Question Of The Day: How Close Are We To Living Martin Luther King’s “Dream”???

- By Bossip Staff

The permed up Rev. Al Sharpton wrote an article today speaking on race relations in America and how far we’ve come since the sit-ins, protests, and fire hoses.

In April of this year, it will be 43 years since the assassination of this nation’s premier civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During that tumultuous and volatile time in 1968, it would have been unfathomable to even think of having an African-American President or a billionaire named Oprah Winfrey who could own an entire television network. Even as recently as the 1980s in New York, when we were forced to tackle racial outbursts like those in Howard Beach and Bensonhurst, it would be difficult to imagine a day where we would be living side-by-side with one another in harmonious neighborhoods.

I still look at my scar from a stab wound at that protest in Bensonhurst, but I take comfort in the fact that I can look at my TV and see a black President salute a gay Latino Congressional aide who saved the life of a Jewish member of the House of Representatives in the state of Arizona. Dr. King’s vision is nearly fulfilled.

As we take pride in our tremendous collective progress, we must remember to utilize all of this renewed energy and apply it toward some of the areas in which we still can equalize the playing field.

We have harnessed the ability to heal and relate to one another on a very real and personal level, but now we must transfer that capability in the direction of education, employment and our criminal justice system. The vast majority of New Yorkers work alongside one another without racial or ethnic strife. We thankfully do not have open mob attacks on people, nor lynchings, nor segregation.

But what we do have is unequal access to jobs, quality education and an imbalanced prison culture. Once we rid society of racial discrimination on an institutional level, then and only then will Dr. King’s dream be fully realized.

After reading some of Rev. Al’s letter do you agree or disagree?? Have we come close to equalizing the country or are things just as bad as they were in the 50’s and 60’s??


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    I guess that depends on where you live, I think that we do have a lot more opportunity then when my mother was a child.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    When you look at this country today in comparison to the 50 and 60s you see a place that is truly symbolizing the dream of MLK. Al Sharpton is very correct in his analysis of this nation today in comparison to those time because people are truly trying not to look at skin color but at the content of the human being…If only we could get those young black men and women in the parts of this country to wake up and stop killing each other…That is the new dream.

  • Kelly

    Well, when I visit blogs like this one and see some of the commments posted and see some of the headlines posted I think not close at all, but then I look at the number of blacks especially women that are graduating from college and earning secondary degrees. I think we are on our way. We are owning businesses and running fortune 500 companies, managing our careers and I think wow the dream is near. I then come back to a blog like this and the obvious racial tensions within our very own race, light skinned, dark skinned. I hear the willful and malicious rumors against our actors and entertainers. I see us claiming hairstyles and body parts like we own them and I think wow, in a few years we will once again shoot ourselves in the foot. We try so desperately to pull and keep each other down. Its one thing to give constuctive criticism, but its another thing to be willful and milicious and envious towards each other. Just imagine if someone from another country who has only heard negative things about blacks visits some of these blogs and read the posts and the comments? They would think that we are vicious animals tearing each other apart and. Believe everything that they have been told, its sad. I have seen so many say “oh it’s just a blog I can say what I want” well yeah but it is also on the net and it will never go away and it will be archived and become history one day and it will tell a story about us as a people. I think that we continue to make strides but we also continue to trample on the dream by the way we treat each other and the way that we treat others.

    • CAN AM

      You said it. I want to see more black men graduating from college and soaring like eagles.

  • living the dream

    I living the dream I got all the white and different color women a black man could ever want and white folks smiling at everywhere I go.

    • white male

      that’s nice

  • Thanks Kelly!!!

    @Kelly you took the words right out of my mouth.

  • http://hotmail Islandbaby

    @ Kelly I co-sign a 100%.

  • worldchanger

    Nope, this has turned n2 a new age minstrel show.

  • spade

    we aren’t very close to Dr.Kings dream. Blacks are living in poverty and unemployed and uneducated at alarming rates. Brothers are killing each other more today than in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. All you have to do is walk down any inner city street and see these lost brothers and sisters displaying any stereotype ever spoke. We are about 350 years from any equality in this backward a$$ country.

  • Korean Beauty Supply Owner - Thank You Dr. King

    LIVING THE DREAM – dressing up like Barbie! Sistas buy hair!

  • MissLayDee

    Well, we can close the comment section for the day. Kelly just summed it up. I have never read or heard such an accurate dipiction…she is ABSOLUTLEY right. We should read that and acknowledge what she said….we have made strides but as a culture we still have a LOONNGG way to go…when we stop doing reverse racism and colorism on ourselves, and stop acting like the stereotypes people perceive us being, and take pride in ourselves…and stand by something more than the materialistic, and superficial things…then maybe our culture can rise above the negativity we recieve…we can do more than Dr. KING expected….

  • juliemango

    From a non-american perspective i agree with al sharpton the dream is a work in progress!!!

  • Barabbas

    Kelly, Awesome, good word, very good word…Blessings!

  • Mrs. Rance

    I believe Dr. King’s dream has been realized. Opportunities are there for everyone that is willing to reach out and grab them. If he were alive today he’d be on to the next thing, such as getting us to love ourselves and appreciate the opportunities that are right in front of us rather than squandering them and participating in and in some cases facilitating our own genocide. We are in desperate need of healing at this point so that we stop the self destructive behavior that holds us down as a community.

  • E.C. from D,C,

    Lol going backwards every day.

  • Bunny

    There are some things that are better than the 50s and 60s but most of it is an illusion. I doubt Dr. MLK would be proud of such a materialistic world full of people in a sleep like state. WAKE UP PEOPLE! WAKE THE FUZZ UP! This world is backwards and its getting worse…lets not kid ourselves! The black community needs to wake up and see the self destruction and take some damn responsibility! There is no time for sugar coating ish. Get it together.

  • BarGolf

    We are light years away. We do not own major big money businesses on wall street or main street. We are still the biggest population in the jailhouse system. We are still using and selling drugs to African American. We are still the last hired and first fired. WE are leading the way in high school drop outs. We make millions as professional sports players and do not control our destiny. We still depend on the caucasian to provide jobs to us. The list go’s on and on.

  • BarGolf

    And still like to waste money, leave nothing for our kids future.

  • listen

    I think if Dr. King were alive today he would be very disappointed.

  • yup!

    well, some of DR.kings dreams came true, in alot of ways we do get along with our races now…..but, instead of other races hating us, killing us, and oppressing us. we’re doing it to ourselves now. we hate each other, kill each other, and oppress each other.smh.. well, as the saying goes ” no good deed goes unpunished” sorry dr.king 😦

  • coldt7

    We are a billion years from his dream.I wouldn’t want to live his dream anyway.Why would i want to sat down with my enemies/whitefolks,hell i like to kill my enemy.Forgive and forget my azz,and to hell with the none violent sh*T.

  • Essence

    I believe that we are closer to Dr. King’s dream, but we still have a long way to go. We have yet to accept ourselves so how are we going to demand respect/acceptance from other people. We can be our worse enemies which is the main reason why we are in the position we are in.

  • jmagic

    Every day i read this sight and realize were day further from that.Any idiot that disagrees and then get mad when black men dont date black women is exact proof

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