Update: Mother-Stabbing Actor Killed His Mom For ‘Not Accepting Jesus’?? One-Time Coulda Stopped Him???

- By Bossip Staff

We knew this dude was a nut job. But it turns out the story behind that two-bit f-list actor who stabbed his mom with some Freemason paraphernalia yesterday was way deeper than we thought.

Not only was dude trying to justify his nutso with the bible, the police actually could have saved his mama’s life, had they listened to his neighbors.

Convinced his church-going mom was possessed by Satan, a Scripture-spouting killer hacked her to death with a 3-foot sword as she knelt in their apartment, police sources said.

Deranged killer Michael Brea “told the doctors that he saw the Devil, and that the Devil was somehow in his mother,” a police source told the Daily News after the gruesome slaying.

Neighbors insisted the brutal killing of Yannick Brea early Tuesday occurred as police ignored their desperate demands to kick in the dying woman’s front door.

Yannick Brea, 55, was found kneeling – as if offering a final prayer – after she was butchered during her son’s demented diatribe about repentance, police said.

“Sinner! Sinner!” howled Michael Brea, a bit-part actor who once appeared on “Ugly Betty,” neighbors and police sources said. “You never accepted Jesus!”

The suspect, still in full “fire and brimstone” babble when carried out on a stretcher, was clutching his Bible and a Masonic ceremonial sword when cops busted into a bedroom, police sources said.

“He yelled, ‘The greatest architect in the universe!’ ” – a term sometimes used by Masons for God – while he was being taken away, said neighbor Sydney Clare, 15. “He looked crazy.”

Brea’s uncle said his nephew, 31, apparently took the ceremonial sword with him while leaving a Masons meeting late Monday night. A rattled Martial Brea said his nephew was typically a smart, quiet man.

“Something happened that made him do it,” the uncle told The News. “The Devil entered him.”

Almost as bad as the fact that this woman lost her life to her own child, is the fact that the people sworn to “serve and protect her” basically chose their lives over hers.

His poor mother must have been terrified, and the cops just stood a few feet away,” said Sydney’s brother, Gregory, one of several residents who vainly begged police to burst inside.

Neighbors said the cops stood outside the door for close to an hour – and even left the scene at one point – before finally entering.

They discovered the victim with multiple gashes to her head inside the blood-spattered bathroom.

Sydney, whose father owns the building, said his dad gave four cops permission to break down the front door.

“They just kept saying protocol this and protocol that,” Sydney added. “Now a woman’s dead who should be alive if only the police would have listened.”

Police received three 911 calls in four minutes after neighbors in the four-story Prospect Heights building heard Michael Brea’s high-decibel harangue and his mother’s shrieks for help.

“Her screams woke me up,” said one neighbor. “Screams I’ll never forget.”

When police arrived around 1:15 a.m., they met neighbors urging them to head inside – but opted to stay in the hallway despite the commotion.

“At one point, the mother opened the window and screamed, ‘Help, he’s going to kill me!’ ” said neighbor Andrea Natoli, 25. “I saw blood on the window sill. Blood all over it.”

Cops left but returned after yet another 911 call at 1:59 a.m., a police source said. They were greeted by a neighbor who persuaded cops to enter by pointing out a blood-smeared, second-floor window.

The neighbor said he first dialed 911 after hearing the mother screaming incoherently as the son shouted “broken Biblical verses.”

The victim’s family was outraged that cops didn’t enter immediately.

“To think my sister was inside, crying for her life, and the police that are supposed to be protecting her are standing at the door,” said Serge Mercel, the victim’s older brother. “It’s enough to make me sick.”

Later, Deputy Inspector Kim Royster, an NYPD spokeswoman, confirmed that the first officers to arrive backed out of the bloody scene and called ESU. “This was necessary protocol, because the person appeared dangerous to himself and the officers,” she said.

The victim was described as a hardworking, family-oriented Haitian immigrant who arrived in the U.S. 40 years ago. She was devoted to her twin sons, who shared her Brooklyn apartment.

Yannick Brea was a hotel worker who survived the 9/11 attacks, leaving her job at the World Trade Center Marriott before the twin towers collapsed, neighbors said.

Michael Brea had no prior arrests, and police had no record of any previous disturbances at the Brooklyn apartment.

This stories is so many levels of fawked up! And the poor twin, who now has to not only deal with this nonsense, but be in the world with his psycho brother’s face.


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  • marquis2sade

    this is one MORE reason for me NOT to believe in ANY kinda religion, nor ANY kinda god or whatever other shyt name they give it/him/her.


    • The Commenter Formerly Known as White Devil

      It does seem that crazy people babble on about the same stuff that religious people and conspiracy theorists talk about. It seems it is just a matter of how mentally unstable they are.

    • C Rob

      Marquis, this man’s poor actions is not an excuse to walk away from a relationship with the Lord. Jesus does save, not kill in his name.

      This killing was a deranged man acting stupidly, not any religious act.

    • asdAwf

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  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i cannot believe the cops stood out there and listened to that woman begging for her life. they should be held just as responsible as the killer. at what point do you throw protocol out the window and grown some nuts. you’ve got guns dammit use them!!!

  • Egg Nog gives you the shizz

    That is a disgrace. Having to live with your homicidal twins tainted face. He better avoid Halloween and horror films.

  • Peppa

    RIP Momma. And God be with the mentally Ill. Bless all of us.

  • http://www.twitter.com/xOladiiG Gaite

    wooow he was haitian? this just makes us look even worst now. COME ON SONN”

  • Mamamia

    This is straight crazy and sad! Protocal wth!!! So let me get this straight if it would have been a child in there or a baby then break down the door or let them stay inside? Because it was an adult protocal I dont get it! Totally confused as to way the police as mentioned by so many witnesses did nothing outside the damn door wth!

  • MissPerfect

    R.I.P to the mother such a shame ! & how you doing [wendy’s williams voice] to that sicko .. just throwing it out there that he was haitian so you already know how they get down ..well SOME of them

  • CooCooKitty


  • http://fabwtalk.blogspot.com fabwtalk

    R.I.P to the mom.

    Was the son of drugs?

    As for the “police”, they will break down a door for a bag of weed and say screw protocol but they will not break down the door for a woman crying for help! Once again this is why I can’t stand the NYPD and I am from NY.

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER

    Thats what happens when you worship the son and not the FATHER!

    Khristianity………..has failed blakk people since it was forced on you 450 yrs ago!

  • Somali Ninga

    Why the f–k were the police stalling? Honestly I believe this was a sick Masonic ritual.

  • Somali Ninga

    The NY Post said he was a member of the Freemasins and attend a meeting earlier that day.

  • Ellimac25

    I see those neighbors weren’t enraged enough to break down the door themselves. The police and everyone else in that building heard her beg for her life and no one did a thing for an Hour. Smh

    • God's Angel

      The police have guns, and take an oath to protect. So unless they could defend themselves against a sword, they shouldn’t have broken down the door. But the police should have.

  • Ellimac25

    And FYI if one twin is mentally ill there’s a 50% chance the other will be too… Food for thought. I’m not trying to disrespect the surviving son.

  • sportstalk23

    Typical NYPD they love bustin down doors for a barking dog and gunning down unarmed people,but when the lady is in there dying, then 5-0 wanna sit on their hands with that protocol BS

  • God's Angel

    Somebody slipped him a “mickey”…probably at that freemason meeting he went to.

  • Mabel

    Ppl who have any form of mental illness should not become connected with any religious or spiritual group.

    Those cops are completely useless, imagine having to depend if trouble knocks on your door..damn. Perhaps it’s a police conspiracy to have ppl of culture kill themselves off bit by bit.

  • rene

    NOT! and Stop Talking! That is the point.

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