BDR Spotted With Another Lil Young Thang In St. Barth’s

- By Bossip Staff

Russell Simmons is constantly getting his old man mack on. Here he is in St. Barth’s with a new chick…


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  • nana

    I like Russell leave him alone please!


    Excellent.She’s scoring solid 9’s from this judge.Crush it good Russ…I would.

  • Richard

    These rich guys and gals are like hoes and johns. How many woman or men have thay been with? Sheese Talk about STD’s and multiple partners. Like Wilt and some of the others. 1000 woman or men! YUK

  • Concerned

    Russell has good taste!

  • LadyJNewYork

    Go Russell do you!! Why would he want an “old” chick, LOL when he can the PYT’s with his $$$$$$$$$$$$….LOL

  • BiGsKyN

    LOL her lips look like she be puffin that sweet cheeba

  • Ariona Taylor

    I’d sleep with Russell. I mean I do need my rent paid. Getting a job is so overrated.

    • Bambi


  • layah2010

    He’s pathetic. None of these lil tramps even compare to Kimora. I wonder what she thinks. Shes happily married to that handsome african guy and just had a beautiful baby…Russell step ur game up!

  • lol

    Everybody is talking about go Russell, but the moment an older woman is featured with a younger man she’s called a cougar and other dumb *ss names. So sad… I bet this fool nuts are hanging down to his knees not to mention the limp d*ck. YUCK!

  • JaKai

    She looks like his daughter LOL!

  • nell

    This shows how easy people get deceived this man is a flamin fagg like many others in the spot light. the deception is in thinking the sellin of your soul the devil doesnt desire souls but he lust for flesh and wickedness. What they do give up is there man hood the price for fame.

  • Royalty Free Beats

    Money Talks!

  • Ryda4life

    Russell loves his cakes tender ,me too! Russ….
    I like em tender & sweet….

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