Wasn’t Jermaine Jackson Crying ‘Too Broke For Child Support’???

- By Bossip Staff

This year has been the year of financial unraveling and embarrassment for Jermaine Jackson. But now we find out that his transgressions as a father go further than naming a kid Jermajesty, but not making sure that you can take care of them.

Deadbeat Jermaine just filed a police report claiming someone jacked $150k worth of clothes, jewelry and furs from him, TMZ reports

Law enforcement sources tell us Jackson and his wife, Halina Rashid, claim in the report — filed with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department — someone took a Louis Vuitton bag containing the treasure trove from their Calabasas home back in September.

The home — which Jermaine rents — is in the same gated community Katherine Jackson is temporarily living in while her Encino home undergoes extensive renovation.

We’re told Jermaine claimed the bag contained some ultra-expensive watches, among other pricey items. Our law enforcement sources say the case is under investigation … but so far no suspects.

A week after Jackson filed the police report, he filed docs in his child support case — claiming he couldn’t afford the $3,000/month for his kids, Jaafar and Jermajesty. He’d like the payment reduced to $215 a month.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure this one out.

You’re living gated and global and not paying child support? We bet your co-baby mama was involved in planning that robbery.

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  • Yvonne

    If he spent less money on his hair products, he would have the money he needs.

  • get em paid!

    His azz is about to go to jail! Filing that shady azz police report and insurance claim lol. Poor Thang another silly man who thinks cause the can hump anything it wont eventually HUMP THEM BACK. Bet Randy rflol @ you and her.

  • joyrptr

    He could sue his plastic surgeon. That malpractice lawsuit would be worth millions……

  • roni

    He know he needs to hang his ceramic looking head in shame…215.00 a month to support your kids!! REALLY JERMAINE???

    Do like Stoney Jackson. He sold me some timeshares; which is a far cry from acting, but I gotta respect the man because at least he’s doing something to support his unlike your trifling azz.

    • CAN AM

      Whoa!!!!! Are you serious about Stoney jackson?

    • crmlbtrfly


  • TT BOY

    Micheal just turned over in his grave!

  • TT BOY

    SOmeone said that he should work! Yeah…RIGHT!

  • LadyB

    Deadbeat dad!

  • if anything be noble

    They need a mentor. Aint there no Calabasas Boys and Girls Club? No, but seriously, the Jacksons need a role model.

  • TT BOY

    I’m SURE that the rest of the family is helping him financially! (?)

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    damn I wish he would get a better hairstyle. Who told him his hair looked good that way anyway.

  • Entoon

    this madame tousaint walking wax figure nucca needs to pay up! get a real job you damn sh!t scented candle!!! how da hell you gonna be a jackson and not pay for your half bred kidz! want yo mama to take care of them with mike”s $!!! GTFOH sh!thead! u made those funny name kidz so take care of them!

    • tommykimon

      LOL too fuuny, And yes he needs to take care of his own kids and not try to use his dead brother’s money.

    • crmlbtrfly


  • Yeah . . . I Said It!

    LMAO at claymation. ☺ Who the f*ck has a flat top and a perm at the same time?!

  • MzBzable

    lol…I know right @ “yeah i said it”

  • MzBzable

    What the hell is up with his hair? It looks like he colored that in with a black pen.

  • Machelle

    Maybe if he stops spending all his money on those crappy hair pieces he could pay his child support..Get a JOB Jermaine!lol

  • cellie


  • !!!!!


  • The Truth

    Even though i don’t know exactly what the real situation is, you’re just an idiot. Haven’t you thought about the fact that maybe, o maybe, Randy was paying his share. That’s why she’s not goin after him. Duh. Or maybe its because Jermaine is parading around like he’s some kinda royalty with a Bentley and all and Randy’s not doin that. Plus his Randy’s kids should be grown by now or damn near it.

  • Delante Parson

    Its amazing that these celebs spend so much money on things&then don’t take care of theie children! Idiots

  • The Truth

    Idiot, maybe its cuz Randy was payin his fare share, or better yet just wasnt parading around like some kind of royalty with Rolls Royce like Jermaine does. Duh!!!

  • Vida B

    Randy doesn’t have to pay his fair share anymore.His kids are adults.

  • i kc u u kc me

    Mama little meal tickets about to be grown lol how old are children now. You they were all to cute for school and jobs. RESOECTFULLY how they going live at their mama house when they grow if she don’t have one lol. Granny Katherine dont let em back in lol

  • rosev

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  • jazzie91

    Damn he f*cked up in the game. SMH

  • Kat

    $150,000 worth of expensive but he cant pay child support?! His baby momma got a hold of it so he might as well cancel that police report. Mama Katherine aint giving him any of Michaels money either. And can someone tell him to wash that black grease paint off his head?!

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