Antoine Dodson Spotted Attention Whoring It Up In “The D”

- By Bossip Staff

Antoine Dodson was seen in Detroit signing autographs and ish with his long flowing locks and lil Louis Vuitton bag swag in full effect.


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  • phyre

    Juwanna man

  • Nobody

    Damn he ugly! Put that top lip in boy!

  • Candy

    I wonder how much money he has now.Better be smart and in vest his money into something that will make him more money. Cant go back to the hood.

  • Jadonnie Ava Marie

    Damn he is ugly i swear he is the prime example of how you can become a celebrity for not really doing much

  • November 30

    Can someone please explain to me just exactly who this dude is?!

  • MissPerfect

    wtf is wrong with his face . . lol

  • Here to Share Knowledge...Not Argue With you

    Ok….What’s up with the lines???? Anyway, give this guy a break….he ain’t even 4 months up out the projects sleeping on his sister’s sofa…let him enjoy his life….let one of ya’ll win the lottery and see how you act….you will be going from Ucci to Gucci and LLV to Louis Vuitton…..

  • Hot Black Teens Blog

    Well, ummm….I like his hair. I ya’ll know damn well ya’ll would be getting ALL of your 15 minutes too. I know I would!!

  • GoAskCharlie

    Is he wearing make-up – foundation and eyeliner??
    Never seen such an ugly smile, I don’t understand why he has to show so much gummage?

  • nana

    Never seen such an ugly smile?? Too much Gummage??? Bwhahaahahahhaahahaahahahhahahahahaaa oh gosh I can’t I can’t! Lmaooo

    • GoAskCharlie

      Seriously Nana…why so much GUM??….the gum to teeth ratio is alot.

  • xclusive

    Ugh so Ugly

  • adulescentuluscarnifex

    Is this person famous now? A celebrity? Let me know so I can teach the kids how to become like him when they grow up. I guess it starts wih leaving your sister’s window up and waiting for fame and fortune to come climbing through…

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