Lord Be Praised, Reparations On The Way!!!!

- By Bossip Staff

After more that a decade of litigation and hearings, African-American farmers and American Indian land owners have won a settlement that entitles them to more than 4 billion dollars in restitution from government discrimination and profits never received.

Under legislation passed by the Senate on Friday, black farmers who claim discrimination at the hands of the Agriculture Department would receive almost $1.2 billion. American Indians who say they were swindled out of royalties by the Interior Department would split $3.4 billion. Both cases have languished for more than a decade, and plaintiffs say beneficiaries are dying off.

“Make this money/Take this money/Ain’t no way you can take this from me…” *does this dance*

President Barack Obama praised the Senate for finally passing the bill and urged the House to move forward on it. He said his administration is also working to resolve separate lawsuits filed against the department by Hispanic and female farmers…Lawmakers from both parties have said they support resolving the claims of discrimination and mistreatment by federal agencies. But the money has been caught up in a fight over spending and deficits. Republicans repeatedly objected to the settlements when they were added on to larger pieces of legislation. But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., satisfied conservative complaints by finding spending offsets to cover the cost.

*GASP* The Republicans were AGAINST this bill!?!? Surprise, surprise. Its good to see President Obama receiving credit for his good works since over the past few months people seem to want to tear him down.

The Obama administration has moved aggressively to resolve the discrimination cases after most of them spent a decade or longer in the courts. Last month, the Agriculture Department offered American Indian farmers who say they were denied farm loans a $680 million settlement.

Hopefully, some of this money that’s being dispensed will help these families and improve the local economies.


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    y’all so damn dumb. lol 🙂

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  • bigmeech

    props to him

  • MyReason

    Congrats to them..I hope the bill gets approved so they can get what they’re due. Forget 40 acres and mule, splittin 4 billion sounds so much better..has a nice ring to it!!

  • blake

    the pay out to each claimiant it amts to 50,000 a pc. i wish the black farmers would reconsider running to the cadillac dealership or blowing this money on foolishness. and w/ this settlement CREATE a black farmers co-op where they would invest in land acquistions, invest in farm machinery and investing in farms that will benefit our race. have an investment firm….. hello’ airel investments which would teach these men and put them on a path where they would never be depended on any one. the black farmers who were effected by this could run their own show. cattle,crops,etc. black farmers insurance co-ops all of thee above. because the way these folks [white folks] run the insurance scam on black folk where it is us who pays twice what our counterparts pay for the exact same insurance coverages….enough is enough its time farming organic crops are making big payoffs. crops of collard green farms. please don’t run through this money w/ ignorance because truth be told this settlement and the cash you settled for is peanuts. and its an insult. the gov’t paided them 9-11 folks big dollars ya’ll [black farmers]got scraps do business w/ foreign companies cause remember them. these are the same people who turned they backs on you and wouldn’t give you the time of day.cause true b told.ALL THEY WANTED WAS YOUR LAND. like the jews say black farmers “never again”. take this money invest it w/ black interest and don’t look back.

    • big time

      dam i that was deep!! i cosign every word!!

  • Lawd da Mercy

    Sure wish I was a swindled American Indian or Black Farmer…
    I could use a chunk of that change.

  • Starr B*tch

    F*ck Obama

    • Jess

      Wow. I have no problem with someone disagreeing with the president, but to say f him? God bless you and your hateful nature. There is NO reason to hate this man. How about you go to Washington, get you magic wand, wave that mug, and fix 8 years of crap in a day. God ahead….what’s that you say. You don’t do s**t you just talk it. Well shut the hell up!!!!!!!

  • kyle

    shout out to my Native American PPLS! we did it!

  • http://saved-miamac.blogspot.com/ miamac

    Lawdy be, I never thought I’d hear about reparations during my lifetime. Wow. Wow. This history ya’ll.

  • http://deleted Diamontez

    Everybody’s not getting money.By reparations every Native and African American should be given ‘reparations.’
    As it is stated here.And to add another thing- haven’t Indians been paid enough?Billions upon billions have been given out to them just for being Indian.I’m not a racist.But I’m more black than I am Indian or white.Just stating the truth.Which may hurt sometimes.

    • Native Girl

      Well I have never received any money just because I am Native American. So before you make a generalized commet like that be sure you know what you are talking about. Not all Native American’s receive money from the governement. If you have ever been to a reservation you might just change your mind. My grandparents live on the rez so I know, they still do not have electricity or running water.

  • Quilombo

    is he trying to get sniped?!?

  • maru-chan


    *shout out to all pima indians!

  • ugly_one

    Some of those farmers lost family land that was purchased by neighboring NON black farmers at rock bottom prices. Its funny how some might think this change will compensate for that humiliation and lost wealth. hmmm it took ten years to payout after it was found discrimination occured. this settlement , most likely will help them keep what they have not place them in a position for longterm gain. Some farmers died while waiting for our government to do the right thing. Sometimes it seems our issues are such a low priority

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    lol lol lmmaaoo

    where? lol lmaoo lol lollmaaoo lol

    I’m hurting here lol lmaaoo!! Reparations?!?!? lol lol lol

    I will wait on God 2 destroy America!

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