Protect Ya Neck: King James And The Miami Heat Take Their Talents Back To Cleveland Tomorrow

- By Bossip Staff

Bron Bron better have eyes in the back of his head for tomorrow night for his first game back in Cleveland since his “decision” to leave his hometown for the warm weather and championship dreams in Miami.

“I think it’s going to be tough,” James said. “I’m there to win a basketball game. I understand how passionate the fans are about sports. I’m ready for whatever response that I’m going to get.”

You better be playboy, because those folks in Cleveland are gonna be ready to catch fade soon as they see your mug.

As far as his traditional pre-game ritual of throwing talcum powder into the air, James says:

Before the game, James said he plans to perform his trademark throwing of the talcum powder in the air in front of the scorer’s table. When asked by Cleveland reporters, Cavs coach Byron Scott declined to comment on the ritual. Boston Celtics center Shaquille O’Neal was recently quoted as saying, “We have bets that he won’t do it.”

“I wouldn’t expect him to do nothing different,” Heat guard Dwyane Wade said. “He’s done it for every game he’s played so why change it just for one game? If he doesn’t throw it up, I’ll throw it up for him.”

Aight DWade, we know you wanna defend your teammate, but you need to fall back before you get knocked down, its going to be tough to win the game if they shoot both of ya’ll!


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  • Bdot

    DWade is such a Lebron side-piece. Get off that nga d__k, son. Concentrate on staying above .500

    • Kyra

      Do you want to experience i-nterracial da-ting? I met my black guy on

      B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d // C_0_M

      It is an interracial community for nice singles of all races. You may have a try… 😉

      Good luck.

      I think so too, He does look like he hangs with brothers. His name in Jus N come on. I can see him kicking it was hood chick named Shaqunita.

  • It's Me

    Retards it is NOT tonight but it is tomorrow night. Research or better yet simply look at the schedule as oppose to making a damn fool out yourself..

    • Kadadah

      WTF ru talking about??? Clearly the title AND the first paragraph says “Tomorrow.”

  • kebler mf elf

    Hope they beat the Cavs down!

  • nana

    Lmaooo @ Ma presence is a present kiss ma azz! Ahahahahaaa YES IT IS BRUH

  • Hussein lied

    It’s tomorrow toads…read a newspaper instead of clicking a mouse.

  • Hannibal


  • tommykimon

    That game is going to be packed so the fans can boo him and throw stuff at him. I hope he crushes them. Keep your head up Bron.

  • YokoDMV

    lol and as for the powder… LeBooHoo can ask the folks in cleveland…what should i do??!? what should I do?!?

  • Tamara H

    Do your thang Bron Bron!!!

  • seyess

    they will beat the CAVS but so what??? the NBA is full of no good selfish prick anyway!! bron this bron that…why do u people care so much? its not like he’s fukn given his dollars out supporting ya azzes in dirty mia or clevelnd, ugh

    • MIA BE-AUCH!!

      Your an a$$! Mi$erable one at that!!!

  • Tamara H


  • Tamara H

    I meant Preach for tickingtimebomb nor ladytahra! I dont know what the hell she is talking about

  • get u 1

    Well put bigb!

  • seyess

    after reading all the comments here, it seems to me that the rest of the u.s. outside of clevland keep the the lbj rival going. It seems as if the people of that city have moved on but everyone outside keep tlkn Ish, including miami. Im not from either city but can we all JUST MOVE ON as it seems CLevland and the rest of ohio has…

  • seyess

    MoVE On people!! especially lbj and miami, Lebron is NOWHERE Near SEXI! …ewwww

  • aimtwittermeee

    @bigb, while your standing on your soapbox preaching to someone about doing something in the community, you yourself need to follow yr own advice!! Who are you to be preaching the choir to anyone, probably a psuedo “know it all”. All cities in America are having problems and need help, not only Cleveland; however, u must think very highly of it to be mentioning it…

    • bigb

      It’s obvious by reading your asinine statements that your most likely another unintelligent person from Cleveland. First and foremost, you know nothing about me, so how could you truly say if I am actively helping in my community or not? Mind Reading? ESP? And sure it’s bad all over, but at least in my city we have other positive things to concentrate on besides obsessing over a Basketball player(that already left for another team)and acting like a fool over a Basketball game/team. It’s no wonder why Cleveland is in such turmoil and continues to be one of the worst cities in America.

  • tommykimon

    I know I LOVE him,

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