Mama Kris Reveals The Truth About Kimmy Cakes And Gabriel Aubry

- By Bossip Staff

Kris Jenner got on her Tina Knowles sh*t and went right into rumor control mode yesterday after pics of Kimmy Cakes and Nahla’s daddy got the rumor mill spinning yesterday.

And we’re sad to say, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing that Halle vs. Kim K cat fight anytime soon. At least, from what Kris told “Lopez Tonight” audiences yesterday.

“You never know who you will find at a Lakers game…Gabriel Aubry, he’s so nice. He’s a friend of Kim’s…isn’t he hot? They’re not dating, they’re just friends.”

We still think the “friendly” chit chat between Kim and Gabriel looked a little too cozy.

Kris couldn’t let any drama in her family go down without getting some attention for herself. So, of course she found a way to make little baby Mason’s allergy scare about her.

“I was actually at a wedding shower on Friday night…I had my phone off for a couple of hours. As a grandmother or a mom you don’t want to look at your phone and see in the middle of the night missed call, missed call, missed call, missed call and they all said Scott Disick. I was like oh no, what’s going on? I called Scott and he goes ‘We’re at the hospital. Kourtney gave Mason just a little teeny weeny taste of peanut butter just to see if he liked it.’ The doctors by the way tell you to do that to introduce foods slowly and he is almost a year old and he had an allergic reaction.”

What would the world do without Kris Jenner to help us keep up with the Kardashians during the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” off season?

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  • BeMee Marlie

    Chile’ Whatever!! That’s all I’mma say on this attention seeking clan.

    • walsw

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  • Jeff

    THANK GOD! Gabriel I hope your smart enough to not downgrade from the most beautiful woman in the world to a bit*h who’d to anything to be on the cover of Us Weekly. He seems like somewhat of a douche anyhow. I bet Halle and Olivier are having some fun most definitely 😉

    • kalifa

      kim does not like white guys. Garbiel Aubrey is safe 🙂

  • wwwdevitainfinitycom

    ugh!!!! Kim again? talk about attention *$@

    • Lisa

      I know I don’t get why she is on this BLACK site. I doubt tmz talks about her as much. White people are ashamed of her while blacks praise her. Go figure

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    If your doctor didn’t specifically warn you that children under two don’t eat honey because of botulism, and peanut butter because of allergens and choking hazards…you need a new doctor. #thatisall

  • nana

    Lol ok!

    • asdAwf

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  • Give me a break

    I am sick of hearing about these kardashian tramps and their pimp, Kris. lol

  • It's Me

    The mom is just as dumb as her slu**y daughters.

  • Toy

    Thats what Mrs.10% better do clear that ish up! Love the Kardashians except Kourtney she is too damn stuck up.

  • nunya


  • chaka1

    Some of you missed the point of this. The Kardashians keep putting their business in the street. I didn’t care to know anything about any of this, but the Kardashians keep putting the headlines in the press (black press too) so you can’t get away from them.

    That’s why I have no shame in being a certified Kardashian HATER. I wear it proudly.


  • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

    who gives a damn… this freakin family is so wack, they have to put out every lil gd thing they do like its different from any other family out here! tiresome damn stupid azz family… Kris need to be taking care of Bruce and stay out of Kim’s wack azz business!

    • IKnowRite

      I totally agree with you!

      I can’t believe that somebody actually pays a bunch of overly made up clowns with more surgery than should be allowed on any human….a loser boyfriend who pretends to work…a bunch of grown*ss girls (cause they ain’t women) who have sold their soul for fame and fortune…a mother who ain’t taking care of her man….a husband who looks like a woman….a family that exploits any and everything in their lives just for MONEY…….is a pathetic sitcom.

  • CUT the BULLSH!T

    You’re speaking of Kim as if elasticity of her cooch hasn’t been stretched out to the extreme by countless athletes and rappers……puh-lease. I’m sure she’ll put a whole new kind of taste into his mouth.

  • King

    Why Not! Kim schooled Ben Affleck on the error of his ways and endorsed him dumping that SP!C hoe JLO, so yes, anything is possible.

  • angela

    Who cares! Of Course, Kim is not dating all of these randoms! And besides, Halle dumped him b/c he was broke..Kimmie dates dudes w/ deep wallets! Anyway, she just needs to stay the HELL away from REGGIE BUSH 4 the rest of the season! I need him focused! He is already dealing w/ this “Cowgirls” crap! SAINTS-TWO DAT!

  • http://u bklynlady

    The mama is the queen wh*re of the family! She stay pimpin Bruce ol punk azz..


    Kim is quite friendly with the opposite sex. Good to see she can maintain friendships without sex.

  • -

    He probably hitting that

  • BOONDOCKS Disiple

    Halle wasn’t black woman enough (no azz) for Gabriel Aubry, so he got himself an armenian woman. LOL!

    • me

      Reggie’s d**k was too small so Kim had to find a gorgeous White guy with a knockout body and a long his d**k don’t look like a piece of shyt like Reggie’s. LOL!

  • Inside we're all pink meat

    I heard a very wise and wealthy man sent her to Africa she came back with diamonds and now she has her own credit card for poor people. She’s a homanitarian!

  • Jasmine

    Where the brothas at defending this hoe?

  • Hoedashian

    I just saw she was in NY promoting Charmin toilet paper. That’s exactly what she should stick to doing cause she is a piece of SH*T!

  • Gigglgal215

    Why does everytime Kim has her pic taken with someone,she has to be F*#king them? Is she suppose to stay in the house?

  • me

    ur just mad she don’t want you apes anymore!
    of course she wants a WM over one of you–there’s no comparison!

  • BarGolf

    Hate her or not, she is putting money in her bank account.

    • chaka1

      She makes less than Snookie who is far less annoying.

  • chocolate joy

    looks to me like gabe is able to take all the beautiful women that black men want,i guess beyonce will be next.

    • Rob

      ????? If this cat can get Beyonce, I will send a 500 thousand dollar check to your house. Lame broads nowadays, always hating and talking down the black kings.

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