Poll: Is President Obama Solely To Blame For The GOP’s November 2nd Victory?

- By Bossip Staff

The November 2nd Midterm Elections were decidedly a bigger victory for Republicans than Democrats across the country. Many are pointing the finger at President Obama.

While the Democratic Party managed to hold on to a majority of Senate seats, a much larger percentage of the House of Representatives is now controlled by the GOP. And 10 sitting Democratic governors across the country will soon be replaced by Republicans.

Why such a drastic shift from the results that found the majority of the country supporting Democrats just two years ago?

Exit polls found Obama was a prime factor for GOP voters. Half told Associated Press pollsters Obama’s policies would hurt the country. That fear was driven by pocketbook distress, with 80% of voters saying they worry the economy could tank in the next year.

Representative John Boehner, who is expected to replace Nancy Pelosi as the next House Speaker translated those fears into words during his victory speech in Ohio last night.

“Across the country we are witnessing a repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of big government,” Boehner told cheering supporters.

“For far too long, Washington’s been doing what’s best for Washington, not what’s best for the American people.

We find a few faults in the mindset that President Obama, alone, is to blame for the way people across the country feel about the government in general.

For one, that “far too long” Boehner mentioned can’t possibly be the last two years, when the eight Republican-led years before that were not exactly a walk in the park. Secondly it’s hard to imagine that all of the people who stomped their feet and made sure their aggravation was heard in 2008 all made it out to the polls yesterday. So the 2010 elections can’t really be compared to the last and aren’t really an accurate representation of what will happen in two years.

So, is the country really as tired of President Obama as the Republican party is making it seem? And if so, are people right to feel like the President hasn’t delivered on his promise of change?

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  • Who gone check me Boo

    Ya’ll bout to back wayyyy up off of my president, first of all I’m giving the new house of reps til noon after entering office to fix er’thang that’s wrong. #getitdone.

    • http://alettertothepeople.blogspot.com/ Letter2Life



    • WTF

      If you couldn’t take 5minutes out your day yesterday to vote-shut the hell up complaining.

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    • Kissy

      I’m with you on tis comment!

    • Iyan

      If people would have got off their lazy azzes to vote we wouldn’t be in this mess. Now we get to look forward to a bunch of bickering within our government, while Osama is laughing and planning. I really don’t think people truly understand how important it was to vote. WE HAVE JUST PROVED EXACTLY HOW WEAK OUR COUNTRY REALLY IS. Other countries are sitting back, like dam, “they can’t even come together and and get their leaders right.” I’m so ill and disappointed.

  • 2dimplzs

    Obama was expected to get things done the same hour he was elected – didn’t yall know that??!!!! He’s two years in and the white folk’s love fest with him is OVA!! Just like they came together to get him in there (black folks included) they came together to get the Dems OUT and come 2012 they will work even harder to get him out of office. Please don’t tell me yall didn’t see this coming. SMH……..

    • Jaime

      I saw that it was coming, I was just hoping I was being overly sensative. I admit that I have a special affinty to him because he is a black man, and that is why I STARTED to support him. But the more I learned about him as a man, a leader, a politician I started to like him more.

    • E.C. from D.C.

      Didn’t expect him to do magic but still his first 2 yrs have been disappointing. Not surprised in this GOP victory.

  • -

    They just mad because our president is Black!You know them white people stick together!

    • lisa

      That’s so true, too bad black people don’t stick together. We can see that just from this site the way we go back and forth degrading each other.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    Anyone who blames Obama for this election cycle change is living with there head in the sand.

    I don’t know if white and black folks were smitten by the looks of Obama or what but electing a black man during a depression wasn’t going to magically make everything all better.

    Obama has done just about all a government official can do except cutting corporate tax to spur some private sector growth. He is a human being not a miracle worker.

    Republican or Democrat this mess will only get better once those in the private sector begin to spend…Oops the American dollar isn’t worth sh*it in the world any more and we have a ton of enemies

    • You Smell Me??

      Lets not forget that companies like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google all made RECORD PROFITS. Yet the economy is in a downturn. When companies can find ways to run a company with less people and turn a larger profit than ever before, what makes people think things will change overnight?

      The rich get richer, the poor get poorer

  • Mega

    Obama trying to raise taxes too damn much. I don’t care if he black or white. You make my life more expensive than it already is and I’m not feeling you. He also giving government too much control of our lives. I like LESS government involvement. They too damn shady for me. Police, politicians, I don’t give a what. They can all go sit down somewhere.

    • How come you can't think?

      Oh, so you’re making more than 250,000 a year? Wonderful!

  • izzo

    he/they keep blaming bush, but when the f*** are they gonna take responsibility? one year? two years? after his first AND ONLY term?

    We blamed bush, so when can we blame Obama? smh.

  • Hannibal


    • JANE DOE

      r u black or white?i see u on here talkin stupid sh-t all the time.

  • Human Racist

    I blame Oprah for this shi.t!!!


    Obama should have put more focus on the economy rather than healthcare but I can’t say he’s completely to blame for this mess, the Republicans blocked him from getting a lot of things done. I can’t believe people would be stupid enough to give control back to the same idiots who got us into this mess. I can’t wait to see how the GOP is going to f-u-k things up again.

  • white male

    Obama is a catastrophe and it has nothing to do with him being black.

  • white male

    Obama’s trip to India is costing America 200 million dollars a day.

    • tiny

      Former Presidents never traveled? He is the first President to go to India or out of the country huh?

    • RastaGuy

      That’s the thing with Repubs, they make these unsubstantiated claims and then they can’t back it up… how the Hell do you know that it’s costing 200 million per day… the white house refute this claim, Presidednt Clinton took the most expensive trip in Prsidential history and the entire trip cost about 50million, so how did you get this #? must be from Michelle Bauchman. you’re dump, just like most repubs, y’all don’t care about facts just what make you feel good.With that said, y’all talk about “Cutting taxes and Spending”, now just tell me 3 things you’re gonna cut, I’m still waiting on a Repub who can do that…y’all are just a waste of time.

    • white male

      lol u think i made it up? It’s all over the news everywhere

    • RastaGuy

      Please list these News outlets so I can check…oh, let me see…ummm, rush limbaugh show, Glen Beck or Just Fox News in general… I’m waiting

  • PSunny

    it really pisses me off when ppl complain about his performance, i mean really? its only been 2 yrs and i guess half of this nation expected him to fix the 8 yrs of destruction bush did in the first year. smh im telling you if palin is president and the tea party takes over, there will be an apocalypse! I got my shotgun ready!

    • tommykimon

      Nah we’ll just be put back on the back of the bus. For real scary thought.

  • don

    Obama claimed he was the candidate for “CHANGE”. Then he got in office and



  • Please

    Well Barack Obama’s presidency did a great thing for America. It forced a lot of people who wasn’t paying attention to start doing so.

    From what I see the people controlling America. Because it sure as hell isn’t Congress or the President. Its the families that own all the major corporations in America. These people are benefiting from America being broken. They don’t want it fixed.

    Most of these people are Republicans. If I were Barack Obama I wouldnt run again. I would sit out and force America to take a long hard look at the Republican party.

    They purposely kept the BS going because they knew they could use it against President Obama. An example of this would be the Republicans purposely holding up health care. It wasnt until after the Republicans found a way to kill the Govt plan open and (wrote a law) to raise health care insurance rates.

    It wasnt until they screwed us that Republicans allowed Health Care to go thru. They then blamed it on the Democrats?? WTF??

    I also find it funny how every Republican I know seems to have all of sudden forgotten that President Obama has spent most of his Presidency fixing the bull@hit left by G.Bush

    • Please

      Meant Govt Plan Option…instead of Open

  • Caramel Cat™

    Put it like this, I don’t think it’s fair to blame the president for anything until after he’s at least finished one term. I also tend to think that a balance of power is a good thing, so a republican congress could actually work in Obama’s favor long term (if he plays the dirty game), it worked out just fine for Clinton…

  • Shadowfinger

    Democrats not showing up to the polls like they needed to is the blame for this, as reflected in some of the comments here. Democrats seemed to have NO IDEA HOW IMPORTANT this election was. Redistricting ALONE was reason enough for Democrats to show up in droves.

  • Steupppppsssss

    racism at its finest…smh after they gave bush 8yrs to Fugg EVERYTHING up they want to give the new house of reps less that 24hrs to fix EVERYTHING. steuppppssss

  • chaka1

    This is rhetoric from the Republican and the Tea Party. Obama became president at once of the lowest points in American history. They want to blame their mess on Obama so everyone turns against him.

    The democratic party doesn’t care about black people until election time. Black people had no interest in voting this year. The momentum from 2008 was gone.

  • laurab

    ummmm the House was controlled by the Dems the last 2 years of the Bush admin….we are in a record deficit and Obama has done nothing but spend more of your hard earned money – and he is forcing you to buy health insurance whether you want it or not. But i guess ya’ll are ok with that based on the color of his skin.

    • daahlingnikki

      and conservatives continue to use white people because they know deep down that racism is in their hearts…all they have to do is pull out the scary black boogy man and white people are back on their side again…it works both ways…then they want to talk about failed economic policies and forcing healthcare down americans throat as examples…how about 2 wars and tax cuts for the rich not regulating banks and wall street…i wonder if there would be so much hate and disgust if john mccain and mama grizzly herself had won…he would’ve followed the same route as obama but somehow i don’t think white america would be shouting throw the bum out…

  • bigmeech

    white people want their country back thats why !

  • Candid Canuck

    its not the economy that’s destroying your country, its the blatant racism and the socioeconeomic issues as well as your citizenship laws which are based on ethini cleansing and racism. it all boils down to race in the US.. I dont blame anyone on this thread.

    Obama is a pioneer. Many other hopefully- should be following his footsteps. Dont let him be the only black that makes office.

    • RMEs

      Fix your own back yard before you speak on what’s wrong with the U.S. You know nothing.

  • Kem Wer

    I see these elections as a good thing. Let them drink their koolaid. Hard times for our people is no problem. They on the otherhand haven’t felt pain. They need to feel it. And feel it they will!!!

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Where is Bill Clinton when you need him? NutBush is a piece of shot… Obama has a lot of work to do and a lot working against him. GOD be with us all.

  • yvonne

    Folks expect change to happen within 2yrs, the man is not a magician, it took 8yrs to destroy the economy, its going to take yrs to fix it. Fck the teaparties.

    • laurab

      @yvonne – 8 years to destroy this country ? try 40 ! and fyi – the democrats were in control of the house during Bush’s admin. You people kill me. I bet very few of you have any clue about economics, u.s. history or even the Constitution. Most African-Americans vote Democrat but don’t have a clue why.

    • Oh Please...


      How many times are some of you going to say the Democrats were in charge of Congress during the Bush administration? The Democrats didn’t take control of Congress untill 2006 and were seated in 2007 so how could they have been part of the mess that was already going on the previous decades. The Republicans had 12 years control of Congress before the Democrats took control and 8 years of the Presidency. If you knew anything about economics you would know there wasn’t much they could have done to help cause the disaster of the past decade.

      With that said, BOTH parties have helped contribute to this over the last 30 years or so…but are you all now going to blame the Republicans now that they have control of Congress the way you blamed the Democrats?

  • http://leesenick@yahoo.com Effumofo's

    @izzo, @hannibal, @yousmellme, @white male, @laurab…..u mofo’s MUST be white. Bush and his dad eff’d up everything…Obama has to CLEAN UP ALL their mess, wtf!!!…Did u think in the two years that Obama has been in office he could clean up all the mess they created?…..come on…get a eff’n gripe on life and be fair….USMELLME….dumb azzez

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