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Nicki Minaj is currently over in London getting all the love from her fans but also dealing with the crazed paparazzi that lurks the streets terrorizing the celebrities. While in London, Nicki did what she does better than singing… signing boobs but exactly why would anyone take a pic like this???

Looks like someone has rubbed Nicki Minaj the wrong way because we have never really seen her this sad. Maybe she just realized that her music is….

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  • loose cannon

    Thanks blacks people for getting Nicky minaj kicked out of the dorchetser hotel. Why could you not act like Justin biber fans? Why did you act all ghetto and animal like?

    • Kyra


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  • loose cannon

    Typical black girl in the UK. This is why all the men loves white girls over here ( UK )

    • FAIL

      I live in the UK and look NOTHING LIKE THIS

    • London Girl

      Me neither! May be typical in your hood, not mine. And a lot of the White girls look even worst than this anyway lol Is this ‘Nick’ Cannon talking ish?!

    • Lacey (STFU REALIST)

      Girls, I’d urge you not to bother with loose canon aka corey aka china white on the other forum, his not black his actually CHINESE. He let it slip on the other forum that he isn’t black. We all know chinese people in the UK are the nerdiest little bunch of people. His trying to shine on a black American website.

    • Firework

      Im still not feelin bad abt being black…

  • nymphis


  • Mizz badu

    Wtf is up with nickis hair? #fail



    • eman

      nobody hatin there ant nothing to hant on

  • tragic


    • CAN AM

      She’s not ugly. She need to pull down her shirt. This pic will follow her in life. She’s young and over zealous, that’s all.

  • Ben

    Loose cannon stop self hate.Black men take up with white women because they are insecure and lack self esteem.Black UK women are educated and professional that fan is just young and overly excited.

    • Cory

      This is what black women look like over here- even worse, Thank goose mixed race girls outbreed blacks, and we have turkish and other pretty races. At least in america you have lighskin and latina. Look what we have?

    • London Girl

      “This is what black women look like over here (in the UK)” Ummmm ok

      Cory, aka loose cannon. You are clearly on here talking rubbish just trying to instigate contention and drama. Therefore, I will ignore your blatant ignorance lol fool

  • Cory

    Thank god white women breed with black men crazy over here. It means bare mixed race girls to say the day. All the top black women in the UK are mixed race: The girls from the saturdays, alesha dixon, etc.

    • jessica from uk

      excuse the spelling mistakes

    • London Girl

      @ Jesssica

      Thank you!!

  • Ice Harvest

    @Corey: do I hear a little patois in ur speech, Jamaican?

    • London Girl

      Jamaican?! Probably not lol “breed” and “bare” are just examples of street slang. Corey is probably White and about 14 lol

  • African Princess

    when she isnt making her idiotic “funny” faces , this girl is always sad. take a look at her b.e.t news eve performances she’s just sad throughout the whole thing

    • just me

      I agree, I noticed the same.

  • African Princess

    when she isnt making her idiotic “funny” faces , this girl is always sad. take a look at her b.e.t new years eve performances she’s just sad throughout the whole thing

  • London Girl

    Exactly! SMH

  • London Girl

    I am not particularly a fan, but Nick is growing on me. And as a fellow ‘Trini’ I will try to support her, but why is she getting so much slimmer, yet her backside is still huge. Nicki, adjust the butt pads to match your weight. Naturally when you lose weight, your bottom gets smaller! Look at her legs/thighs compared to her bottom. Stop going all out just to try to attract attention girl. You are attractive and kinda talented I guess; let that shine through!

  • Miss Perfection ..Allergic to Coons & Mudbutts Miss Pefection .. Allergic to Coons &Mudbutts

    Wack Manji !

  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    So why is Cory pretending loose cannon is a different person and co-signing itself?

    Neway, why does she look so daxn sad? I never noticed that before but may Afrian Princess has a point.

  • Ben

    Dont hate on black people who do not like themsleves it is easier to hate.Nicky is looking sad and I think it is getting to her all the hate she is getting from black people these days.I do not know when we became a community that is so self hating.There are racists who spend everyday insulting us, attacking us yet we have become our own worst enemy.

  • Essence

    @Corey/Loose Cannon Shut up and stop trolling

    @Topic I heard her U.K. fans came out in full force. Nicki is blowing up in a major way. Good for her.

  • ReALiSt

    That’s one burnt heffa with pink air… She would look better, if she eats less kfc, and get an afro…

    As for those going back and forth about black in the U.K – having lived in the U.K for a year and visited, a couple of times – I think I can give an opinion.

    Black people in the U.K are broke as – most are barely educated and 90% of them live in slums.

    • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (Arsenal has to win a trophy this season)

      Nope i do not think you have an opinion because you have only been to London and continually mention Brixton which is not the most affluent place.
      I and i would say 95% of my black friends are in uni or on that path or are doing well in life so please shut up with your bias opinion.
      Have you been to the suburbs in London???

    • ReALiSt




  • Ben

    The Shadow Minister of Health, Diane Abbot is Black, the former Attorney General Baroness Scotland-Black, Labour Party Whip-Dawn Butler-Black, David Lammy-Shadow Minister for Higher Education-black,ITN reporter-Trevor Macdonald, Black, Sky News reporter Gillian Joseph, Black, footballers Darren Bent, Didier Drogba and Emile Heskey black and all in the UK.Black women and African men have amounGst he highest rates of degrees in the UK. Realist who is actually unrealist get real.

  • ReALiSt

    Good to hear that 95% of your friend go to College or whatever you call over there – but what is the population of blacks in every U.K university compared to other races??? Probably 0.5%

    • jessica from uk

      so stupid we make up like 2% of uk populatin oviously less of us are goig to represented i uis jobs etc…

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (Arsenal has to win a trophy this season)

    Yes Oxford and Cambridge are the best unis in Briton… but there are other good unis to like LSE, UCL, Kings College etc and I know lost of black people that go there. Just because the black population doesn’t go to Oxford or Cambridge doesn’t mean a thing they are still going to uni. I had friends that applied to Oxford and Cambridge got to the final round and just didn’t get in.
    So did you go to Harvard??

  • Getem

    Nicki is looking a little late 30’s ish here. She’s still beautiful though.

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (Arsenal has to win a trophy this season)

    Yes the percentage could be higher and should be higher but it doesn’t mean we are uneducated. And cost of going to uni is a major deterrent. Now with the increase in 2012 it will be worse.

    • ReALiSt

      I never said y’all are uneducated, y’all are just pseudo-educated with a big chip on your shoulder – and you talk too highly of a Country that still sees blacks as immigrants despite the fact that blacks have lived there since the 1600s…

  • ReALiSt

    I did my exchange course at Kings College, and there is barely any black student there – black students are almost invisible, probably 0.1% of the University population – and that’s in the heart of London, where black are majority of the population across the RIVER THAMES… You should know Kings College is just 5mins drive from Elephant and Castle, right???

    • Lacey (STFU REALIST)


      1. AMERICANS, Unlike the USA England is 90% WHITE. London is only 10% BLACK so how exactly do you expect ANY university in the UK to be dominated by blacks.

      2. LIFE IN THE UK is not LIKE in AMERICA! The UK is a majority WHITE country. Asian’s, and Blacks will ALWAYS BE THE MINORITY EVERYWHERE.

    • Lacey (STFU REALIST)

      The fact that there aren’t many BLACKS IN OXFORD MEANS NOTHING.

      AND GUESS WHAT!!If you go to Oxford there are barely any of them there too!! WHYY? Because they are a minority IN THE COUNTRY so there can never be more whites than them.

    • BritishGirl

      There’s barely a black person at King’s? LMFAO of course you did an exchange there mate. I’m a regular at their ACS (African Caribbean Society)events. You must be socially inept not to have made a good circle of BLACK friends.

  • 1991 UK Gem of Africa... (Arsenal has to win a trophy this season)

    Your talking about the south bank camps there are more… Most black students go out of London for uni because they do not want to be distracted that is why.. and over the couple of year there has been a surge in uni intakes. How many years ago did you do that course… things have changed.

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