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Being a teenager is hard enough, and a variety of influences can leave some girls feeling that there is no escape from gossip and the pressure to look, think and act a certain type of way. In addition, many of our young women are growing up in single-parent families where resources are limited. According to the 2002 US Census Bureau more than one-fourth of all of the children in the country lived with only their mother or father, including 48% of all African- American children.

The truth is that parents are significantly younger these days. With teenage pregnancies on the rise a majority of children are being raised in households in which parent(s) are unemployed or underemployed with very little education. This often leads to a situation where girls are growing up in an economically disadvantaged area that is often filled with crime, poverty and what can seem like very little positive options for a successful future. Some girls are left feeling like the only places the can turn to for the answers are Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

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