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The November 2nd Midterm Elections were decidedly a bigger victory for Republicans than Democrats across the country. Many are pointing the finger at President Obama.

While the Democratic Party managed to hold on to a majority of Senate seats, a much larger percentage of the House of Representatives is now controlled by the GOP. And 10 sitting Democratic governors across the country will soon be replaced by Republicans.

Why such a drastic shift from the results that found the majority of the country supporting Democrats just two years ago?

Exit polls found Obama was a prime factor for GOP voters. Half told Associated Press pollsters Obama’s policies would hurt the country. That fear was driven by pocketbook distress, with 80% of voters saying they worry the economy could tank in the next year.

Representative John Boehner, who is expected to replace Nancy Pelosi as the next House Speaker translated those fears into words during his victory speech in Ohio last night.

“Across the country we are witnessing a repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of big government,” Boehner told cheering supporters.

“For far too long, Washington’s been doing what’s best for Washington, not what’s best for the American people.

We find a few faults in the mindset that President Obama, alone, is to blame for the way people across the country feel about the government in general.

For one, that “far too long” Boehner mentioned can’t possibly be the last two years, when the eight Republican-led years before that were not exactly a walk in the park. Secondly it’s hard to imagine that all of the people who stomped their feet and made sure their aggravation was heard in 2008 all made it out to the polls yesterday. So the 2010 elections can’t really be compared to the last and aren’t really an accurate representation of what will happen in two years.

So, is the country really as tired of President Obama as the Republican party is making it seem? And if so, are people right to feel like the President hasn’t delivered on his promise of change?


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