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Reason #7,879 why drugs are bad.

A 33-year-old man is sitting in a Ukrainian jail cell right now for chopping his boy up following a vodka and weed bender. This happened last month, but the story is too unreal not to revisit.

A drunk high on drugs who beheaded and gouged the heart out of his friend told police he thought he was killing a wild boar.

Vladimir Ketya, 33, drank vodka and smoked cannabis with two neighbours in the village of Ladan, Ukraine.

The three men dozed off to sleep but Nikolay Ogienko, 32, suddenly woke to see factory worker Ketya using a knife to sever the head of friend Oleg Kovalenko, 25.

He said: “I faced a scene from hell. I sobered up immediately when I saw him slicing off Oleg’s head.

When police arrived, he had also cut out Kovalenko’s liver and lungs.

Policeman Sergey Marinchenko said: “At first Ketya was silent when we arrested him, but then he said he had killed and dissected a wild boar.

“When the drugs wore off, he understood the terrible deed he had committed.”

He confessed immediately to the murder and now faces 15 years in jail.

SMH. Sounds to us like whoever rolled that blunt lied about it’s contents.




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