Blonde Ain’t For Everybody!!! MIA Is Feelin’ A Little Marilyn Monroe~ish

- By Bossip Staff

MIA is that little kid in pre-school that never stayed in the lines when she colored, she always had to be a little bit ___________. She has always rocked the dirty blonde look but this new hair color… we’re not so sure about this! It seems like every celeb is going for bleach blonde or kool-aid red. Maybe it’s some type of celebrity sorority sister thing going on.

Are you feeling this… Blonde Get Up?!?!

If she likes it, we… DON’T REALLY CARE THAT MUCH! In other hair news, Rihanna is back on the red for Kanye’s new video “All of the Lights.

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  • chronicle

    Terrible. .

    • shalala

      hmm dont really care bout her that much, she isnt making music that i LUV only music that bleh for meh owell going to next topic 🙂

  • such and such

    It was already that color in the first pic

  • darr

    Them curry smelling funny talking dot heads is taking over. we have to curry niggys with straight hair indians Governors in the deep south running them inbred white devils.Whats next a Hindu president.

    • Charlie Brizown all chica como loco esa

      Why racist people always say that about her? Thats the wrong race. Shes Dravidian from Sri Lanka and her ethnicity is Tamil. Try again shes not Indian she speaks Tamil not Hindu.

    • TeLl iT liKe It Tis

      @charlie brizown, didn’t know she’s from sri lanka.. i met a girl from there in june and she was beautiful, still think about her to this day..just wanted to share

  • real ness

    lmao @ her “This color drains my powers” look

  • nymphis

    can someone tell me who this is?????

  • Tt

    @ Nymphis she is a rapper who had that hit song paper planes that TI, Lil Wayne, and Jaz Z sampled.

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  • get em paid

    Ladies plz STOP rocking the street walker tranny wired hair colors and styles! Somebody going get confused and flip you over! Lol

  • Ash

    Sri Lanka is off the coast of southern India people! Damn learn something in school.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    @chaka1 yes its. on the. map dummy! Buy a world. Atlas already.

  • get em paid!

    Richard Pryor rules lol everything in america that ain’t white is a——- so she a what lol from where lol

  • Lexy

    I think it’s cute. A little ruff but cute

  • http://hotmail Ialandbaby

    sorry about the errors.

  • you asked...

    im sure it wouldnt look so bad if it wasn’t so dry and was combed!!! smh

  • bape747

    “U want me to BE some body who I’m REALLY NOT…”

  • bape747

    She got MY vote. My kids LOVE her as well as I. Knew betta U’d do betta.

  • Iyan

    She had to change her hair color to be on a mission? Nah-ah, give 2 bars girlie~! Make them listen, the fight aint over!


    looks a mess but the pis is not very flattering for her



  • tina

  • Choco

    She look she stay stinking

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