Poor RihRih! Pop Star Brings Her Sad Face, Snot And Tears To Head Of State Funeral

- By Bossip Staff

RihRih returned to Barbados for the funeral of Prime Minister David Thompson today. Awww her is so sad. RihRih is the Ambassador for Culture and Youth in Barbados, so she was very close with the late head of state. Poor Thang!

Are you feelin’ her funeral swag?

It was initially believed that Rihanna might not make it home for the sad event, so when she arrived at Kensignton Oval where the funeral was held she was met with applause from other funeral-goers.

That must’ve been a lil weird for her, to say the least.

R.I.P. Prime Minister Thompson


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  • Sugah sweet sweet sweet is ready for her close up

    All she was missing was one of those long cigarettes and white gloves the ones that reach the elbow since she wasn’t wearing her jacket and if you add a rare white tiger that would have equaled show the dead how you living!

    • MsCollierKeepsIt1Milli


  • M3@9@N

    Im lost wit tha comment above but dem pants baggy as fu.ck. Suprised she aint trip. Emo pants.

  • Dr Black

    Way to go RhiRhi, show your respect. Wow nana, even a a funeral you hating. Geesh. I am really getting scared for the black sisters in the US

  • Peppa

    @nana, you never cease to amaze me MOOSE FACE.


    Rhirhi is beautiful & I’m tired of some y’all triflin ho’s hatin’ on my girl. Yea talk smack if u wants too. Run up & get done up.


    Are folks that into celebrity they forget they honoring the life of a deceased person. Guess so.

  • M3@9@N

    @I aint got no weapon. Dat hard asz comment and dat soft asz blog name. Wtf.

    • ShadowQueen


  • Peppa

    @getreal.. It’s people like Moose Fotch nana who act this way. You have to expect that from ghetto fat black women who grew up in the projects, where they were left to fight off the project boys in the building from spray her daily with their *babies* until she grew to expect-detect and like it by the time she turned 16.

  • #teambreezy

    RIP to barbados pres.

    Speak the truth

    thats the best acting that she ever did

    = a #teambreezy member

  • Peppa

    Or fat stretch mark women like Psunny who was constantly used for her welfare check and food stamps by the local dirty boys in her slum apt complex. Always dissed her and left her for girls who looked like RhiRhi, and came back to give her compliments around the times she received her welfare check. goblins like Psunny and nana, will always hate us pretty girls. It’s a fact.

    • http:/www.myspace.com/camay6980 LeighAnne Boyd

      bwahahaaaaaa…that’s ish is funny!!!!!!

  • ShadowQueen

    Pants are an inch too long. The blouse is hot, and so are the shades and hat.

    I give her a thumbs up for the outfit.

  • Karmal

    Taking pictures at a funeral? Seems a bit disrespectful to me, but whatever…

  • Mrs. Rance

    R.I.P Prime Minister. It looks like everyone has forgotten the definition of paying respect, particularly the people who were rude enough to clap at a funeral.

  • Sukanya

    I guess so if you have a stylist which she does have, so technically she gets her style from her stylist. It’s not her own style.

  • Oh Well...

    how is it possible that she looks absolutely FLAWLESS even at a funeral??? damn…no wonder she has so many haters.

  • kay

    she looks great. love the top

  • R.I.P. PM

    This chic is as FAKE as that nappy weave in her head…damn shame!

  • SexyLady

    Actually that red hair is not FLAWLESS….its ATROCIOUS!!!

  • Please!

    She wasn’t even going to attend…she just went for the show and for publicity…she knew the cameras would be flashing…nothing she does is genuine.

    • dc stand up

      STFU! The late Prime Minister David Thompson was very fond of Rihanna. They both attended Combermere School and he was a huge fan of hers. Of course the girl would be emotional. Some of yall have no damn respect.

  • Only the strong will continue

    aaaaaannnnnnyways i can’t believe they applauded when she walked in? lol these celebs do have godlike status don’t they. at any rate RIP bro.

  • Sukanya

    @ Oh Well stop being so pathetic okay? “Hating” is when someone says she ugly and she’s a H O E. The”Truth” is when people know things and state the facts. More like a fact and a opinion, go back to elementary to learn the difference between them two.


    she was trying hard to squeeze out them tears but they werent comming !!!

  • Sukanya

    And @ dee, How are you going to call someone “pathetic when you are on here talking smack about something very off topic? People like you give me a great laughter because you all are so ignorant Lmao

    • dee

      And i would say it again yall trifling and pathetic.

  • DC

    No offense, but why she couldnt make it to her bestfriend wedding also?

  • Double Standards

    This B*tch right here…..and the ACADEMY AWARD goes to… *drum roll…Rihonald McDonald! Its funny that only after she was criticized to death did she decide to attend! At least aback the fake tears she had enough decency to wear a damn hat to cover up the menstral blood red cheap a*s wig!

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