Update: Silly White Weather Broad Says “I Made It All Up For Attention”

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, talk about “Attention Whoring” gone wrong:

She’s blaming it all on her own personal high pressure system. Out-in-the-cold TV meteorologist Heidi Jones — accused of concocting an utter snow-job about a mysterious “Hispanic” pervert jumping her as she jogged in Central Park — admitted she made all up out of “stress” according to court documents.

The pressure of work, family and “personal issues” made her do it, her newly-released criminal complaint quotes Jones telling a detective at a Midtown precinct three weeks ago. The pretty weather gal put up a cold front as she clicked into Manhattan Criminal Court in high-heeled burgundy patent pumps and a trim black dress suit this morning — refusing to comment to reporters as she left her first appearance on two misdemeanor charges of falsely reporting an incident. But she’d been quite chatty with cops in the last few weeks, according to the complaint.

“I did make this up,” the papers quote her saying. “I made it up for attention. I have so much stress at work, with my personal life and with my family. I know there is no justification for it.”

That Dec. 13 confession happened at midnight — it is not known whether cops picked her up after work outside her WABC/Channel 7 studios — and followed several previous meets with cops, during which she described a September 24 attack in the park, and additional harassing contact with the same mystery attacker on November 21.

Jones, who remains suspended from her forecasting job at WABC/Channel 7, is presumed innocent, said her lawyer, Paul Callan. “There’s been a frenzy of press coverage in this case, unfairly characterizing and vilifiying her in many press reports,” the lawyer complained

He added, “Heidi is extremely grateful for the support that has been demonstrated to her over the past few weeks by her broadcast colleagues and by her many viewers.”

Jones, who also filled in on “Good Morning America,” has been suspended by the network and faces up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Law enforcement sources have told The Post that Jones, 37, told them she was jogging in the park on the afternoon of Sept. 24 when a Hispanic man in his 30s or 40s grabbed her from behind, dragging her into a wooded area and trying to rape her.

Two passers-by frightened the man away and gave her assistance, she allegedly claimed. Jones only took her account to cops two months later, sources said. She explained then that she was spurred to action only after the same man somehow found her again and confronted her, saying, “I know you went to the police.”

Detectives embarked on a lengthy investigation, scouring surveillance video and canvassing for witnesses, sources said. Returning empty handed, they questioned Jones again, uncovering inconsistencies as she repeated her account.

It was when she was confronted with the discrepancies that Jones allegedly admitted to cops that she fabricated the story as a bid for sympathy, sources said.

Simple a$s.


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  • Boomboomroom

    1st Biyatches!! Dat is what white bytches do!! Now, maybe you self-loathing Kneegroid men will think twice before messing with these cave bytches.

    • G.M.

      u act like black women never call the cops and falsely accuse men of sh1t all the time…bw love to complain how so many bm are in jail/prison but i bet some women played their part in gettin our black a$$es locked up, thats why some women date strictly thugs, more likely to have a parole officer/probation to use as a trump card to control him: “n199a, hit me then, i’ll call yo parole officer and get yo a$$ locked up, now where my child support” lol

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    • Sepia830


      Plz, black men don’t need our help landing their a$$es in jail. It’s a given.



    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      she blamed it on a Hispanic man.

  • G.M.

    lying fuccin b1tches like these are the h0es im always talking about…the simple fact that her rapist was actually nobody at all, described as a hispanic male in his 30’s or 40’s means it could be anybody…the cops could of picked up any 30-40yr old hispanic male, toss him in a lineup and all she had to do was point and say “him” and off to a 50-70yr prison sentence he goes…and this b1tch still makin excuses: “my job, stress and family, made me do it” times like these i’d believe in he11 so i could wish the devil would r@pe her when she goes to he11 smh

    • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

      I actually agree with you on this comment.



  • sportstalk23

    Yall best believe she wanted to say a brotha was the culprit but ol girl was like damn that acid faced bytch already blamed somebody black shyt well lemme find the closest one to black ummmm a ha how bout a hispanic man yeah that will work lol. I wonder has channel 7 given her a forcast of BYTCH U FIRED!! No way she can go work not only on that station but this city,maybe if she cries enough Trump will hire her since he’s a Capt Save-A-Ho

    • G.M.

      i bet she will get to keep her job or just get a brief suspension…but the guy over at ESPN gets fired for callin a female co-worker “sweetcakes” and “a$$hole” smh…she better get fired and she better be charged with something, thats all im saying…can we finish equality already in this country

  • G.M.

    if u actually read my comments overall and pay close attention to the words i use, u would notice, i rarely single out BLACK WOMEN IF EVER, i speak about AMERICAN WOMEN in general, becuz if u took the time to read/research the family court laws u would understand why i say what i say, i dont speak about ALL WOMEN, JUST THE ONES MY COMMENTS REFERENCE, if a woman isn’t the type i speak about she shouldn’t get offended by it

  • G.M.

    also, if u go back and read the 1st comment on this post then mine, can u figure out why i responded the way i did…nevermind, i’ll help u out, boomboomroom makes it sound like NO BLK WOMAN has ever falsely accused anybody of anything, when that is factually not true…just cuz this is a blk blog doesn’t mean im referring to only blk women, maybe u guys should ask urselves why u feel anything said about women on this blog automatically means blk women, maybe its problems with urself, not me…like i said before, love women, hate the b1tches that abuse the system like this weather woman this post is about who ruin mens lives for petty sh1t like attention

  • mel

    why he had to be hispanic trick!!!

  • tru


  • I speak for the street

    everybody makes errors in judgement. she needs help

  • Zookie

    I second that! Dirty white byotch

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