*shole is so not the business.

  • Atl

    Thumbs Down @the title

    • Challenge

      I agree… there was really any need for that nonsense

  • Amber (@acm105)

    God is good

  • Simeon

    You guys are idiots. You couldn’t have come up with a better title?

  • http://www.soulmotion.co.uk/TammiTerrellPic.jpg JumpoFF

    That was not right…Y’all def wrong for that one.

  • yvonne

    God won again, shame on the devil

  • if anything be noble

    Cosign every word, Shawn of the Living.

  • koffybrown

    May God be with those miners and bless their families.

  • Bossipsucks

    Why would you choose this to be the title? I’m not visiting this website again. I’ve never seen any site be so continously ignorant.

  • lt

    God is Good!

  • https://bossip.com/295058/who-looked-more-bangin-kerry-washington-vs-lala-vazquez/ kmr1

    I’m glad! But “sausage fest”?
    WOW!:( That was really a poor choice of words.

  • p

    A– Holes!!!!

  • if anything be noble

    They’re now up to 17 miners rescued! They’re more than halfway there! Praise GOD!!!!!!!! May every day of their lives be richer and more meaningful because of this!!!!

  • CooCooKitty

    Congratulations !!!!! Many Blessings to all the miners and their loved ones.
    Now that said to the writer of “sausage fest” head line you should have pulled that “sausage” out your azz so you could have thought clearly abt. an appropriate headline. You damn fool.

  • mimi

    All these complaints and you still don’t have the decency to edit that title, huh?

    Your writers have a 4th grade mentality.

  • MuchAdoAboutNada

    What is racist about the term sausage fest? Sh*t is true. 33 dudes stuck together for two months! If someone actually got hurt then maybe y’all would have something to cry about but damn. This is something to celebrate and not get angry about.

  • carbaba

    @mrs rance you are just a good human being. i am very happy for them as well

  • if anything be noble

    *giggles at muchadoaboutnada*

  • Kelly

    Fail!!! SMDH

  • Lisa

    The last thing on anyone’s mind when thinking about a group of men being stuck underground for two months should be “sausage fest”. Just goes to show you how ignorant and insensitive these dumba$$e$ are.

  • jrzsfnt609

    first of all they didnt even mind being stuck down there, they were happy, each of them wanted to be the last to come out. Are u serious I would have been dying to get out that hell hole…fk that “Sausagefest” is freaking hilarious!!!

  • jrzsfnt609

    and what’s sad is they’re probably have their a**es back down there in a week or so..gotta feed the fam

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    […] the world was celebrating the rescue of the 33 miners trapped underground in Chile for two months, the nightmare was just beginning for a group of coal miners in China. And the media barely […]

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