Some Midday Preciousness: Little Louis Bardo Stuntin’ With Mommy In NYC

- By Bossip Staff

Here’s little Louis Bardo out and about with Sandra Bullock in NYC.

We love that she has him out there all fly and stuff, with his little yummy chocolate munchkin self.

We want 2011 to bring them a man to complete their little family.

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  • misskgreen

    When is she going to let this little negro walk. Golly!

  • misskgreen

    secondly, little man always look pissed off. Like he is very unhappy to be here, ‘specially with this broad. Dag can homie smile and walk at some point?

  • YokoDMV

    i hate to say it but she dont look like she know what she doing at all – and why does he have on a sweater? *black mom quote “that baby needs a coat on”*

  • ilovejoy81

    She doesn’t want Paparazzi all in his face. I would keep him close to me too.

  • Wows

    Wow are you guys serious?? He is a baby of course she’s going to carry him when probably about 20 paparazzi are trying to snap his pic for a buck. It looks like she’s carrying him from a car right into a building just being a momma. I doubt when he is grown he will say anything bad about her. To me she looks great! Go Sandra!

  • get em paid!

    She loves that Boi boo yummy chocolate bunny. Lol my limo is 75 degrees inside. I am 5 feet from the door lol snuggle with mama. Put that carmera in my baby face and I will mess you up!


    I guess he is frightened everywhere they go cameras flahing in his face, she is a mother protecting her child, I mean…….

    • Johnny'sgirl

      Exactly! Is she supposed to let him down so he can “walk” in a sea of paps. Get real people!

  • Mixi

    Of course some ppl brought the negativity right into the New Year! RME! Why does he have to walk? Any mom knows how long it takes a toddler to walk from point A to point B and sometimes its just quicker to pick them up and keep it moving. Especially when you have paparazzi (who doesn’t care about the welfare of anyone’s child) hounding you for a pic.

  • jazzie

    He is too cute… and why does he have to walk he’s still very young..he’s probably scared of paparazzi


    I could eat him up and its clear lil man don’t like the paps like stop following me and my moms haha not every kid reacts to the paps like Zahara Jolie-Pitt like showtine here’s my good side guys lol also all that bytchin and moaning many have done about these celebs adopting foreign babies,here Sandra adopted a kid from America and folks still bytch and moan about her situation. I think kiddo will have a better chance at a good life than his previous situation,or is growing up in poverty the better option also lil Louis boots are fly lol

  • Michelle S.

    where is his coat ms. sandra? ur coat is awfully warm and comfy, where is lil man’s?? 🙂

  • Iyan

    Give this woman props, where it is due. It took her years to adopt a baby, only to be single when she gets him. I admire her most, because she didn’t go overseas (she stayed right here in the USA). How many of our young black babies are born and not wanted, only to grow up in a childrens home/foster care? I really wish there were more black families out there to adopt. But right now it is not that way. If you have the means and love to adopt a child go for it!

  • MissLayDee

    I guess its easier to say something negative, as oppose to say something positive… Lol @Zoe. GO SANDY!!

  • BiSHB00

    Omg he is the cutest lil thing EVER

  • Mabel

    Those lil boots are too cute. Happy New Year Lil Louis.

  • Johnny'sgirl

    He has on a sweater, hat and fuzzy boots. Plus she’s holding him right next to her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this unless she had to walk with him 2 miles in the freezing cold/snow. As was most likely the case, she just exited the car, which pulled up close to the bldg, and she walked right in the front door. Come on people….

  • IKnowRite

    Ok…..this is cute n’ all, but why are white people so taken by little chocolate babies?

    What is she going to do when that ish on his head gets nappy?

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