You Won’t Believe What Tyrese Went Through Before This Beautiful Moment

- By Bossip Staff

We already told y’all we think Tyrese Gibson might just be the best celebrity father ever. On Christmas Eve, he took it to the extreme to prove it.

The tweets capturing his Christmas drama have disappeared, but not before the incident was forever immortalized for the internet.

On Christmas eve, Tyrese was faced with having to spend Christmas without his daughter. So what does he do about it?

He sits outside his baby mom’s house and tweets about what a bitter bitch she is and that he’s going to see his daughter’s face when she opens her presents on Christmas day by any means necessary.

Hopefully little Shayla has no idea what went into creating her perfect Christmas morning with Daddy. And hopefully Tyrese’s over-sharing wasn’t in vain.

He also addressed why he chose to air his dirty laundry publicly on the social networking site:

“Why tweet something so personal and private..?? I want you all to know that NO ONE is above issues and challenges… NO ONE…!! So I salute ALL of the Amazing Mothers & FAthers and Step mothers or Fathers also.. Keep loving regardless!! God is ALWAYS WATCHING>>!!”

Check out Tyrese giving his daughter her first singing lesson.

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  • kay

    He is not respecting the privacy that any child deserves. You can certainly say and do what you want but you need to exercise some common sense when you have a child and you’re making your child a topic up for public discussion. Why don’t people consider ‘tweeting’ as blogging about themselves? How are you mad that bloggers comments on YOUR OWN BLOGS??

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I wonder if he fought this hard to see his other 2 daughters( or how many other childeren he has) for the holiday. I remember seeing a seasons greetings post card with he and his 2 other daughters a few years back.

    • G.M.


    • Tee08

      interesting thought hottest chick . If he does have other kids then shame on him for the favortism.

    • miamac

      Men, don’t get it twisted, please. You have rights, too, if you choose to activate them … legally. I don’t understand why Tyrese doesn’t just get it all in paper, it’s not like BF doesn’t have money. If you care about your child that much, GO TO COURT AND GET LEGAL CUSTODY, whether partial or fully. No excuse for unnecessary drama he may incur, if that is indeed the truth. I hate to hear men mumbling about baby momma drama and not being able to see their kids when in fact the court doors are open just about everyday!! Don’t talk the talk, walk it right into court so you can just about guarantee your rightful visitations on a regular basis and not just on holidays. Kids need to see daddy on the regular. Just saying.

      Parents should be SAVED! But make sure you do not go to Mt. Caramel Baptist to do it! Nope, at this church the footstomping and gossipying takes center stage and not the sermon ya’ll. Yep, sounds like a lot of churches today. Read it and laugh, cry, and shout!

  • WiTip

    Oh please. Tyrese is only doing this to get brownie points. Being a good parent is not something to pat a person on the back for. IT’s want one is suppose to be. For Tyrese to be airing out all his business show he is only doing this for publicity. He is always looking to get “points” for being a stand up guy.

    • Wow!!

      Whether he is doing it for publicity or not he is still trying to be their for his daugther unlike alot of men.

  • NappyRN

    Whatever his reasons for this post, I think it is important for young black men to see the beauty in quality interactions with their children. More fathers, not just BLACK need quality time with their children.

  • Bey

    That’s cute. But he’s a walking contradiction. He puts his relationship out in public and his family out in public but gets upset when his picture is taken in public? Dude needs to stop with the I want special treatment only when its convenient for me act. It’s getting old.

  • Wow!!

    You know some women can be so bitter and that makes the child suffer. I hate women like that!! If the man wants to see his child on X-mas then let him. Heck, if he wasn’t coming around then you would be calling him a deadbeat! Sometimes men can’t win for losing, especially when you are dealing with a bitter, angry woman! Get over it like he said, act like and adult, don’t be mad things didn’t work out maybe it was for the best! I’m a woman and my ex- has did some trifling things but i never kept him from his kids. That’s called being mature!! Set aside the difference and make sure that the kid(s) know that eventho you aren’t together anymore doesnt mean they are loved any less. Women get it togther for real!! I condone him for wanting to be with his child. If he wasnt going around then people would being saying “black men don’t take of their business” I mean really, baby momma (Tyrese)get something on your mind it could be worse!

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      Some men (women) only want to pick and choose when they want to be involved in their childrens lives inconsistently and at THEIR convience, and leave you to do all of the work and bear the entire financial burden, or take you to court and bargin for the lowest amount of child support possible, and then only come around for SOME Christmas’ and SOME birthdays so that they can look like the hero, and raise hell when you won’t allow them to be inconsistant in your own child’s life because everytime they don’t come around for a while, the single mother that is there EVERY DAY is there to pick up the pieces! It’s not always a personal reason. Most of the time it’s not, it’s just made to look that way to make the women (or men) that are there yet again look bad because the absentee parent feels guilty for not trying hard enough to be there for their child consistantly. Consistancy/stability is key for the mental stability of a childs mental health and self worth. And

      Also, what if the company he/she keeps is a bad influence, or if the absentee parent is a bad influence ie teaches the child to curse like it’s cute and offers no sense of disciplin for the child when they are with them so that when the child returns home, the custodial parent has to “re-program” the child, which causes confusion for the child. Then people will say, “you should’ve picked a better father for the child” either way, the parent that is there every day is always blamed for everything and made out the be the bad guy so I digress…

  • Wow!!

    I know alot of these articles are BS but “HEY” it is what it is! It’s a form of entertainment that some people take way to serious..LOL!!!

  • humblybeholdingHIZgrace

    I find it HIGLY absurb that Tyrese doesn’t have a better system in place to see his daughter. If he’s such the GREAT father what woman would deny their child from such a father?!!?

    And children can sense tension so buying a boat-load of gifts is only a temporary band-aid for a long-term issue that this child will grow up with—INSECURITY!

    I’m sorry the worse thing that any parent can do is petition a public forum to bash another parent.

    While I understand him being hurt not being able to see his daughter I’m sure their were other avenues that he could have chosen to get his point across–like COURT!

    • Ms. EJ

      I agree, 100%. When my father and mother divorced (both remarried)my father never ever said anything negative about my mom to me nor to anyone else. Co-parenting for some can be very hard, especially when feelings are still raw (it is normal), but it is vital that the child see Mommy/Daddy being respectful to each other. It is so easy for many to automatically place blame on the woman due to stereotypes, however there are men who are just as spiteful, manipulative & vindictive scorned ex’es as some women. Its the manner in the way he’s doing it. When you put so much effort to bash another (parent)to only lift yourself up to be “better” doesn’t come off legit.

  • humblybeholdingHIZgrace


  • get em paid!

    Po child has “2” messed up silly parents. I bet they are both doing the same drama they were raised in! Rich poor or otherwise some trifling parents bs.

  • Curious1 aka Flawless Beauty

    One of my Brothers goes through this…He calls mothers like her no different than “Kidnappers with demands and threats that if they don’t do everything the kidnapper says to do plus pay ransom…then Kidnapper decides if Dad will be allowed to see his kid, too..

    He considers some of his Mom’s to be worse than kidnappers with the control, telephone power, time limits, seeing his kid for free…not JUST and ONLY if said MOM allows it or gives “permission”

    Poor Tyrese…he was determined and any Mom here if situation was reversed,could see ya doing something similar if a Dad had the kid 24/7 and the power to ALLOW u or not to see your kid…if he says so only..hhhmmm

  • Ms.EJ

    I was extremely close to my father prior to his pa.ssing and felt very to have had such an awesome father. In the case w/Tyrese I can not say he is a good or bad father. A picture does not mean that one is a good father and/or mother. There is a such legal term called “Disnelyland dad” or (mom). That seems to be the case w/Tyrese. In addition, calling the mother of your daughter names, particularly to the public is not good, at all. Anyone can take photos with a bunch of gifts, anyone can take photos having a great time at the park, but parenting is not about money, gifts, trips, but mental, emotional and spiritual. He has the option of filing contempt, but he seems to go the route of trying to publicly humiliate and/or twist facts regarding his ex-wife to force his way per’se.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Oh my Lord! That child is too adorable for words as evidenced by her freestyle. lol! That’s right Miss Shayla. If you don’t know the words ain’t nothin wrong with a little improv. Too cute!

  • ashley2

    Man I swear. You can’t please these simple bishes! What does it matter why he’s doing it? He is! All that matters is that little girl and she is well taken care of. I don’t give a damn what the parents going through, as long as that little girl is top priority. And if he want to air out his business, let him. Although twitter is the damn devil, he has a right to say what he wants about the situation. It’s life people!


    Tyrese please get off the internet and just take care of your child in private. If you have an issue with the baby momma then take it to court.

    • miamac

      Yeah, I agree — GO TO COURT! Or better yet, since you like to post your private business on the net, show us those custody papers and how after she violated them you took her to court. It will show documented evidence that you are consistently in your child’s life on the regular and consistently are running into problems see court-ordered visitation. Just saying.

      Get SAVED! Read it and laugh, cry and shout!

  • Mrs. Rance

    What the heck is up with all the hate on this post? The comments on this site never cease to amaze me. What is going on in your people’s life to have you constantly viewing the cup as half empty? That must be really miserable for you. God bless you all.

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    IMHO–I don’t think he did it for publicity..I think he did it outta desperation!

    Damn! As much as children need their fathers, why couldn’t they put their differences aside for the sake of the child?

    And then we wonder why kids (rich ones included) end up so fvcked up!


  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    That child’s mother was being selfish not letting him spend time with his daughter but I’ll bet the ho didn’t waste any time accepting the gifts he bought his daughter.

    A damn shame, I tell ya.

  • A

    Cute….teaching his baby how to sing… it…..I think he is a good dad. God bless them.

  • RedB0ne

    I hate when chicks act like this. But men keep procreating with them, SMDH.

    It’s funny how he’s all wise and sagey about life now but he sure chose the wrong one to mother his children – and he didn’t even wife her before starting a family. What do you expect…

  • Ms. EJ

    Hey 1TruDiva *waves hello* I hope you had a Christmas…any plans on how you’re going to bring in the New Year? 🙂

    • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

      Well hello there!

      Long time no bloggie! I hope your holidays are going well. Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season!

      BTW–I’m spending New Year’s Eve in Times Square. I promised my son I’d take him there. He’s decided to bring a couple of his football team mates so we’re going to have a great time!

    • Ms.EJ

      Oh, okay. You two enjoy yourselves and be warm and safe 🙂

  • Jordan

    THANK YOU!…if my father even made half of an effort like this i would have made a difference…! plus look at the living room and he said a rich neighborhood…he is handling his handle and if the man wants to see his baby girl’s face for christmas…that hoe he slipped on better let him!

  • dina

    He has like 6 kids I wodner if he visited them all

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      Ive only heard of his ONE dtr.

      Where is the proof?

    • life!!!

      People like you like to spread lies and make up your own damn stories.

  • ThickLikeCornbread

    So sad…

    U can FEEL his pain in the tweets.

    I hope he can work it out with his Ex-wife!

    Everythg he said was truth, he jus didnt need to b outside of her house.

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I know for a fact the he has at least 3 daughters, (he sent out a post e-holiday card a few years back with the other 2 on it) and this one.

  • thesaneone

    he’s trying really hard. keep it up!

  • Tra

    So many questions come to mind when reading this. Like why was he there on Christmas Eve outside and not on Christmas Day? Maybe she didn’t let you in b/c she didn’t want you to stay the night. I see he got in on Christmas Day?!?! Are the gifts behind the little girl from both parents? If so, why could the child not open her gifts her mom got her at her house then open up Tyrese gifts he bought her at his house? I hope that mom does not respond publicly on this.

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