BET’s Top 10 Rappers Of The 21st Century… Do You Agree Or DisAgree???

- By Bossip Staff

BET released a list of the Top 10 Rappers of the 21st Century, a list of rappers who have made the biggest impact in the past ten years. The panel consisted of:

Jermaine Dupri (Producer – ATL) * Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur ( * Boy 1da (Producer) * DJ Diamond Kuts (Power 99 FM – Philadelphia) * DJ Greg Street (V103 – ATL) * Tony Neal (CEO, Core DJs) * DJ Timbuck2 (107.5 WGCI – Chicago) * Chloe Hilliard (Managing Editor/Social Media Manager, Vibe Magazine – NYC) * DJ Vlad ( – NYC) * and this what they can up with:

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  • nana

    Yep I agree till J.D said Nelly shouldve been on! And why the hell is ma Man Styles P not on?? But I agree wit the list a lil bit

    • GQJoe

      Yea, Even Jay said “nobody’s moving units like Em, Pimp Juice, & us.” The question is why isn’t “Pimp Juice” on the list.


      Ok this is some bull i can’t see Nelly not being on this list but put rick ross, jeezy and drake ya’ll might as well put 50 tyson on it i ain’t gonna lie man lol but on the real im from the
      Fresh Coast and it seems lik we always get hated on, i don’t really lik this ni**a that much but the fact u couldn’t put GAME on the list is some bull we the most over looked but the most looked at real talk, i don’t lik or wear them but skinny jeans “Fresh Coast” vans “Fresh Coast” side shows “Fresh Coast” and blood&crip gangs “Fresh Coast” just to say a few things and there is alot more yeah dat its lik every body wanta b a west coast ni**a but nobody wanta b a west coast ni**a yakno, NI**AS NEED TO RESEPCONIZE WHAT THE FRESH COAST BRINGS TO THIS GAME YEAH DAT

    • oh no!

      Eminem is the greatest rapper(om some list-greatest of all time) just like Elvis was the greatest RocknRoll/Blues singer. (this is BS to me) However, White ppl support their own. Every other group gets that except Black Folks. Robin Thick the only traditional R&B singer able to move units & sing that type of r&b. Now they looking for a Bad White Chick to take Beyonce place & the HipHop/R&B game is going go the same way Rock, Blues, Swing & Jazz went-WHITE.


      Em is my favorite rapper, but I think him and Wayne should trade places on this list. Ross shouldn’t be on here and Drake shouldn’t be on her YET. Everything else seem alright to me, Jay isn’t on here cuz of the time issue but yea he’s clearly earned his BEST RAPPER ALIVE title, we kno. Quit hatin on Em, the dude is a beast at what he does.

    • JOutterbridge


      Jay-Z and Nelly were the greatest things other than T.I. 5 years ago.

    • mbmjazz

      Why the Hell is JaY Z not on the list? He should be #1

  • nana

    Oh yeah and @Hannibal stop talking stupid and reckless to get attention fool

  • Yaser Lad

    Errrrm. Eminem shouldn’t be first, and kanye should be higher. Wayne should be 1st, and Kanye 2nd. Teflon, 10th? Sorry his 3rd man.

    • Audacity of Dope

      You sound like someone who’s been listening to rap for only about ten years. Little Wayne has no lyrical content. Nothing he says is ever thought provoking or profound. Where is his “Stan”? Where is his “Mockingbird”? Gimme a break. Kids these days are like possums. Show them something shiny and they freeze right on the spot. I do agree that Kanye should have been higher on the list though.

  • ka$H

    jay z not on this list makes it laughale…..niccahs have short memories….

    • Cocobaby

      Of course they used the title of the 21st century to leave the great one off. But they played themselves because all these rappers on the list have been influenced by him so really he is number one without being on the list. Plu

    • Double Standards

      Pls, thank GOD Camel was not on the list! He received the award last yr for the rapper of the 20th Century he didn’t deserve it then and doesn’t deserve it now. If anyone should be on the list its NAS!

    • imcafeaulait

      Hahahahaha! You r ABSOLUTELY right. Jigga has dropped some of the best verses/songs IN this decade, LOL… F*ck these wankstas talkin bout??? Ross? LOLOLOL… WTF part of the game is THIS bullshyte azz list?

  • http://bossip Pimp 4 A Day

    This is BS. There has to be a 3 album minimum to be considered relevant. How is drake on the list with only
    1 and half album?

    • Nikki88


    • jazzie91

      Because Drake is hot. He had three mixtapes out before he released his debut album. That’s why everyone was checking for him.

    • Danyelle1

      I agree. @ least two albums

  • nana

    @ka$h before u start talkin reckless its rappers who had albums out from 2000 and up! So jay and nas is excluded idiot

    • jb

      wrong its 1999 and eminem no disrespect i like dude but he debuted in 1996 1999 is still in 20th century i thought

  • nana

    @ka$h before u start talkin reckless its rappers who had albums out from 2000 and up! So jay and nas are excluded idiot

  • neosoleluva

    My top 10

    1. Nas/Jay Z
    2. Nas/Jay Z
    3. Lil Wayne
    4. Eminem
    5. Jadakiss
    6. Kanye
    7. Fabolous
    8. Mos Def

    • HERE WE GO


      I agree with everybody on your list

    • Allie

      Nas DEFINITELY should have been on the list, this list is pure bs

    • Dion

      nas/jay z would nt b 21st century they are great rappers but nt 21st century

    • Candid Canuck

      Black Thought, Rick Ross, JayZ , Eminem, Kanye, Talib Kweli, Little Wayne, Jadakiss, Beanie Siegel, Busta Rhymes, The Game

      put that in yall pipe and smoke it..

    • eman

      Take off lil wayne and kanye west and put in lupe fiasco and papoose and that list is good

  • nana

    Oh yeah and why is Drake higher than Rock ross??? Is this a RnB list or somethin?

  • Cocobaby

    T.I.,Kanye, Ricky Ross and Jeezy are the my favorites out of this bunch.

  • wtf

    why tha fuq mi girl NICKI MINAJ aint on the list

    • K.R0se

      kause shes whack, lol. nikki isn’t the best female MC that’s out right now, she doesn’t have the lyrical technique like the women that came before her, maybe if she was more lyrical than imagery she would of made it on the list. plus it was more aimed towards males anyway.

    • Daniele9730

      she doesnt have an album out yet so she cant b on the list. plus she really doesnt have any good lyrical content. i think kanye should be before lil wayne. but eminem was a good choice for number 1. they should do a top 10 greatest mcees of all time.

    • WTF

      you have to know how to rap to be on the list.

  • what_am_iDoing

    Actually Nelly cuda been on there instead of drake, uu cant put drake in a list w/the peeps frm 99-now…

  • Jfilzzle

    man that list is garbage. How you gonna have Drake, Rick Ross(who I like), Jadakiss and no Jay. What about Common.

  • what_am_iDoing

    & take rickross off and put in fab! ross still has plenty work to do !

    • HipHopHead

      Finally, thank you! I think Fabolous is one of the most underestimated and underrated MC’s out there. Yung’n has been doing it consistently and masterfully for a long time now. Recognize people!

  • wannabene

    @nana umm so ur sayin Jay-Z and NAS did not have a album out for the past 10 years really? Or was that a typo becuz I really hope so or that makes u the idiot

    • Cocobaby

      I agree she it has to be a typo. she cant be that unaware.

    • jazzie91


    • koffybrown

      Exactly,I thought they had albums out..As a matter of fact I know Nas & Jay Z both had albums…smdh.They should’ve let an average joe pick the top 10 list because they don’t know Sh*t. I think they were scared to put Nas & Jay on the list because they already know who was gonna be #1 lyrically I would’ve pick’d Nas.#2 Jay

    • HERE WE GO

      dont worry, its ok. i think nana is on a computer but its in a mental institution

    • Drea

      The criteria was you had to have released your first album or single AFTER 1999. That is why Jay and Nas aren’t on the list.

    • Tit4Tat

      There was a criteria for this particular selection. Their first album had to drop from 99+, which excluded Jay, Nas, Snoop and others. Drake is cool, but not seasoned enough to have been on this list. Nelly should have been on this list rather than Drake.

  • Rock

    No nas or jay?!!!? Cmon

    Drake that high!?!?

    Oh ya, for the record, Jadakiss is the most OVERRATED rapper of all time, period.

    Method man, black thought, and talib murder half these cats on the list.

    Look at Talibs catalog, it murders most cats

    • cali*s finest

      Exactly…no Talib or Andre 3 stacks!? CRAZY!

  • understandingoverignorance

    Why is Drake on this list….Rap Gods Biggie and 2Pac are laughing Drake who…He is more of an R&B singer than a rapper.

  • Wtf

    WTF the is all I can say. All I cAn say 50 cent should not be on this list. All he can do is try to start beef.

  • Blacqberry

    I’ve never listened to anything Rick Ross did. I think I heard something Young Jeezy did but I wasn’t impressed. I’m not a fan of Lil Wayne but he does belong on the list. JadaKiss check,
    TI check, Eminem check, Drake check.
    Where was Jay Z?

  • http://jimjim jimjim

    its artist who’s debut album came out from 99 to now.. thats why you don’t see jay, nas, common, etc..

    • Blacqberry

      Oh. Okay that makes sense.

    • binaryhex

      then why are lil wayne and em on the list?

  • http://bossip rex

    I definetly say Fab over Rick Ross. I cringe at 50’s position but if you look at it as a whole ok. So it was pretty much acurate.

  • what_am_iDoing

    THE LIST IS BIGGES IMPACT W/PPL WHO HAD ALBUMS THT DROPPD FRM 99 – NOW. Take off Ross put n Fab, take off Jada put in Nelly…Jada can spit but he DID NOT impact the game like nelly did in the 00s

    • http://bossip rex

      I agree with you 100%. After I commented i’m like wait no Nelly Mo !

  • what_am_iDoing

    @rex lol i know right. PPl dnt understand this list, and since its based off of impace they can scratch jeezy as well & put in Ja RUle, b/c ppl know he was having his in the early 00s whether they like it or not..

    • Double Standards

      That sounds real cute but 1 CD having DRAKE = IMPACT????

  • what_am_iDoing


  • heavenwings

    Tupac,Biggie,Jay-Z & Nas on this list just wouldn’t b fair…however they should remove TI,Eminem & especially jadakiss wtf.

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